Winter Storm 2014: Hippy Snow Cometh

A Winter Storm Warning Has Been Issued For Parts Of The Grid Starting At 10am SLT.

Winter Storm Janis Joplin will be rolling in at a speed of about “whoa babe” and “whoa yeah”. Snow might be heavy at times do to “Mary Jane, Mary Jane Lord My Mary Jane.” Please remember to take caution while traveling. Whatever you do please remember “Don’t you go and spoil it babe, by trying to get yourself all uptight.”.


Haaalp! We’re Stuck!

Every year, when we get snow in real life, I like to write a virtual story with pictures about the woes of snow. I also feel it is my duty, as a “serious” virtual worlds writer, that I must share any weather warnings that occur around the grid. This one has taken almost all winter because we’re finally going to get our first snow today. It’s not even here yet but I think I keep hearing voices saying “Doooooom” and “Go To The Carry Out And Get 40s In Brown Paper Bags!”.

I also want to point out that I did make fun of a Janis Joplin Greatest Hits CD by asking “What great hits?” this past weekend so I could possibly be blamed for snowmageddon.

To Everyone That Winter Storm Janus (Janis Joplin) Please Be Safe. Don’t Let It Take A Little Piece Of Your Heart Now Baby….


“Tipsy” Cerulean

Picture was taken at my office in Morning Shire – A Part Of The Raglan Shire


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