Get Your Craft On!

I like crafts. I do own a bottle of glue. I happen to even have scissors.


Did you know that 63% of people knit? I didn’t know this but the internet told me so. I’m assuming that most of you reading this do some sort of crafting. I actually painted a flower-pot the other day. Crafting is HUGE!

If you’re interested in crafts, chatting with others, and even working on a project in real life while others do the same then I suggest you check out the Tiny Crafters Meetings in Tinyopolis every Saturday from Noon-3pm SLT. It doesn’t matter if you’re into knitting, whittling, or whatever crafty craft thing you do because everyone is welcome to come and talk to like-minded people. I plan on taking the time to go to a meeting sometime soon!

Come Get Crafty!

Come Get Crafty!

I know a lot of people in real life who do crafts and something like the Tiny Crafters Meetings is a great place for those who have never tried Second Life to come in and met people with the same interests as them.

I wanted to write about the Tiny Crafters Meetings because I am in LOVE with the idea of people getting together and doing something constructive and different in a virtual world. There are a lot of clubs in Second Life. There is a lot of music and dancing and people yelling “Wooo!” everywhere you go. Personally…it gets kinda boring after a while. People have interests that are more than just watching an avatar shake their groove thang. This is where the creative people of the grid really shine when it comes to ideas and fun that is above the norm. I’m glad that there is something like the Tiny Crafters Meetings so that people can gather to share ideas, chat, and do craft stuffs.

 Craft on my friends. Craft on. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

The Tiny Crafters Meetings are every Saturday from Noon-3pm SLT upstairs in the Waffle House in Tinyopolis. Everyone who is into crafts are welcome.





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