Opening Day

If you know me then you probably know that I am the BIGGEST BASEBALL FAN ON EARTH! More importantly I am the biggest Detroit Tigers fan you’ll meet. Today is opening day and I’ve got my Cabrera jersey on. I’ve planned a party. I’ve wept tears of joy over that fact that Winter is now officially over since baseball is back.


To celebrate opening day I want to give you a neato list of virtual baseball places in Second Life.  Wait…I’m looking through search…shopping shopping shopping… Nope. No baseball stadiums.

This is what disappoints me about Second Life. It’s bee, for quite some time now, reduced to nothing but people buying virtual outfits and not really doing anything. Except for, maybe, wolf yelling in a club.  There are a few sports related areas that give us at least something different.  You have the SLCS Sports Complex (G) that is home to the SL Cheerleading squad. They cheer for a number of sports (football, soccer). You also have the VHL – Virtual Hockey League (G) that gives you the feel of a real stadium experience. (I LOVE hockey & am a HUGE Detroit Red Wings Fan.) I give props to both the cheerleaders and the hockey league. They are an experience in Second Life that is both amazing and worth your time to check out.

The VHL Rink.

The VHL Rink.

I did find a few places offering “Best In Sports” events for opening day but, come on, it’s basically a club. It’s no different then a “Best In Red” or “Best In Ass-Less Chaps”. Alas I have been denied my virtual baseball experience. Doesn’t really matter since there is something called “Real Life” and it is opening day. What I would like to see, however, is a shift away from buying prim boobs or boots or whatever the hip fashion avies are doing today. I’d like to see us step into creating and recreating. Recreate fantastic things we see in the the real world. Create new things that no one has ever seen before. Give us something to make us happy to spend our time here.

With that…may you find something baseball related in Second Life (And send it to me!) and have a GREAT opening day. 

Unless you’re the Kansas City Royals. Then I hope the Detroit Tigers kick the crap out of you.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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