Going To The Zoo

I had this strange urge to visit a zoo the other day. Not living near a zoo (unless you count the goat farm down the street) using Second Life to learn about or look at animals isn’t too bad of a substitute.

The issue with trying to find the keyword “Zoo” in a Second Life search is that areas that are actually trying to recreate a realistic experience are sometime buried under the breedable animal craze or a store.

I first decided to try checking out the Bizarre Zoo (M). I should have been leery that the description had the word “gaming” in it but I was intrigued by the word “bizarre”.

Big mistake. My bad.

Bizarre Zoo isn’t really a zoo. Their zoo portion isn’t a zoo as much as it’s a flying pig, a turtle, and a guinea pig sunning itself.

Beach Party!

Hope You Remembered Suntan Lotion.

Then we get into the whole store & gaming area. Blah blah blah…whatever…not getting my zoo on here.

I was happy to zoom on out of there and right to the entrance of the Oasis Zoo (M). If you’re looking for a real feel zoo then they are not going to disappoint you. From their exhibits with signs about each animal to the little aquarium you feel a little better about staring at virtual animals. The administration area with nutritionist & animal hospital is a great realistic touch.



The Oasis Zoo does have a sign up that asks you to excuse their mess as they are remodeling. I will be interested in seeing what they have when construction is finished.

Waiting For It To Lick It's Eye.

Waiting For It To Lick It’s Eye.

To me, a visit to the zoo means learning about animals in great exhibits. Grabbing some popcorn to munch on while staring at naked mole rats. We have the tools and the power to education & to entertain by using some prims & imagination.

Even if it’s just to stare at a virtual polar bear.
“Tipsy” Cerulean


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