An Ounce Of The Bounce

“How does one go forth into a virtual world and search out so many butts?”

One might find themselves asking me this during Virtual Butts January. Come on…have you actually traveled anywhere in-world? Funny asses are EVERYWHERE! In the G rated parks, to underpant clad people in stores, to random bubble butt sightings. You can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one strange booty wandering around.

One cannot grief or be rude to those around us who decide that their crunchy looking tush looks damn awesome & they want to share with everyone. You can’t point & laugh. It’s just rude. Let it make you smile!

I’ve come up with a few rules for when you’ve sighted a butt that you just cannot stop staring at. You might want to turn on some music to get yourself in the mood.


I know that “bounce for the ounce” can also mean the chest but…come on…butt math rocks….

Life is always too serious all the time. Sometimes we need to just get a little stupid. Just don’t be an idiot. Stand back & enjoy the view. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


2 responses

    1. LOL! I think I used that in a different post in the past. You cannot deny the AWESOME power of “I Like Big Butts”. It speaks to me. (tears up a bit) 😀 😀

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