Bistro Monday

I don’t think that “Bistro Monday” is a thing but I went to a bistro. I wrote about it. It’s a Monday. It’s close enough for me.

Today I put on my biggie and went forth into that mysterious land we call Second Life in search of prim food & a good place to take people if you want to pretend to hang out and eat. Maybe chat over a glass of wine. Pretend to eat food. Get your power lunch meeting on.  I am, strangely enough, big into the whole restaurant roleplaying. If I want to have a conversation with someone or take them someplace nice I like doing it in a food related setting. It feels more relaxed and can be quite fun when you’re looking for something other than just standing around.

I actually happened across a place called Bella Bistro (M) that works perfectly. It gives you a well-rounded experience from restaurant roleplaying to romantic dinners. It is not a full service restaurant equipped with waiters and waitresses so you’re on your own to make the experience that you want. (I was there when no one was around so you never know if you might actually run into someone who’s pretending to be a bartender or staff.)

I found the bar!

I found the bar!

They do claim a “full menu and drinks” but I found that the red checkered tables I sat at did not include a place mat for food. Some of the tables were pre-decorated with food or flowers but did not offer a choice.

Dinner For Two.

Dinner For Two.

The large table for a big group of people did actually have a place mat with food choices. Everything from appetizers to dinner.

I Really Dig Hummus!

I Really Dig Hummus!

You’ll find Bella Bistro (M) in Second Norway & I do recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a quiet place to role play restaurant or just take a friend for a private chat in a food related setting. There wasn’t a sign saying that I could not go as my small otter self so I might grab a friend & have a bite to eat as regular ol’ me.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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