Shocktober 2014

Once again the Raglan Shire has taken the month of October, changed it to “Shocktober” and added their own spin to this spooky Halloween filled month. Three different offerings from the Shire give you everything from haunted hotels to carnivals to a reminder that sometimes bunnies are not what they seem.

We start out by walking past a scary looking gas station that I am assuming does not offer the best prices when filling up and run by a cemetery that has seen better days to make our way first to the Haunted Hotel (G).



The hotel itself is probably familiar to many of you as it was the same hotel that MadPea used in the Room 326 game/hunt and was recently taken down a while back. They have it and made it their own with horror around every corridor as well as a movie theater and ballroom for the various Shocktober events happening throughout the month.

Next I made my way to the Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) which happens to be my favorite part of the Shire’s Halloween celebration each year. The person I took with me also feels that this is the best haunted ride that Second Life has to offer.

Come On In!

Come On In!

The great thing about this virtual ride is the fact that each room is put together by various Raglan Shire residents. It’s a collaboration that changes each year and I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in building this years ride. I don’t want to give away the various rooms but you can’t go wrong with getting your hair done, being “blown away”, and clowns.

Just A Little Off The Top Please!

Just A Little Off The Top Please!

Our final Shocktober area is the Haunted Carnival (G) which is an area set up above the Shire with various games as well as little carnival rides and something called “The Raglan Madhouse” (it use to be a fun house but fun was crossed off). It’s a little maze filled house that’s great for those who aren’t looking for gore as much as flat-out fun.

If you’re looking to spend some time checking out various Halloween themed areas, enjoy a little bit of scare mixed with goofy fun, and having the opportunity to yell “We’ve Got Cows!” (You’ll get what I’m saying once you visit the ride) then I highly suggest you take a few moments or more to come check out this years Raglan Shire Shocktober.

Don’t forget to also check their events calendar for various Halloween themed events throughout the month.

Happy Haunting!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


SLurls & Links

Official Raglan Shire Website

SLurl To Haunted Hotel (G) 

SLurl To Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G)

SLurl To Haunted Carnival

Raglan Shire Calendar Of Events

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