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Shire Block Pawty

There are a few things in Second Life that I love. I love communities that really care about each other, the togetherness of such communities, & parties. This weekend the folks at the Raglan Shire have combined their community unity & love of parties to throw a HUGE multi-sim Block Pawty August 10th & 11th.

Each of the various Shire sim residents are throwing huge parties throughout the weekend. Everything from music to games to the sims residents opening up their homes for you to come & visit. I think this is a fantastic idea because it shows that, not only do tinies know how to party, but it shows community spirit & shares it with the rest of the residents of Second Life.

You can get landmarks & information from the various Block Party Signs around the various sims. 

Grab A Notecard!

Grab A Notecard!

Here are just some of the numerous landmarks as well as party information for this weekend. I do suggest you grab a notecard & check out the various parties, open houses, & activities. Remember that the times next to each sim landmark are for the sims parties but you can go anytime to check out the homes as well as activities.

Morning Shire Block Pawty Saturday August 10th 1-3pm SLT.  DJ’s, Bed Races, Games, & Open Houses!

 Raglan Commons Block Pawty Saturday August 10th 6-8pm SLT (May Start Earlier) Music, games, movies, and fishing!

Athen Shire Block Pawty Sunday August 11th 2pm SLT. Music, Skateboarding, Games, & Open Houses!

Haven Shire Block Pawty Sunday August 11th 4-6pm SLT Crazy Hat Theme, Bingo For LIndens, Ride A Real Dragon, & More!

I live on the Morning Shire sim so feel free to wander around my little slice of the Shire, touch stuffs, & sit on my furniture!

This will probably be one of the largest parties in Second Life for the month of August so I highly recommend checking it out!

“Tipsy” Cerulean