Beehive Doo-Wop

When you have a giant beehive that happens to have a car stuck in it there is only one thing you can possibly do.

Baby You Can Drive My Hair.

Baby You Can Drive My Hair.

No. It’s not call for a tow truck. You go to a sock hop.

I know that makes absolutely no sense but when you’ve got big hair like this you kinda feel this need to go someplace retro, like a sock hop. I felt this overwhelming urge to grab a paper shaker to dance with, avoid the panty waist, & have a bit of virtual fun.

Yes. I did find a 1950s slang website. Thanks for asking.

First up is the Nifty 50s (G). I thought the description sounded pretty boss with its “Interactive dining coming soon”. What I got was a blast from the 2007 camping craze passed. There are camping balls where, for those that don’t know, allow a person to sit around for so long to earn a few L$. While I was there someone decided to place themselves on a camping ball and walk away from their computer. This ended up leading to a great scene where the ball kept kicking them off saying they had earned the maximum amount for one day. Since they were not actually sitting at a computer they didn’t know this. Because the camping ball kept yelling at them there was nothing but insane chat spam on my screen.


Because of this I didn’t even bother to walk around. If it’s got retro camping going on then I am out of there every time.

Next up was the Starship Diner (M). The place isn’t very large but I did enjoy the fact that they put “No subservience please” in their description. The place boasts a family friendly atmosphere and fishing.

Oooo! Aerial View!

Oooo! Aerial View!

There isn’t really a whole lot to be said. The inside of the diner is wide open so there is room to dance. There is no flashy new prims to be had so it’s pretty basic in design. There was no one around when I visited but there was a chicken on the dance floor.

Dancing With Some Random Chick.

Dancing With Some Random Chick.

After visiting the first two places I ended up scouring the search trying to find something that knocked my bobby socks off. So far I had run into a whole lot of “Blah”. My last stop, The Hop (M), wasn’t too bad. They have the diner for dancing, a retro gas station (with nothing inside of the building), and a motel.

Helllooo Ladies....

Helllooo Ladies….

Outside of the The Hop you’ll find line after lines of dance balls for people to dance in sync with each other. I’m not big on the dance ball thing because it always looks extremely cluttered. This isn’t the fault of The Hop. It’s just not something I dig. Inside is pretty spacious so there is plenty of room for lots of people to get their sock hop on. It’s not too bad. I’m assuming that, when packed, it might not be a bad place to hang.

If you’re trying to find a good sock  hop/retro 50’s diner there are quite a few that aren’t too shabby. Many of them are not new with shiny neato mesh builds. The whole point of most of these places isn’t to look new but to give you a place to listen to doo-wop and maybe hang with a few like-minded individuals. Out of these three I would most likely find myself visiting The Hop again during an event to see how the crowds are. If the crowds are talkative and fun then that’s all that really matters.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


SLurls To Each Location:

The Hop (M)

Starship Diner (M)

Nifty 50s (G)



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