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St. Paddy’s Day 2015

I’m a couple of hours early this year saying this but better early than not at all. Or whatever.

I wanted to start out by wishing everyone a wonderfully shamrock-y, possibly green liquor filled, “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, St. Paddy’s Day.


Yes…I said St. Patty’s Day in the picture. To those who grammar attacked me right when I posted this. Go fuck yourself. With a shamrock if you’re so inclined.

Back to what I was saying…..

Mr. C. Cow and I have nothing majorly planned for this years drink lots o’ things holiday. We plan on hanging out in my virtual front yard and working on things I need to work on. I know. We’re so exciting! But…as you can see from the picture we do own a still so suck it sobriety!

Someone needs to make me a real life shirt that says “Suck It Sobriety!”

As for real life it’s a freakin’ Tuesday. Blah. Tuesday. Bishop has to work. I have my work that I have to do. It will be 80 degrees out so I might say screw it and take my work to the lake. Nothing makes you feel better about doing shit then doing it next to a body of water out in the sun.

I do have a bottle of nice Irish whiskey that I do plan on drinking a bit of in honor of my Irish roots. Do you REALLY think I would miss an opportunity to drink that is sorta socially acceptable? Of course not silly people!

Also…I just like whiskey. Don’t need a holiday to drink it but damn it I have an excuse on a Tuesday.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful green wearing, binge drinking, possibly kissing people who are pretending to be Irish, as much fun as one can have on a Tuesday!

Don’t be idiots! Stay Safe!

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Halloween Maze Run

Today’s review is short and sweet because, sometimes, we don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in Second Life. Maybe we only have a few minutes to do something or talk to someone before real life reels us back in.

If you’re looking for a place that only took me about 8 minutes to run through then I suggest checking out the Bay City Halloween Hay Maze (G). 

Hi There!

Hi There!

It’s very simple and the decor is scarce (although I do think they hay bales themselves look pretty nice and the sounds are pretty good) but it’s good for a virtual resident who wants to get their Halloween on without spending an hour at one place.

All I can say for a place that took me 8 minutes to run all the way through is go and try the Bay City Halloween Hay Maze (G) yourself and see how long it takes you.

No cheating!

“Tipsy” (The Maze Runner) Cerulean

Spring Is In The Air…Or Whatever…

It’s been a super busy April so far. Spring break came and went. Bunneh Day is coming soon. I plan on traveling to a dog walk event to help animals looking to be adopted. We’ve made some changes in the studio and are working on Shire Podcast stuff.

I need a nap!



OK. So what’s going on in the virtual world of Second Life?  

Besides new shopping events? Not really too much of anything. Instead I’ve decided to make a list of ten random Second Life thoughts as well as quick places/events to visit (or not).

Tipsy’s Awesome List Of Random Virtual Thoughts!

1. High Heels with socks are fucking SLupid. There. I said it. SLupid!

2. Why does every fashion blogger have males looking like anorexic hipsters? Where are the realistic bearded men who aren’t hipsters, hip hop artists, or flat-out douche bag looking?

3. The Virtual State Fair (G) is still in-world. I’ve written about them off and on for years now. It hasn’t really changed. There isn’t any mesh builds lying around yet it’s still a pretty cool, educational place to visit. I am mentioning because I suggest you check out the Reality Check Cafe that is a game to help you figure out how much exercise it will take you to burn off your restaurant meal.

4. Dwarfins creep me out.

5. Eggapalooza is currently going on at Aero Pines Park. It is their 7th annual Easter Hunt.  It will go on until April 30th.

6. You can play Cheesy at the podcast office, watch television, hang, & learn about the podcast.

7. I’ve never played a game in Second Life. Except trivia. OK. I’ve never taken the time to play a board game. All of these years and I’ve never taken the time to do it.

8. I’m drinking cranberry juice & wandering around Second Life making this list. It’s not even 8am as I write this. A girls gotta sometimes drink something other than martini’s in the morning. Her liver says thank you.

9. There is a replica of the chocolate factory from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory in Second Life. The candy man can you know.

10. I did not bother with April Fools Day. This is why there was no wacky post that day. It’s not a holiday. It’s stupid.

There. I made a list. Woo! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Opening Day

If you know me then you probably know that I am the BIGGEST BASEBALL FAN ON EARTH! More importantly I am the biggest Detroit Tigers fan you’ll meet. Today is opening day and I’ve got my Cabrera jersey on. I’ve planned a party. I’ve wept tears of joy over that fact that Winter is now officially over since baseball is back.


To celebrate opening day I want to give you a neato list of virtual baseball places in Second Life.  Wait…I’m looking through search…shopping shopping shopping… Nope. No baseball stadiums.

This is what disappoints me about Second Life. It’s bee, for quite some time now, reduced to nothing but people buying virtual outfits and not really doing anything. Except for, maybe, wolf yelling in a club.  There are a few sports related areas that give us at least something different.  You have the SLCS Sports Complex (G) that is home to the SL Cheerleading squad. They cheer for a number of sports (football, soccer). You also have the VHL – Virtual Hockey League (G) that gives you the feel of a real stadium experience. (I LOVE hockey & am a HUGE Detroit Red Wings Fan.) I give props to both the cheerleaders and the hockey league. They are an experience in Second Life that is both amazing and worth your time to check out.

The VHL Rink.

The VHL Rink.

I did find a few places offering “Best In Sports” events for opening day but, come on, it’s basically a club. It’s no different then a “Best In Red” or “Best In Ass-Less Chaps”. Alas I have been denied my virtual baseball experience. Doesn’t really matter since there is something called “Real Life” and it is opening day. What I would like to see, however, is a shift away from buying prim boobs or boots or whatever the hip fashion avies are doing today. I’d like to see us step into creating and recreating. Recreate fantastic things we see in the the real world. Create new things that no one has ever seen before. Give us something to make us happy to spend our time here.

With that…may you find something baseball related in Second Life (And send it to me!) and have a GREAT opening day. 

Unless you’re the Kansas City Royals. Then I hope the Detroit Tigers kick the crap out of you.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Patty’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mr. C. Cow & I started our day out by hanging out at the podcast office celebrating our Irish-ness. Earlier he was hanging out by the taxi offering everyone a drink.


I think he ended up wandering back inside mooing something about “learning how to jig”. I’m hoping her learns how because I could really use a jigging partner. I bet you didn’t realize that Mr. C. Cow is part Irish. His Uncle Oisin was an Irish Moiled. I’m not exactly sure if he’s making this up or not (He did try to tell me once that he was related to Jimooooo Hendrix). Doesn’t matter to me if he’s fibbing a bit because he’s having fun being Irish today. 

We’ve recently remodeled the offices to give us a place to do live podcasts for the Raglan Shire, as well as give everyone a place to hang out. What’s the point of having a place if people can’t hang out in it?


Right now we’ve got a place to chill and chat, our live podcast area, as well as Cheesy & Chatterbox for anyone to come and play. Feel free to wander around, get information on what we do, & have a bit of fun while you’re at it.

We all hope that you have a wonderful, and safe, St. Patty’s Day. I think I just heard a large “CRASH” which means that either Mr. C. Cow fell over due to too much Irish alcoholic beverages or he knocked over a lamp while trying to eat the rugs again.

May your beer be green and your luck be Irish today!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurls & Links & Stuff:

Podcast/SLA Office

Raglan Shire Podcast Page

How To Listen

What is an “Irish Moiled” anyways?


Valentine Kisses

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Much love to everyone who actually reads the words I write down.

I took this years Valentine’s Day picture at the Isle Of View (G) which is a Linden Lab location that has been around since 2008. Then disappeared. Then came back.  I have always loved how the name makes me think of Piers Anthony 

Get Your Love On.

Get Your Love On.

The whole Isle Of View/Kiss A Linden/Kiss A Volunteer started in 2008 then disappeared in 2012 but now seems to be back for 2014. It appears to be in the destination guide so maybe we’ll see a bit of kissing on Valentine’s Day. I suggest making a quick stop today to the Isle Of View (G) to see if you get to kiss someone as well as take a ride on a swan boat.

Who doesn’t love swan boats?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Romancing The Food

Valentine’s Day is almost upon you. Maybe you’ve bought your sweetheart some flowers or some virtual chocolates. You’ve practiced your proclamations of love and picked out the perfect outfit to wear. But…have you figured out where you’re going to take your date for dinner?


OK…you don’t fail.

Tipsy is here to rescue you! Take your date to an old standby that still works for a nice virtual dinner. The Brunel Hall Hotel And Restaurant (M) in the Academy Of Industry region of New Babbage has been a wonderful place to take someone special for the past four years.

No Calorie Deserts ROCK!

No Calorie Deserts ROCK!

Make your way to the Muirsheen Durkin Bar and Restaurant which is a self-serve restaurant giving you some of the best atmosphere for prim food and drink. I enjoy restaurants that are self-service because it feels a bit more intimate with a date (And you don’t need to pay for service). The biggest plus for me when it comes to the Muirsheen Durkin Bar and Restaurant is that it that it happens to be friendly to many different types of avatars as they do have a dance ball that is small avatar friendly. Although this is New Babbage role-playing is optional so you do not need to period dress or get into a role to enjoy yourself. (Although I think it would be fun to try it out with a date.)

Mmmm Dinner....

Mmmm Dinner….

The Brunel Hall Hotel itself is beautiful with a lovely check in area as well as a giant indoor pool. During my visit all of the hotel rooms were occupied. If you’re planning on, hopefully, spending the night with your date, then you might want to check ahead of time to see if there is space open.

Don't Forget A Bathing Suit!

Don’t Forget A Bathing Suit!

I highly recommend visiting Brunel Hall Hotel & Restaurant (M) because it has become a landmark in Second Life. When something lasts as long as they have then usually it’s a place worth checking out. Especially if it’s a part of New Babbage.

Hope this eases your “Where Should I Take My Date!!???!?” woes.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Love Rollercoaster

You know that I only named this article “Love Rollercoaster” so you would get THIS SONG stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.

February is almost upon us and it’s suppose to be the month of love with the whole Valentine’s Day “Give Me Candy! Give Me Flowers! WHERE THE HELL IS MY ROMANTIC CARD ASSHOLE!!” thing. To celebrate this strange thing we like to call “love” I thought we would officially name the month of February “You didn’t go to Jared? You suck at love!” month.

I’m joking.

Let’s throw the commercialized “buy my love” crap to the side and officially name the month of February “Love Month”. Simple name. Simple concept. For the entire month I’ll be sprinkling different articles that involve the word “Love”.  They will involve all different aspects of love. From places that involve love to thoughts on things I love. Let me ponder what I love.


What do I love? I love my family. I love my friends. I love Mr. C. Cow. I love porn. I love ripping apart the things that annoy me.  Yup…it’s going to be one of THOSE types of months.

Here’s To Looking Ahead To “Love Month” February. 

“Tipsy” (I went with the croissant for breakfast) Cerulean

Happy New Year

Happy New Year From All Of Us!


We had a wonderful New Years Eve this year. We danced. We sang. We played music. We drank.

No hangovers…it’s a gift…

Mr. C. Cow & I had to much fun. We shared a giant martini then while I danced on it he licked the olives. He really digs olives. Bishop didn’t get in our photo. He took the photo & laughed at how the olive was making Mr. C. Cow go “blaaahhhhh” while he kept licking it.

We hope that everyone had an absolutely magical (and safe) New Years Eve. And here’s to having a wonderful New Years day (as well as an awesome 2014)

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tinies On Tape

SLA Review Awards 2013

Every year before New Years I come up with an awards list of the best (& worst) things that I’ve seen in Second Life. It beats any other awards you’ll see about Second Life because it doesn’t involve elite crap or SLebutards. I will be your host for the award ceremonies. Thank you. Thank you.


So…without further ado…feel free to clap…

The SLA Review Awards 2013!!

Worst Search Results From The SL Marketplace: This award has to go to the keyword search “hat”. While searching for a hat it gave me an S&M outfit. Made out of nothing but straps. There were not hats included.

Strangest Zombie Sighting: This one goes to the zombies I happened upon that were in a fishing contest pond. They didn’t look just menacing. They looked waterlogged & menacing.


Biggest Panic Of 2013: This definitely has to go to the change in TOS. The sweeping change to who owns the content that is created in-world has led to an exodus of creators. Speculation, conspiracy, residents possibly building foil hats to avoid their brain waves being subjected to a TOS change. You get the picture.

Random Flash Mob Moment: One day, out of the blue, a Anime Furry Stage Show Spectacular just popped up in the Raglan Shire. No one knew who they were. They just rezzed a stage & started dancing.


Best Second Life Community: Come on. You knew I would have to give this one to the tinies of the Raglan Shire. Throughout the years I’ve been involved with many groups/communities/whatevers & the Shire has always been the one who has had the kindest most helpful of all communities I’ve ever visited. Keep it up for 2014.

Biggest Shopping Event That Makes People “Have A Dumb”: This has to go to The ArcadeThis gacha shopping event is hard to get in as hordes of people attempt to all go at one time. Those that can’t get in attempt to cam around from sims that border it. It has spawned numerous garage sales where people get crazed to sell their extras (sometimes cheaper sometimes WAY MORE expensive then purchase price) just to be able to go and buy more. I love Arcade but you crazed shopping people are NUTS!

 Tipsy Haz A Sad Award: This goes to half of my inventory disappearing. Before you go into the whole “Did you clear this or did you clean install that?” speech I KNOW THIS ALREADY. It ended up taking me a few clean installs. Clearing of caches. Praying to the gods of inventory & giving at the office for it to finally come back five days ago.


Best SLupidity To Make Fun Of: This award clearly goes to the avatars who have GIANT BUTTS as well as SUPER BUTT CRACKS. You can have your hoochie momma. You can have your ghetto underwear showing but damn it if you cannot go wrong with a great stupid butt picture. Butts are comedy gold.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the couple of awards I have decided to hand out this year. There are so many others I could give out (Worst Look, Best Nature Area) but I want to save them for 2014 where they will get their own articles. Also filled with a fiery rage of awesome writing anger so we’ll be sure to put more of that out in 2014. Rage writing is usually mean & comically awesome. I love meanly comical.

Have A Safe & Awesome New Years Eve! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean