Romancing The Food

Valentine’s Day is almost upon you. Maybe you’ve bought your sweetheart some flowers or some virtual chocolates. You’ve practiced your proclamations of love and picked out the perfect outfit to wear. But…have you figured out where you’re going to take your date for dinner?


OK…you don’t fail.

Tipsy is here to rescue you! Take your date to an old standby that still works for a nice virtual dinner. The Brunel Hall Hotel And Restaurant (M) in the Academy Of Industry region of New Babbage has been a wonderful place to take someone special for the past four years.

No Calorie Deserts ROCK!

No Calorie Deserts ROCK!

Make your way to the Muirsheen Durkin Bar and Restaurant which is a self-serve restaurant giving you some of the best atmosphere for prim food and drink. I enjoy restaurants that are self-service because it feels a bit more intimate with a date (And you don’t need to pay for service). The biggest plus for me when it comes to the Muirsheen Durkin Bar and Restaurant is that it that it happens to be friendly to many different types of avatars as they do have a dance ball that is small avatar friendly. Although this is New Babbage role-playing is optional so you do not need to period dress or get into a role to enjoy yourself. (Although I think it would be fun to try it out with a date.)

Mmmm Dinner....

Mmmm Dinner….

The Brunel Hall Hotel itself is beautiful with a lovely check in area as well as a giant indoor pool. During my visit all of the hotel rooms were occupied. If you’re planning on, hopefully, spending the night with your date, then you might want to check ahead of time to see if there is space open.

Don't Forget A Bathing Suit!

Don’t Forget A Bathing Suit!

I highly recommend visiting Brunel Hall Hotel & Restaurant (M) because it has become a landmark in Second Life. When something lasts as long as they have then usually it’s a place worth checking out. Especially if it’s a part of New Babbage.

Hope this eases your “Where Should I Take My Date!!???!?” woes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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