Spring Is In The Air…Or Whatever…

It’s been a super busy April so far. Spring break came and went. Bunneh Day is coming soon. I plan on traveling to a dog walk event to help animals looking to be adopted. We’ve made some changes in the studio and are working on Shire Podcast stuff.

I need a nap!



OK. So what’s going on in the virtual world of Second Life?  

Besides new shopping events? Not really too much of anything. Instead I’ve decided to make a list of ten random Second Life thoughts as well as quick places/events to visit (or not).

Tipsy’s Awesome List Of Random Virtual Thoughts!

1. High Heels with socks are fucking SLupid. There. I said it. SLupid!

2. Why does every fashion blogger have males looking like anorexic hipsters? Where are the realistic bearded men who aren’t hipsters, hip hop artists, or flat-out douche bag looking?

3. The Virtual State Fair (G) is still in-world. I’ve written about them off and on for years now. It hasn’t really changed. There isn’t any mesh builds lying around yet it’s still a pretty cool, educational place to visit. I am mentioning because I suggest you check out the Reality Check Cafe that is a game to help you figure out how much exercise it will take you to burn off your restaurant meal.

4. Dwarfins creep me out.

5. Eggapalooza is currently going on at Aero Pines Park. It is their 7th annual Easter Hunt.  It will go on until April 30th.

6. You can play Cheesy at the podcast office, watch television, hang, & learn about the podcast.

7. I’ve never played a game in Second Life. Except trivia. OK. I’ve never taken the time to play a board game. All of these years and I’ve never taken the time to do it.

8. I’m drinking cranberry juice & wandering around Second Life making this list. It’s not even 8am as I write this. A girls gotta sometimes drink something other than martini’s in the morning. Her liver says thank you.

9. There is a replica of the chocolate factory from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory in Second Life. The candy man can you know.

10. I did not bother with April Fools Day. This is why there was no wacky post that day. It’s not a holiday. It’s stupid.

There. I made a list. Woo! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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