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Ye Corky Medieval Festival

Thither art a few things i cannot intermit in this ordinary. i cannot intermit the promiseth of mead, a possible peasant revolt, and the ability to weareth a coronet whenev’r possible.

You’re probably wondering a few things right now. What the hell did Tipsy just say? How did she say it? (Translator Baby) And…why is she talking like that?



It’s that time of the year again for the Raglan Shire to get their medieval on. September is a month full of ratpops, castles, things that make you feel like you walked into a ren faire mixed with Monty Python (Not a bad thing), and the possibility of finding various foods on sticks. (I happened to find a waffle, pancake, cookie, AND nachos on a stick.)

Oh This? It's My Summer Home.

Oh This? It’s My Summer Home.

This is the 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival and it does not feel stale like many reoccurring yearly Second Life affairs. Every year, from the various events  to the decor, it gives you a feeling of ye ol’ days gone by mixed with the silly fun that only the residents of the Shire can provide.

Follow Directions!

Follow Directions!

I do want to point out that each year the Shire raises funds to support various adopted animals.

Elish The Giraffe – ZSL Zoo In London

Malayan Tapir Named Fluffy – Sedgwick Zoo In Kansas

You can find where to donate by looking for the signs.


The shire medieval festival only runs through septemb’r so don’t misseth out on this amazing nonce!

The Lady Of Libations – “Tipsy” Cerulean

Important SLurls And Web Links:

SLurl To The 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival

Official Raglan Shire Website

Shire Calendar Of Events

I put together a wee something for this years festival by turning my in-world office into a tavern. Come check out the Ye Ol’ Drunken Bovine!


STAND 4 LOVE is an awareness charity project to promote the visibility and rights of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Straight loving couples to have the right to marry and be recognized by the law across the world. There is a picture campaign on Second Life to help show support & help raise awareness. I ask that you please check out their website to learn more about how you can help.

Proud Of Who I Am!

To do my part to help raise awareness I felt that, besides sharing my photo, it was important that I share why it is so important to me. I’ve given my support to gay marriage & equal rights so many times yet I never feel comfortable discussion my own sexuality with anyone other than a very close circle of people.  Just writing this as well as making a photo took me over two hours. I have always been fearful of the backlash I would receive from family & friends if any of them were to know. Would they still look at me the same way? Would they still love me for who I am?

In my early twenties I had a very close friend who found out about my orientation & felt it her duty to inform me, via a letter, that I needed to “March my ass to the judgement counter because there is only gay or straight. There is no in-between.” How wrong she was yet how hurtful her remarks were. I still think about the letter she wrote me & how you think you know someone only to find out you were wrong.  When I would tell a close friend who I really was deep down inside it was often met with their thoughts on how it must mean I am a “slut” or I am “faking it” for attention. Telling my family was out of the question because I didn’t want them to have these same thoughts.

Being an individual who doesn’t see gender but only sees attraction & love towards others is a beautiful thing. After all of these years I have come to love myself. Just because you can be attracted to the same-sex or love the opposite doesn’t matter. Love is the only thing that matters. Loving yourself & who you really are is what matters.

I am a lucky person to have Bishop in my life that understands me & doesn’t judge me for who I am inside.  I am now at a point in my life that I am no longer afraid because I know that I am not alone. I am stronger because of it. I will always just be me.

This is, to think of it, the first time I have ever said a word in mass about it. I hope that it will inspire a few people to be who they really are. I am special. We all are special.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Plan Your Virtual Weekend

The weekend is almost upon us! (Puts on a prim party hat. Blows up balloons.) I wanted to give everyone a head start this weekend with a list of things going on around the virtual grid. Start planning your Second Life  fun!

Exciting isn’t it?

1. The Fantasy Faire is still going on until April 29th so you still have a few days left to visit. Worth a visit to check out everything that is offered this year as well as give for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life.

Barking Might Get Me Stepped On!

2. Prim Charades happens every Friday at 5pm SLT  at the Raglan Shire. The basic idea of the game is to build something while everyone tries to guess what you are building. The avie who guesses correctly gets to build next. Fun to just watch if you’re not the greatest of builders. This is a tiny event but everyone, big & small, is welcome to come check it out.

Side Note: This months current theme around the Raglan Shire is the old west. There is a Native American village as well as a tiny western town. If you have a tiny avatar (or not) I suggest checking it out as well as checking out their events calendar. Loads of fun! If you don’t have a tiny avatar then get a free one at the Welcome Center to try your hand at being small. Who knows…you might dig it.

I've Been Tar'd & feather'd Y'all.

3. Live.Love.Laugh Family Fair will be going on until May 5th. Proceeds from sales marked for donation as well as donation kiosks are set up to benefit Autism Speaks.

4. Fridays at 7pm SLT you can sit & watch the Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus. I REALLY dig burlesque so to see it in a virtual world is pretty neato to me. If I am around that late on a Friday night I like to go & watch the show.

5. The Falmouth Hotel is one of the SCARIEST places I have visited on Second Life. It’s not one of the usual “Let’s throw some blood & body parts all over the place then add an iconic horror villain.” kind of place. This one has atmosphere & it’s virtually unnerving. When visiting be sure to check out EVERYTHING. All of the rooms. All of the doors. It’s all worth it. Don’t forget to make a stop at the hotels bar. Trust me. Be sure to take a friend with you as it’s more fun to have someone to share the scare.

Scary Check In Guy Is Scary!

I plan on writing a big review on it next week to show just how awesome this place is & why you should make it freaky stop in your SL travels. I would insert a “Hotel California” joke in here right about now but I REALLY can’t stand the Eagles. Sorry. LOOOOOONNNGGG story!

 Hope this helps you out a bit with your Second Life weekend plans. Go forth, explore, & have a bit of fun!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Family Fair To Benefit Autism Speaks

I do not have a Second Life family but support those that go that route in their virtual lives. I am glad that there are people out there who have found a family that is as supportive as any real life family could be. Sometimes even more.

The 2nd Annual Live.Laugh.Love Family Fair is currently running until May 5th. This is a fair based on family related SL (Example: children’s stores). Even if you do not have a Second Life family or are not a virtual child I still think it is important to visit because the proceeds benefit “Autism Speaks“. Make a donation to this charity because it is one that is extremely important to me for personal reasons. Every time I walk out of my house in real life I never leave without my autism awareness bracelet on. Every little bit helps & I feel that it is extremely important to educate others about Autism as well as support the efforts of this charity.

Haaallpppp!!! Can't reach the snow cones!

Since I am not a child nor have a family I gave at one of the donation kiosks around the small fair. Helping out is just that easy!


With all of the large fairs that are currently going on & getting a lot of press I thought it was important to mention this so that more people will be aware of it & donate to a good cause.


The fair runs until May 9th. Here are a few important links for you:

Live.Love.Laugh Family Fair SLurl

Autism Speaks Website

Fantasy Faire 2012

The Fantasy Faire 2012 is currently happening in Second Life. I enjoy this faire do to the fact that I never have major issues with lag, it is so well-organized, it’s pretty, & virtual people watching is awesome. Especially when you’ll run into all sorts of characters. I enjoyed visiting last year & know that this year will be just as wonderful.

Hope I Don't Fall In!

I do want to tell everyone to please watch out for the tinies. I’ve been kicked & stepped on a lot. And I’m not talking about being stepped on in areas that are jam-packed full of people. I’m talking something around three people groups. Tinies aren’t as small as a mini or petite, which I’ve been stepped on as a mini as well, so just be mindful that the little dog next to you might actually be an avatar.

Please Don't Step On Me!

My public service announcement of the day there folks.

I know that you’ll find a lot of people writing about the fashion & items you will find at this years faire. I just wanted to be nice & pass on the information about the faire to you as well as share a few photos I took during my multiple visits. This faire is important to me as it benefits the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Something that is a big deal to me as well as many people around the grid.

Can You Spot My Mini Dragon?

This year, to do my part, I purchased an outfit for my bulldog named “Stormy Day Tiny”. It comes with rain hat, boots, coat, umbrella, & a little rain cloud to go above your head.  You can purchase it at the faire at  Totally Tinies (Faire Location) It is located on a Relay For Life board.

Rain Likes To Follow Me Around!

I’m just trying to be nice today because helping out such organizations as the American Cancer Society is important.

The Fantasy Faire 2012 ends on April 29th so be sure to visit before then.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Important Links:

SL Fantasy Faire 2012 Official Website

American Cancer Society Website

SLurl To American Cancer Society In-World

SLurl To Fantasy Faire 2012 

Relay For Life Website

Reading The Riot Act

There are a few things I want to point out before I get into todays worlds of virtual wisdom. I say a lot of mean things but in my mind I am not being mean. I am never trying to be malicious to an individual, place, or thing. I’m giving my personal opinion on how I see it. I’m honest in my writing. If I hate your shit I hate your shit & I will tell the world I hate it. If I love you then honey I will share it with everyone who can hear me.

This is what they call reviewing. You cannot successfully review anything if you cannot give an honest opinion. Sometimes its harsh but it is what we is. We deal with things, we change them, we try to do better. It’s all I ask.

I call a bunch of people SLupid but, holy hell, you see what I am looking at. It’s horrible. The clubs I give bad reviews on. The places I pan in an insanely critical way. It’s all how I see it. Writing a review is not about pleasing the masses. It’s about actually reviewing something & giving your honest/no holds bar opinion on them. We write. We pan. We love. It’s what we do.

If I wasn’t honest then I am not being true to myself. I’m not being true & fair to everyone who reads this prim backwoods answer to the nice blogs of Second Life.

With that being said I am going to write something nice tonight. It’s not forced. It’s true to the heart because,with everything I write, I write what I feel.

In the Haus O’ Tipsy, in real life, there has been in massive discussions about bullying & being true to who you are. With all of the things people see in the news you would think that bullying would be a dying torture but it really isn’t. I deal, on a weekly basis, with bullying issues in various forms. It’s wrong that one has to deal with not wanting to follow the norm but be themselves only to get picked on & bullied all the time. In this household we don’t just step outside the box we fucking blow that shit up, light it on fire, then make origami out of its caricus. To hell with societies “norms”. Each of us is a unique individual with different styles, tastes, & ways of living. We don’t judge you on who you are. We support each others choices. We only ask that you respect & love those that surround you.

How exactly does discussing real life fit in with Second Life?

It absolutely does! 

There is a person behind each avatar you meet. The busted ho you see in the dirtiest places on Second Life to the high fashion turned up nose bitch you run into at the high L$ establishment is actually a real individual. They have real feelings. People may say that nothing bothers the person sitting behind “The mask” of a virtual identity but they really don’t know.

A rude elder scolding a “newbie” for “duck walking” across a store by calling them out on their “newness”. A new resident calling an older resident “yesterdays avatar..get with the program”. 

There is no need to establish lines. The old help the new get their “sea legs” while the new bring in fresh ideas to keep our world alive. The “elders” have the knowledge of what worked & what doesn’t while helping to bring new blood into a dying virtual world. There shouldn’t be a reason to be uppity & “beyond your realm of being” because, for fucks sake, everyone needs someone, be it young or old, to bring ideas into the mix. Don’t knock it before you kick the box over & devour it.

It makes me sad to deal with the real life bullying issues that make me want to cry because people are such fucking pricks to their fellow human beings. Virtually I get angry & aggressive because I feel that people are dismissed because they are not a “SLebutard” or are different.

Or the fact that they cannot give anyone the validation or love they need to feel good about themselves.

I told you I tell it like it is.

Give people a damn chance. Different is good. It should be celebrated. It should never be instantly judged. You never know who will surprise you.

As for the mean things I say when I write my SLupidity articles…it’s called “reading a bitch“. Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about. We also NEVER use names due to the fact that no one deserves to be harassed.

Keep it truthful. Keep it real. Never compromise yourself.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

I want to add a few links to sites that help those that have been bullied. Being a person deals with bullying issues constantly I feel it is important to spread the word to help anyone who has had problems.

Stop Bullying

Cope With Bullying With Children

It Gets Better

Dear Prim Claus

Dear Mr. Prim Claus,

Howdy! Remember me? I sat on your lap last year & we discussed drink recipes, ate cookies, & decided what I should get for Prim Xmas. Wait…who am I kidding? You’re an all-powerful & almighty GOD who will smite the naughty & reward the nice. Of course you’ll remember me.


How are you doing? How’s the wife? I heard she has been baking up a storm this season. Gotta love a woman who loves to bake. I heard that Dasher sprained his ankle during spring training & was out half the season for the North Pole baseball team. Please tell him that I am glad he is doing much better.


I have four things that I am really hoping you can bring me this year Santa. I’ve been really good this year. I’ve written a LOT of reviews slamming a lot of people, places, & things but that’s not naughty. We know it’s for the good of the readers (Hello!) that I put myself in crappy places. To bring a little honesty in a virtual world. Also, you have to admit, it is pretty funny. I have cut the dead weights out of my life that didn’t care about others feelings. You don’t even have to bring them coal. They don’t deserve it. (See Mr. Prim Claus! I’m a helper!) I also asked people to support my favorite internet radio station, be kind to others, & not to prim litter. I do have references if needed.

I Learned To Write In Elf School.

Well…here goes nothing!

1. Rent Money: I lucked out in a big way to get what I have at such a really inexpensive price. Lindens still add up when you get right down to it. It’s quiet. No one bothers me. I don’t have to see other people. It’s my personal space & I love it. I could use a little help paying my rent. At least a months worth. That would really help me out.

2. Spreading The Word: I would really love it if more people would spread the SLA Review word. I like writing to make people laugh, smile, occasionally offend (can’t please everyone all the time), & I have an urge to put things down. More readers would be absolutely awesome! You could put a link to the site in people stockings. Maybe fly a banner off the back of your sleigh. Anything would be appreciated.

3. A Gift Card: There are various stores that I really enjoy shopping at often. Since I can place my own house on the tiny island I rent I like to constantly swap houses around. I’m restless & bore easily. I am also a sucker for really good retro fashions, & various animal accessories (I am currently half a reindeer in a cocktail dress drinking a martini as I write this). I also dig prim food/drink stuff. If you want to know what gift cards I want just let me know & I’ll come visit. You know I can’t resist the Christmas cocktails & cookies you always have lying around.

4. Something For Christmas Cow: Christmas Cow hasn’t been very well behaved this season. He drooled on the sofa, pooped on the rug, & STILL owes me 5L. Even though Christmas Cow is gross at times & smells on occassion he deserves a present. Even though he has been known to get into hoof fights at barn dances he still deserves a present. Even though Christma…wait a minute! OK. Christmas Cow has been bad. Can you at least get him something this year? Or at least get him to pay me back?

Oh Come On Man..Errr...Cow!!

After you’re done with your rounds this year you can always stop back by. Bring the wife. I’ll cook. I can also keep Christmas Cow OUTSIDE so he doesn’t eat the cake again.

Have A Good One Mr. Prim Claus!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Hanging With My Pal Prim Claus!

Photos taken at a lovely (yet was having lag issues at the time) North Pole village. You can visit HERE (M). Picture of Christmas Cow was taken in my house. He ended up eating half of my cake & then explaining what “Cud” is to me while chewing. He really needs to learn manners.

My Favorite Internet Station

My favorite internet radio station is “Martini In The Morning“. I’ve been a listener near the beginning of their internet station origins. Second Life helped me to discover them. I know that a lot of Second Life clubs, especially jazz clubs, stream them in-world. Currently the stream in-world is done. I listen to the miracle martini player (which I recommend using to help them out) outside of Second Life so I did not realize it wasn’t working till a Second Life avie sent an email letting them know.

Now I know a LOT of clubs base their clubs around this radio station. Without the stream it makes life hard on them. Instead of complaining people need to point others to the station. To their website so that they can give their support to keep the music flowing. Instead of taking something for free or not sharing with others where you get your music you need to give. Share with others so you can keep playing the music in your clubs. Without support not only will you be out a radio station but those of us who listen every day will be out of their favorite music.

To help I made a sign pointing people to MITM & asking them to support the greatest music ever written (Jazz Standards). You can pick up your copy for free HERE or send me a message for a copy.

When the people of Second Life put their little avie heads together we do good work for others. Let’s help them out.

Please help to keep Martini In The Morning bringing all of us, both in & out of world, good tunes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean