Love Rollercoaster

You know that I only named this article “Love Rollercoaster” so you would get THIS SONG stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.

February is almost upon us and it’s suppose to be the month of love with the whole Valentine’s Day “Give Me Candy! Give Me Flowers! WHERE THE HELL IS MY ROMANTIC CARD ASSHOLE!!” thing. To celebrate this strange thing we like to call “love” I thought we would officially name the month of February “You didn’t go to Jared? You suck at love!” month.

I’m joking.

Let’s throw the commercialized “buy my love” crap to the side and officially name the month of February “Love Month”. Simple name. Simple concept. For the entire month I’ll be sprinkling different articles that involve the word “Love”.  They will involve all different aspects of love. From places that involve love to thoughts on things I love. Let me ponder what I love.


What do I love? I love my family. I love my friends. I love Mr. C. Cow. I love porn. I love ripping apart the things that annoy me.  Yup…it’s going to be one of THOSE types of months.

Here’s To Looking Ahead To “Love Month” February. 

“Tipsy” (I went with the croissant for breakfast) Cerulean


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