Valentine Kisses

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Much love to everyone who actually reads the words I write down.

I took this years Valentine’s Day picture at the Isle Of View (G) which is a Linden Lab location that has been around since 2008. Then disappeared. Then came back.  I have always loved how the name makes me think of Piers Anthony 

Get Your Love On.

Get Your Love On.

The whole Isle Of View/Kiss A Linden/Kiss A Volunteer started in 2008 then disappeared in 2012 but now seems to be back for 2014. It appears to be in the destination guide so maybe we’ll see a bit of kissing on Valentine’s Day. I suggest making a quick stop today to the Isle Of View (G) to see if you get to kiss someone as well as take a ride on a swan boat.

Who doesn’t love swan boats?

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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