Sand, Surf, SEX

Valentine’s Day may be over but I still said that the month of February was “Luuuuv Month”. To continue with our theme we cannot ignore the blaring fact that the internet is for porn.

Who doesn’t love porn?

When you look up the keyword “love” when using Second Life search you end up with a lot of porn. No. I’m not just  using the word “porn” to describe the adult areas of Second Life. Actually areas that just use the word “porn” in their description.

I’ll say this again. Who doesn’t love porn?

Sex is sex and most everyone wouldn’t mind getting some. When it comes to Second Life you cannot not overlook the fact that it is deeply rooted in sex. From the escorts of yor to the free sex areas that are still around to this day. Like you cannot forget that the internet has porn you cannot skip over the fact that Second Life does too.

I had to change out of my regular avatar to go forth into the sordid world of virtual sex. I really don’t think that people would appreciate me showing up to write about things dressed like a sea otter. I was going to give you a few reviews on various sex places on SL but, in all honesty, I got tired of the “Hey baby! Why don’t you come over here and we’ll simulate the nasty.” come on lines. I am also not into “doing it” on Second Life. It’s not my cup of tea. This always makes for interesting reviews when I go forth into an adult area. Amazingly enough this is a pretty positive review today. If you’re into the whole virtual worlds sex thing then I hope this helps you find a new place to hang out.

I ended up checking out Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love (A) because when I looked up the word “love” in search I actually ended up finding a place that used such great words like “gangbang orgy” and “gloryhole”. Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love is, amazingly enough, actually really nicely put together. It’s a beautiful island with a lovely park-like setting that just happens to have a gangbang area.

Found The Gangbang Area.

Found The Gangbang Area.

Who doesn’t want to partake in a gangbang orgy in a park?

Yeah…I am FULL of questions today.

During my visit I didn’t run into anyone so it gave me a chance to wander around. From the lovely nature paths to the ocean itself you wouldn’t know it was a sex area unless you found the sex balls, gangbang area, or that glory hole. I would like to point out that in my few minutes of walking around I never did find the damn glory hole.

Who doesn’t want to find a glory hole? OK. I’ll stop now.

My favorite area of the island had to be the clubhouse. It’s a beautiful setting that is tastefully done. Yes…there are places to have sex but it’s not like they threw in some props and said “Have fun!”. It looks like they actually took the time and had a decorating plan of action. During my visit I did not run into anyone on the island. Sorry but I don’t have any great “Ooops! Sorry to interrupt!” stories. There is a downside and I feel that they kinda went overboard with the clutter in some areas. An example is the gangbang area. I can understand that you need a LOT of props to properly stage a gangbang but between that, couches, pictures, and other items it feels cluttered. Same goes with the area you first rez in at. Besides that it is a very appealing island for the virtual sex crowd.

I Found A Bar.

I Found A Bar.

After visiting Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love (A) I ended up hoping around the search from place to place trying to find something to write about. When I teleported into an empty area then found myself alone with someone who wanted to “get to know me better” I just logged off. I will say that, if you are looking to get your rocks off in a virtual world then Emmanuelle’s Island Of Love (A) is a good place to do it.

Hehe. Do it.

Recently I was asked to collaborate on a sex blog. Write articles for it. I was going to try to put this article out at the same time I put an article out there on virtual sex but I’m not ready to release it just yet. I thought that it might be fun to share since this is a SL related blog and I use Second Life as an example of virtual sex. When it comes out I shall share with all of you wonderful people.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

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