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Where’s Tipsy?

Summer is an extremely busy time of the year for me in that place we call “The Real World”.

Real stuff always getting in the way of our virtual lives. Bah!

Summer is a time to take a break and a small vacation. Who doesn’t love vacations???!!!???

Assholes. That’s who!

I will be putting things out throughout the entire Summer but it might be randomly put out with no thought to schedules. That’s what the Summer should be all about. A time to go out into the world, soak up the sun, drink a bunch of fancy drinks that have umbrellas in them, pretend you know how to grill a zucchini without it falling through the grill rack, and just flat-out have fun. Just keep checking back periodically and there might be something out. We’ll get back to a normal writing schedule in the Fall.

I have to put a picture of something up so I put one up of my biggie.


Going Forth And Doing Something!

Going Forth And Doing Something!

So Go! Get off of your computers and have a bit of fun this Summer. Before you know it Summer will be gone.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

An Ounce Of The Bounce

“How does one go forth into a virtual world and search out so many butts?”

One might find themselves asking me this during Virtual Butts January. Come on…have you actually traveled anywhere in-world? Funny asses are EVERYWHERE! In the G rated parks, to underpant clad people in stores, to random bubble butt sightings. You can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one strange booty wandering around.

One cannot grief or be rude to those around us who decide that their crunchy looking tush looks damn awesome & they want to share with everyone. You can’t point & laugh. It’s just rude. Let it make you smile!

I’ve come up with a few rules for when you’ve sighted a butt that you just cannot stop staring at. You might want to turn on some music to get yourself in the mood.


I know that “bounce for the ounce” can also mean the chest but…come on…butt math rocks….

Life is always too serious all the time. Sometimes we need to just get a little stupid. Just don’t be an idiot. Stand back & enjoy the view. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Magical Vacation Part 1

What started out as a simple review has spanned many photos, activities, & a weeks time. It ended up turning into a fun virtual vacation. Something that was more than just writing down a review about a place. I met some interesting people, had a whole lot of fun, & have made plans to take friends on a “mini vacation” in the future.

Because I have SO MUCH information I have decided to split this review into two parts. Three Disney related areas today. Two on Wednesday. In part two I’ll throw out which was my favorite to visit, where I got all of the neato swag, & thoughts on the whole thing. Break it all down.

With that said I spend a week visiting five different magical parks that involve a Disney theme. Many of which are tied together with posters outside of them suggesting that you check each one out. You would think that you would be all magic kingdom-ed out after one place but each one offers a unique experience. Most of the areas do their absolute best to give you an exact replica of what you might see if you were to actually visit Disney. A realistic experience makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

1. Sarah’s Magic Kingdom (M) – This is a smaller tribute to the wonderful world of Disney but well worth your visit. During my visit I had someone in the room with me watching the computer as I explored. While my favorite area was the Tiki Room (The song has been stuck in my head for DAYS!) they fell in love with the Haunted Mansion.

In The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room...

In The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room…

There are other great activities like a Disney Museum or Tower Of Terror. Miss that old “Mr. Toads Wild  Ride”? Then Sarah’s Magic Kingdom gives you the opportunity to virtually revisit a ride from days past. If you check out the music area then you will end up with THIS Song stuck in your head. Not a bad thing. I might have to play this at a DJ-ing event. When visiting be sure to take the time to grab & wear each hud for each different ride as well as the parade & fireworks.

You Go Parade Turtle!

You Go Parade Turtle!

2. Once Upon A Kingdom (G) – Much of the park is currently being remodeled so I do hope that they finish up sometime in the near future. Disappointing but I can understand. Redoing, rebuilding, or new constructions take time. Especially ones that are so in dept  as these parks are.

Aside from the frustration of construction I must say that it is a beautiful park. The main street is absolutely beautiful. Cinderella’s Castle is a pleasure to look at. I do recommend, with all of the construction, that you make your way to Liberty Square where you can watch “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln”. When in doubt get your education on.

Going For A Boat Ride.

Going For A Boat Ride.

3. Enchanted Adventures Theme Park (G) – This is the one park that isn’t trying to be an exact replica of Disney. They are also not as large but it feels like it could be if they also finished up various constructions that are going on.

Honestly I don’t have a whole lot I can say about them. The spooky area was nice. The Wonderland ride absolutely rocked. It is disappointing when you go someplace that has so much potential but it kinda goes flat on you. Hopefully, after all of the construction/remodeling going on that this will change in the future.

Whatcha Guarding?

Whatcha Guarding?

I did run into a couple who were visiting the park. The guy kept calling me “It” to his date while she said that I was cute. I stopped for a minute to say hi to her. Being my tiny bulldog the guy was in shock that I am a girl. Of course he just kept addressing me as it or to her. Never directly to me. She was nice. This is not the fault of the place I was it. It was just the fault of a dumb guy. The lady rocked. You can come say hi & that I’m cute anytime. Hehe…

This does bring me to a good closing for today. Each park does have park security. Since they are meant to be safe “family friendly” areas it is nice that they have this set up. Then you never need to worry about someone harassing you while you are just trying to have a great time.

Next week we shall review our last two Disney themed Second Life areas, discuss role-playing policies for all of them, pick our favorite, & tell a few stories. 

Till Then…

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*The parks are not doing this for profit nor are they affiliated in any way with Disney. Most of the parks do have signs up stating this. The money that is donated goes to paying for the land. I do suggest giving each of them a few L$ when you visit so they can keep running.*


This weeks “What the hell am I going to do on Second Life this weekend” was a pain in the ass to write. I log in & my face looks like “Ruth”. After logging out twice do to my “Ruth Issue” I came back on & didn’t have a face.

Tipsy’s Face Has Left The Grid.

 I needed my biggie avatar to interact with some areas that were not for tinies. Tiny Avie: No Problems. Biggie: No fucking face. After a few drinks I stopped calling the grid various names only sailors should be allowed to utter things finally started working correctly.

 As usually you will find me hanging out at Prim Charades in the Shire (G) at 5pm SLT Friday.

I want to start out by saying that finding stuff this week was full of issues. Not only the “OMG! WHERE IS YOUR FACE!!” issue. Most festivals are shopping at this current point in time. I want to sit here & list all of the various shopping fests because it’s not “my thang” people. I want to try to keep you as far away from spending L$ on junk & more in the lines of finding fun things to do.

Side Note: Was asked to remove this honest review of an area of SL by a group of avatars. I review honestly & if I don’t like a place I will say it sucks. I also respect if a place asks me to take something down. If you show me a tad bit of respect then I shall show you some. 

Also there are no rules against reviewing a place & saying you don’t like it. I’m being nice one time people. Now pay attention to the places I did like.

Think of it as a real life restaurant or movie review. Without honest opinions then what good are we?

Lucky for us there are still some classic standbys that bring the fun to SL.

Giant Snail Races (M)– RFL Snail Race this Saturday at 11am SLT. To enter this race it is any size donation to receive a racing scarf. They are doing this as a hunt style race so be sure to stop in before race time to get all of the information/location/etc.  you need to race or to watch the races that day. It’s for a good cause so please come out & show your support. This is a race I would love to enter if I am home at that time.

Squeebee’s Mystery Science Theater (M) The place may have changed from the S.O.L. to a regular theater but MST3K is still shown 24/7. I am just happy that they are still on the grid. They have always been my standby when I am at a loss as to what to do in-world. There is always an event going on Fridays & Saturdays so be sure to check their schedule. If you don’t know what MSt3K is then I am currently shedding a tear into my martini for you. You’ve missed out on a lot of fun & it’s time you learned.

Haunted Mansion – A Strange Museum (M) – Yes. A haunted mansion/museum. When you teleport in be sure to accept & wear the hud that they give you or you won’t be able to interact with the exhibits. Let’s just say I was poisoned by chocolate & cooked in an oven.

I Smell Delicious!

Only one person can interact with an object at a time. If you go as a group you will just have to take turns. Worth a look as it is very unusual. Just watch out for gggggghosts!!

Good luck finding things to do this weekend in SL!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

10 Random Facts About Me.

Jang Sung Young came up with an idea of 10 random facts about me on her blog. I decided to do it because it’s actually really hard to come up with ten random facts about yourself. Especially when it’s the internet & you all could be weird ax murdering freaks.

Yes I’m giving you all THE EYE!

Here goes nothing!

1. I am short. Not like midget short, not that I have anything against little people (you rock!), but short. This causes issues as I get a lot of “Awww you’re cute!” when I’m more of a “bathing in the tears of others as I make them cry” type of person. I just comes off fucking cute.


At least they don’t see it coming.

2. I am a vegetarian. Have been one for, thinking, thirteen years now. Maybe longer. I lost count. I Luuuuvvvv Animals Stupid.

3. I have multiple tattoos. None of the butterfly bullcrap on my ankle. I also have piercings. Hoo haa!

4. I am originally from a very large city but transplanted myself years ago into the country. By choice. When I drive by a cow, after all of these years, I still yell “COW!!!” at it.

5. I am an insane baseball fan that was born & raised to worship the awesome sport. Go Detroit Tigers! Born a fan. Will die a fan.  I somehow manage to watch or listen to every single damn game every season. Go me!

6. I have never met a “dominate” on Second Life that I have liked. Ever. They all just piss me off. I’ve seen more people use it as an excuse to abuse the shit out of people. I’ve also seen people who use it as an excuse for their behavior giving others a bad name.  Nothing personal. You could be a nice person but everyone else I have run into have ruined it for you buddy. Their fake asses reflected on you. Their off base representation of “the lifestyle” is so fuckered it screwed you all.  I’m too ball busting to put up with anyones shit.

7.  I love wearing dresses on Second Life but you won’t see me wearing one in real life.  I am more comfortable in a pair of cargo shorts & t-shirt.

8. I am a large martini snob. Gin, Dry Vermouth, olive. TADA! Just let the vermouth quickly say hi to the gin. Maybe even just smell the gin. I’ve made a waitress at a martini bar cry because they failed horribly in the drink making department.

Yes. I’m proud of that. Do something.

9. I once heckled Mark McGrath when he was performing a free concert with Sugar Ray on the beach. I was in the front row & yelled “Give it up. You haven’t had a hit since the 90s!” Then I left. Even though it was free Sugar Ray still sucks.

10. I get id’d for smokes & booze weekly. Got ID’d this week & the lady behind the counter told me I looked like some lady named “Florence”. I do not look like a Florence

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Blogger Stick Toss

I was minding my own business when, out of virtually nowhere, I was smacked in the nugget by Carson Caiben. No, not literally smacked in the nugget because that would be all sorts of bad.

I may be short but I’m tough damn it!

I was tossed something called the “Blogger Stick” which I didn’t know was being passed around until a few minutes ago. I consume massive quantities of beer. I’m sticking to that excuse. Since Mr. Caiben is an awesome blogger of male SL fashions I had to do it.

The Rules:

1. Link the Person that tossed the stick

2. Answer the Questions

3. Toss the Stick to 5 different persons

4. Tell the persons you throw a stick at them

5. Ask 5 new Questions

Here are my answers to the questions asked:

1. Who’s your favorite Second Life Designer?

This is a hard one for me because I’m not the big Second Life fashion person. I do like Antonia Marat who owns Artilleri. I dig me some retro fashions.

2. Do you parallel park or drive around the block?

What is this “parallel park” thing you speak of?  I hate driving.  I will drive around the block, park a mile away, or just not bother going. Also the state I live in it is legal to for the passenger of the vehicle to drink a beer. So…with that said…why the hell would I drive at all? And what was the question again. I forgot. (Drinks another beer.)

3. If I wasn’t spending countless hours on SL, I’d be doing ….?

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Oh hell…who the fuck are we kidding. I would probably do something constructive like cure smelly hobo disease or turn my spare bedroom into a distillery.

4. When you aren’t blogging, What do you like doing in SL?

I like going to Prim Charades on Fridays as well as watching (or most recently participating) Giant Snail Racing. In all honesty I am a SL hermit who likes to collect the skulls unsuspecting residents then lick them to absorb their powers.

5. Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting?

I live in the country & am surrounded by cows. Do you know how hard it is to actually tip a cow over? Let alone avoid the big ass bull in the pasture that will gore your ass for touching his lady cows? Freaks…all of ya!

Here are my questions:

1. How did you end up on Second Life?

2. Name something you enjoy doing on Second Life that isn’t shopping related.

3. Who would win in a caged death match?  Eeyore or Winnie The Pooh?

4. What is your guilty virtual pleasure?

5.  Worst look you’ve ever sported on Second Life is…….

I am passing my five questions onto these wonderful bloggers:

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If you also would like to answer my funky questions then please feel free to in the comments.

“Tipsy” Cerulean