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Where’s Tipsy?

Summer is an extremely busy time of the year for me in that place we call “The Real World”.

Real stuff always getting in the way of our virtual lives. Bah!

Summer is a time to take a break and a small vacation. Who doesn’t love vacations???!!!???

Assholes. That’s who!

I will be putting things out throughout the entire Summer but it might be randomly put out with no thought to schedules. That’s what the Summer should be all about. A time to go out into the world, soak up the sun, drink a bunch of fancy drinks that have umbrellas in them, pretend you know how to grill a zucchini without it falling through the grill rack, and just flat-out have fun. Just keep checking back periodically and there might be something out. We’ll get back to a normal writing schedule in the Fall.

I have to put a picture of something up so I put one up of my biggie.


Going Forth And Doing Something!

Going Forth And Doing Something!

So Go! Get off of your computers and have a bit of fun this Summer. Before you know it Summer will be gone.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Avatar Spotlight…Coming to a blog near you.

After drinking a concoction of coconut rum & banana liquor last night I got really mellow. I was all “I love everyone. I love people. I love fruit.” To make a long story short…(too late)….I am going to start spotlighting your average Second Life person on occassion.  Name, Picture, Q&A, drinks with your average Second Life resident. Email me at slalcoholics@yahoo.com or contact me in-world (Cerulean Capalini) if you would like to be an avatar spotlight. I’ll send you a few questions (which I’ll change constantly) & ask you to email me a picture of yourself that I can crop down & put up on the blog.

Coming up soon…for our first spotlight…(And to show you what the hell I am talking about) I’ll corner Bishop & interview him.