Let Them Eat Cake!

I was wearing a hat that had candy on it the other day when I decided that I needed to find a place that matched my hat.

Besides booze this is sometimes how I get my review ideas.

I’m happy that my candy hat inspired me to look up virtual food because I want to give major props to a new sim called “Bobtail Bakery & Friends” (M). The first thing that drew me to it was the that their description used such great words like “Chubby”, “fatfurs”, & “feeding”. I have to tell you that with words like “Feedee” & “Feederism” I was actually afraid I was going to walk into some weird sexual food fetish thing.  This was not the case and I’m extremely glad I looked past the description words to come check them out.



What I got was a beautifully put together sim with a shiny new looking bakery. Beautifully decorated. Beautiful build. I’m just going to use the word “Beautiful” a lot in this review because that’s what it is. While I was taking pictures of the sim and the bakery the owner of the sim stopped in, greeted me, and welcomed me to the Bobtail Bakery. They were a delightful person to talk to, polite, and made my visit worth my time.

Beautiful Sim!

Beautiful Sim!

I actually kept my landmark to the Bobtail Bakery (M) and plan on visiting often in the future. I would like to come back when there are more people around to see how everyone interacts with each other. It takes a lot for me to want to visit a place again and, between the decor, and the friendly owner I plan on coming back again and again.

I suggest that you come and give them a visit. Partake in the virtual foods. Relax. And enjoy!

“Tipsy” Cerulean



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