Who Are We?

What started out as a drunken experiment in 2007 on Second Life via our group “SL Alcoholics” has gone from a website (07-09) to present day blogging. Pretty Gosh darn constructive for a bunch of inebriated geeks. We review, rate, & make general commentary on ANYTHING Second Life with drinks in hand.

Visit our in-world office to drop a note card with any landmarks you want us to check out or ideas you may have.

No names are ever used in any of our SLupidity episodes, as well as other articles where photography is used to critic an avatar/outfit/etc. when posting pictures. This is to save any avatars, stores, items, etc. any humiliation or harassment. Harassment is never a cool thing.

If you find something SLupid on Second Life & would like to share your picture please feel free to email us at slalcoholics@yahoo.com. Please use “SLupidity Photo” in the subject line. If you have any extra information on the picture then please fill us in. We will use your first name only in the credit to save you any harassment. By sending us the photo you are giving us the right to use it on a SLupidity episode or new article however we see fit. We may edit the photos to block out nudity, store names, faces, etc.

Contact information

If you would like a SLurl to your place, to sponsor the SLA Review, or have a link to your website placed on this blog then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or visit our office in-world.

With that said I would like to add my own disclaimer (also listed in-world in my profile)

According to Linden Labs, disclosure of logs without prior consent in a violation of the ToS.
I am clearly stating to you that if you IM me,
be it that you read my these statements or not,
you consent to being logged & that those logs
can be used at my discretion without any further notice beyond these statements.

This also includes, but is not  limited to, graphical rendering, voice chat, snapshots, and all public chat is also subject to logging at any given time and may also be used at my discretion unless you say to me explicitly that you do not wish to have your statements disclosed.

All matters conducted in plain view of a non-participating third-party are considered public matters, even if in a private location within Second Life and are therefore not subject to privacy regulations of the terms of service.

I am a writer & SL is my muse. All information can & is used for these purposes. All articles written are to give an honest opinion, be it good or bad, on various aspects of SL.

NEW: Do to the fact that writers do have rights to give opinions no opinions on places, items, etc. will be altered to please anyone. I, as a writer, have the right to give my honest review, be it good or bad, on a place, item, etc. without being forced by a creator, owner, etc. to remove review. This is NOT against SL TOS as it is not in-world. Harassment do to my opinions will not be tolerated.

(Tipsy) Cerulean  – Original Domestic Diva Of SL & Founder Of The SLA.

(St.) Bishop – Co-Founder Of The SLA, Power Hour Champion

Mr. C (Christmas) Cow – Always Bringing The Xmas Spirit Fan Cow

This is NOT an official website of Linden Research Inc. and NOT the official Second Life®. Second Life® and Linden Lab® are registered trademarks of Linden Research Inc. No infringement is intended.We’re just a wee little drunken blog doing tipsy commentary on a virtual world. If you don’t know what Second Life is then please visit their website here. If you don’t have an account (a basic account is free) then click here to sign up for one.

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