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Postcards From Tipsy


As you can tell it has been a long time since I’ve posted on the Ol’ review website. Do to real life things (I’m looking at YOU limited gigs!!) I haven’t been able to review places in SL as much as I would like.


Due to this I have started a new website that has given me the opportunity to do what I love, write a creative story, and not use up my interwebbings.

Please go and check out my new website! Postcards From Tipsy!

One Otter, A Camper, An Adventure!

Every Tuesday and Thursday I post a postcard for all of my friends telling them about our adventures in SL (As well as…coming soon…our real life adventures.) You know that an otter with a beehive traveling with a cow has to be funny.

We will be adding another day with something special posted in the future but…shhh…..can’t tell you yet.

Please check out my new website and share it with everyone! Friends. Not Friends. Parents. The Dog. That Weird Guy Next Door That Waters His Lawn At Strange Hours.


Thank you for the support!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Postcards From Tipsy

Shocktober 2014

Once again the Raglan Shire has taken the month of October, changed it to “Shocktober” and added their own spin to this spooky Halloween filled month. Three different offerings from the Shire give you everything from haunted hotels to carnivals to a reminder that sometimes bunnies are not what they seem.

We start out by walking past a scary looking gas station that I am assuming does not offer the best prices when filling up and run by a cemetery that has seen better days to make our way first to the Haunted Hotel (G).



The hotel itself is probably familiar to many of you as it was the same hotel that MadPea used in the Room 326 game/hunt and was recently taken down a while back. They have it and made it their own with horror around every corridor as well as a movie theater and ballroom for the various Shocktober events happening throughout the month.

Next I made my way to the Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) which happens to be my favorite part of the Shire’s Halloween celebration each year. The person I took with me also feels that this is the best haunted ride that Second Life has to offer.

Come On In!

Come On In!

The great thing about this virtual ride is the fact that each room is put together by various Raglan Shire residents. It’s a collaboration that changes each year and I would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved in building this years ride. I don’t want to give away the various rooms but you can’t go wrong with getting your hair done, being “blown away”, and clowns.

Just A Little Off The Top Please!

Just A Little Off The Top Please!

Our final Shocktober area is the Haunted Carnival (G) which is an area set up above the Shire with various games as well as little carnival rides and something called “The Raglan Madhouse” (it use to be a fun house but fun was crossed off). It’s a little maze filled house that’s great for those who aren’t looking for gore as much as flat-out fun.

If you’re looking to spend some time checking out various Halloween themed areas, enjoy a little bit of scare mixed with goofy fun, and having the opportunity to yell “We’ve Got Cows!” (You’ll get what I’m saying once you visit the ride) then I highly suggest you take a few moments or more to come check out this years Raglan Shire Shocktober.

Don’t forget to also check their events calendar for various Halloween themed events throughout the month.

Happy Haunting!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


SLurls & Links

Official Raglan Shire Website

SLurl To Haunted Hotel (G) 

SLurl To Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G)

SLurl To Haunted Carnival

Raglan Shire Calendar Of Events

Ghosts, Zombies, & October

When I first started to write today’s title I accidentally typed “Goats” instead of “Ghosts”. I am sorry to inform you that, if you are here for goats, there are none in today’s review. I’m sorry to disappoint all goat lovers around the world.

It’s October. Woo And Stuff!

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  It’s Fall flavored beer season, leaves turn pretty colors, and Halloween is on my top five favorite holidays list. All throughout the month I shall share the good (and the flat-out terrible) haunted places, costumes, decor, events, and so much more that goes on all month.

Let’s start out with a little place called Hell’s Corner (M) It is sponsored by DarkClaw Land Design and has its own tag line.

“Where the devil visited and demon’s play…what befell this land?”

Would You Like Fries With That?

Would You Like Fries With That?

I’m not one to knock haunted places sponsored by groups/stores/etc. It takes a lot of time and effort (as well as money) to put places together so more power to those that get a sponsor.  I do have to say, at no fault of the creator of Hell’s Corner but when will we get some new haunted house builds as well as new decor (Zombies/Spooks/Etc.)?  I know this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the month. I yell at decor and get frustrated walking through the same house (that happens to be the same house I’ve walked through last year. And the year before.) I’ll leave the screaming till at least a week into October and carry on with my review.

Breaths. Takes a sip of a martini. Pat’s Hell’s Corner on the head and tells it that it’s not its fault no one is designing new/good Halloween stuff.

Hey There!

Hey There!

This isn’t a bad visit if you’re looking to ease your way into the Halloween horror season. It’s got your scary house full of scary things. A church that makes you feel wonderfully wicked, as well as wandering around in the dark waiting to see if something tries to off you like some bad b movie. Maybe check out a carnival.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

OK. So it looks a tad bit evil and you could get eaten by a clown. What could possibly go wrong there?

I do recommend giving Hell’s Corner (M) a peek. Take some gross pictures of yourself doing horrible things. Maybe pray to the devil that someone will design something new and outstanding for Halloween so an honest theme builder can change the face of horror in Second Life.

Happy Start Of The Horror Season!
“Tipsy” (The Terror) Cerulean


Do you like Art? 


The Raglan Shire Art Walk is almost upon us!  The art walk is a non-juried show that allows artists of all levels to showcase their artwork in Second Life.  It’s open to all artists from anywhere on the grid & I highly suggest that, if you’re an artist, come and showcase your masterpieces.

I absolutely LOVE going to the art walk every year. It’s such a big event that introduces you to so many talented people as well as events and, of course, ART! 

If you’re interested in showcasing your art then you can apply HERE. You have until Sunday April 27th at 9pm SLT.  Not an artist? Then don’t fret! You can come and enjoy the show from some of the best artists in Second Life. This years show will run from Sunday May 4th through Sunday May 25th. 

Need more info on this years Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014? You can check out their website for more information. I’ve also placed a sign at my in-world office that you can click for links and more information.


Spread the word about ART!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Info On The Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014:

Registration closes on Sunday April 27th at 9pm SLT

Registration & Information Website

SLurl To my office where I’ve placed a sign with information.

The Art Walk will run from May 4th – May 25th

I want to thank Karmagirl Avro, Artwalk Director and the 
Artwalk Assistants: Dagmar Klaar & Liandras Jameson for all of their hard work to put together this years walk.


10 Things You Can Do As An Ice-Cube

Liandras Jameson of Cirrus Design came out with a free ice-cube that you can wear on a tiny for Winterfest this year.


I was so insanely inspired by the various things one could do while wearing an ice-cube in Second Life that I decided to come up with the top ten best things one can do as an ice-cube.

Frozen Drum Roll Please…….

1. Play “Titanic” – All you need is your ice-cube, a boat, someone to scream “Iceberg Ahead!”, & water. Tada!


2. Pretend you’re not actually wearing an ice-cube & walk around various public areas. Will they look at you? Will they mention that you’re frozen in an ice-cube? It’s a great social experiment! 

3. Scream “I’M MELTING!!” while next to a fire.


4. Find a Snow Queen then challenge her for her crown. You are, after all, an ice-cube.

5. Try to blend in with a holiday scene. 

6. Find a frozen pond, preferably one that is near a landing point, & pretend to be frozen into the pond. Mumbling “Hello” & “I’m stuck!” is a good idea.

7. Since you’re an ice-cube the only natural thing to do is to be that special ice-cube in A HUGE DRINK!!


8. Hang out with snowmen of questionable morals.


9. Stand in a natural history museum  & pretend that you’re a part of the exhibit. If you have a cave man/woman outfit then you’ll fit in even better.


10. When all else fails pretend to be an unfinished ice sculpture. Or you can pretend that your ice sculpture is “abstract”.

Thank you Liandras for the awesome ice-cube! You inspired me!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Clothing As Well As Hat/Scarf/Ice-Cube/HUGE Drink Made By Cirrus Design. Be sure to check them out!

You Can Pick Up A Giant Ice-Cube In The Raglan Shire Right HERE.

SLurl’s To Photo Locations:

Raglan Shire (G)

Tinies On Tape/SLA Review Office (G)

Gallery Of Questionable Snowpeople (M)

Nargus Lab:: Dinosaurs Park (M)

TOT Podcast About Winterfest

Once Christmas Night

One Christmas Night by Calas Galadhon has to be one of the best winter/holiday sims I have seen in Second Life. That’s a big compliment coming from me. I’m not one to give many areas the “one of the best” distinctions. It takes a hell of a lot to earn it from me.

I’ve praised Calas Galadhon before in the past from their parks to their Wizard Of Oz inspired ballroom. Now it’s time they get praise for their holiday offerings.

This beautifully built nature sim gives you the opportunity to take a sleigh ride (up to 4 in a sleigh or a romantic couples sleigh as you take in the beauty of snow at night. (Be sure to accept the regions windlight settings for maximum awesomeness). If you’re not in the mood for a sleigh ride or in the mood to take another trip around the sim then I also suggest you try out the flying reindeer tour.

Taking The Tour.

Taking The Tour.

When you’re finished touring the sim then don’t forget to check out the Calas Christmas Pavilion which offers amazing decor, ice skating, & a ballroom that will be doing live events all season long.

Oh Christmas Tree..

Oh Christmas Tree..

All I can say about One Christmas Night that this is a MUST in your holiday season. It’s not only built to perfection but it’s beautiful & fun to hang around. (As well as take holiday photos.)

Check it out! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Links & Information:

SLurl To One Christmas Night

Link To Calas Galadhon’s Official Website (Has list of upcoming live shows)

*Be sure to take the notecard given when you first land. It has inportant information about script limits, windlight, etc.*

Winter Office 2013

December brings virtual snowflakes, dusting off the holiday decorations & changing over the SLA Review & Tinies On Tape Office.


Tipsy’s World (Because I really couldn’t come up with a better name off the top of my head when I named it. I was probably drinking at the time) is home to both the SLA Review & Tinies On Tape (The Official Raglan Shire Podcast Of Great Awesome Wootness). This year we have Santa Claus hanging out by his sled, a great hang out area outside, snow stuffs, & a lot of other neato things to check out when you visit us.

We also have Rambo The Professional Gift Wrapper. 


His first profession choice was dentist but he was beat out by an annoying blond-haired elf who has a habit of singing about being a misfit. 

Feel free to stop in, hang out, & check out the information for both the SLA Review & Tinies On Tape! And wander around the area to check out all of the nice holiday decorations residents of Morning Shire are setting up to get ready for Winterfest in the Raglan Shire.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurl To Our In-World Office 

I Really Mustache

I’ve been totally slacking in the article department as of late. I apologize for that but real life has been kicking my ass. I am currently in the middle of moving in real life. I have very little time left to get ready and, on top of that, I will probably be without the internet until it gets hooked up.


But don’t fear! It’s only temporary till the move is complete. We will be back with brand new articles, news, (& podcasts that I do for T.O.T.) in the middle to end of May. Gives me time to unpack, get my internet on, & write new stuff.

Trying To Keep My Suitcases Closed!

Trying To Keep My Suitcases Closed!

Wish Me Luck!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Where I got my ‘Stach:

Mustache Art (Wall & Floor) – Art is from [WM] Wayward Muse. They have a large collection of mustache art (all of which I own)

Suitcases – Machinarium Suitcase (Gacha) from Vespertine

Hat – got my fedora off of the SL Marketplace. I wear a lot of hats (and especially fedoras)

Outfit – shirt & mesh skirt are both from MishMish (Items for both big & small avatars)

Rain Rain Snow

Instead of “Duck Duck Goose” I though we could play a bit of “Rain Rain Snow” today. I also want to say that I REALLY love me some Dean Martin but you were wrong about snow.

It hasn’t stopped raining in real life for four days. It doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. It’s gotten to the point where I feel I might have to buy a boat to go down my driveway. Small puddles are a thing of the past when you’ve got the awesome power of  tiny lakes in your yard! Yeah…I’m tired of rain.

I'm Tired Of Looking At You Rain!

I’m Tired Of Looking At You Rain!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of me hanging outside of the MadPea Room 326 hunt. It’s some of the best rain I have ever seen in Second Life. Also, I look really sad sitting there in it.

Now, to just add to the rain misery, we are under warnings of upcoming snow. Snow? I hate snow. The rain I can deal with. I can just wear a life jacket when I leave the house. Snow, on the other hand, angers me. It makes me shake one fist at the sky while the other one holds my beer. (It takes talent to drink & shake your fist at the weather gods at the same time.) I did come up with a really great SLA Review Weather Statement that I think is important.


Snow. It just sucks ass.

Instead of coming into Second Life & finding beautiful weather I decided to find some that match my real life weather. I did run into a few stormy named sims in my search. Storm Warning, Quiet Storm, Love Storm, Stormwind & RocknRoll Storm. Zero of them were interesting in any way. I’m disappointed over the rock & roll storm thing not being cool. I was all set to play air guitar & maybe give a rock scream or two.  Not to be deterred from my mission to find some snow & rain sims I pressed on!

A woman with a beer & a mission is a dangerous woman.

My first search was for rain. Since we’re starting with rain then moving onto snow in real life I thought it was only fitting to do the same in-world. Inis Caiseal (M) is a part of the Alchemy Immortalis sims. I came to one of the Alchemy sims because I knew that I was guaranteed to find some rain going on.  I wandered around for quite a while enjoying the sights while splashing around in my goloshes. All of the sims that they own are some of the most beautiful you will see on Second Life. There is nothing more beautiful than wandering around the rain while listening to the various nature sounds you’ll hear.

Don't Forget Your Umbrella!

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

Maneuvering my way through search, and avoiding all stores that were trying to sell me the weather, I came across a funny named little place called Snow Ghetto (M). I was half expecting to see bums trying to wash my windshield & burnt out cars resting on blocks. Weirdly enough I was not greeted by a gangbanger or someone trying to sell me crack. Instead I was greeted to a small snowy island with ice skating. Was I disappointed? I wasn’t trying to score crack so not really. I was actually pretty surprised at how nice the place is. It is open to the public & all they ask is that you clean up after yourself when you go to leave.

Haaaalp! I'm Stuck!

Haaaalp! I’m Stuck!

My last stop has to be one of the biggest search surprises of the day for me. I cannot say enough about how much I really love this sim. Tiaga (G) is a Siberian nature based sim that is completely surrounded by forests. There is no shopping to be found which is a huge thing to me. I came to love nature not to look at dresses. The entire area is also a sandbox for those that want to rez a sled or something to go with the feel of the place. Just be sure to pick up after yourself.

I Hope My Butt Doesn't Freeze To The Swing.

I Hope My Butt Doesn’t Freeze To The Swing.

Tiaga is beautiful. From its little ice skating shack to its small cabin with a bar. It’s not overly decorated so it has an open, natural feel to it. I do recommend that you make your way to the small cabin. Just be sure to watch out for the moose. I hear they like to gamble.

Gotta Love A Moose That Has Beer!

Gotta Love A Moose That Has Beer!


 Now I must make my way to real life where I shall stock up on winter storm essentials. Toilet paper. Beer. Soup. Liquor. Wood. The things one needs to survive.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Wootmas Eve!

The holiday is almost here. Oh Ma Gah!

Time to bust out the holiday cheer in bottle form, warm up beside a computer, & get a little virtual cheer going on. Mr. C. Cow has been especially excited over the holidays this year. Being that the C in his name does stand for “Christmas” it’s completely understandable.

Be Careful!

Be Careful!

He’s spent an hour alone today just trying to figure out how the “Au-Toy-Matic” machine on the Great Tree Steve works. Silly cow. It’s magic & stuff! (If you want you can check out the Christmas Eve Poem I wrote about Mr. C. Cow last season)

I hope that everyone has a great eve before the holiday tonight. Have fun with your friends (RL & SL) as well as family.

Waiting For Santa!

Waiting For Santa!

Happy Christmas “Wootmas” Eve Everyone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Go check out the “Au-Toy-Matic” machine on the Great Tree Steve in the Shire sims. You will get the toy machine song stuck in your head FOREVER!!!