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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

Hi! How’s it going? How are the reindeer holding up this year? Are they ready for their long trip this year? Are the elves done making all of the toys? Has Mrs. Claus been baking a lot?


Dear Santa Claus

I’m just full of questions this year!

I’m not asking for a lot of things for myself this year. I don’t need them. I wouldn’t mind a stable grid & rolling restarts that don’t break SL. A statement from LL about what direction they plan on taking Second Life to insure a positive growth, stability, as well as addressing the downwards spiral of sims closing would also be a really nice present.

I ask that people start respecting each other a little more. Take the time to stop & smell the prim roses instead of rushing around in a shopping frenzy of epic L$ spending proportions. Maybe stop for a moment to visit exciting virtual places or learn new things so that maybe it will slow down the closing of so many wonderful places.


Go Sit On His Lap!

Mr. C.  Cow has been exceptionally good this year. He’s been working hard on his “Where In The Shire Is Mr. C. Cow Contest?” & I’m proud of him. He has finally learned that curtains are to hang on windows not to eat. Please bring him something special this year.  Don’t forget to bring a little something extra for “St.” Bishop who has worked hard on recording & editing all of the TOT podcasts. Without him many things would not be possible. I also ask that you please bring Jazz Paws everything they need to make their dreams come true for everyone! They deserve it!

And please bring Zayn da bunneh sims that want to behave.

Please bring the many individuals that I have met in Second Life something extra special this year. Something for the people who volunteer their own time to make other people’s virtual lives a little brighter. From the people who educate to the ones who are just there to answer questions. I know a lot of “Santa’s Helpers” this year & they deserve the best damn Wootmas you can give them.

Santa Loves Me!

Santa Loves Me!

I do ask you bring kindness & thoughtfulness to everyone who could use a little bit in their lives. Maybe a hug to those that could just use a hug. Or a nice positive word to those who only need them spoken to them. Some love to those that need love. If anything Mr. Santa I would rather see those who need receive more than those who just want the latest pair of prim shoes or mesh hair.

Good luck on your journey this year. May Rudolph lead your sleigh to bring joy to those who deserve a little joy this season. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – Do you really want cookies or can I just leave you a martini? I make a really good martini.

Where To Sit On Santa’s Lap:

Raglan Racing Area (G)

Hibiscus Hasting’s Gallery Of 19th Century Art (G)

Ocean Key Winter Wonderland (M)

Grid Royal With Cheese

Weekend! Wooo!

Now What?

I’ve gathered a list of a few things going on this weekend on good Ol’ Second Life so you can be completely lazy, drunk, & use the SLurls to your advantage. I’ve helped you out by not having to search for stuff. Gives you more time to make drinks.

I’ve said it before. I am a fluffy-haired ball of helping.

ZombiePopcorn Carnival (M)

I usually try not to throw in anything shopping related for stuff to do. I’m giving this carnival a pass for two reasons. I like ZombiePopcorn & the ideas they come up with. I also got to ride the Ferris Wheel around a few times. It’s a carnival so you might hit some lag when you visit at certain times. I had no problems & had a bit of fun riding rides around as well as hitting up the diner they have set up.  The ZombiePopcorn Carnival goes on until June 30th.

Hi Ferris Wheel!

Second Life’s 9th Birthday (G)

The Second Life Birthday bash continues on until June 27th. I’ve mentioned it already this week but I wanted to mention it again as the official date for the birthday is this Saturday June 23rd. Also the last day for entertainment is on the 24th. Get your party on & celebrate the fact that Second Life has lasted this long before it’s too late. You can get all of the information you need about the parties on their website.

Second Life Communities Coming Together.

Would like to point out that I found the Raglan Shire’s SLB9 exhibit for this year.

I Found You!!

Speaking of the Shire the Summer Of WOOT is still going on. Friday June 22nd at 5pm SLT is Prim Charades. Saturday at 5pm SLT you can find them spinning 80s night at the Paw & Whisker. You can visit their official website & check out their calendar of upcoming events.

Play That Funky Music Tiny Dog!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Dear Diary: Biggie Edition

June 2012

Dear Virtual Diary,

6 am: It takes me a few minutes to get up in the morning. The sun is barely peeking out from behind the prim clouds so early in the morning. My eyes don’t want to focus. I’m not blaming it on the tequila I drank last night. I just need to sit here for a moment before I get dressed.


7am: OK. I’m finally dressed. I have no weird headaches this morning so I was completely victorious over last nights tequila bender. What I need is a good breakfast before heading out to the office.

Wait! Did I just say breakfast?

I’m more of a cereal bar on the go kinda gal. Maybe the tequila did something to me. Or maybe I’ve just turned into a weird sitcom parody.

Crazy Cow Cereal! Breakfast Of Champions!

8am: It’s such a beautiful day out Diary. Strangely enough it’s almost always a beautiful day. It’s always sunny. It’s always bright. For some strange reason I feel that someone is pulling my strings. Forcing me to walk through the sunny forest. Suddenly changing the sky to make it look pink or purple.

Must have taken a a wrong turn at Albuquerque.


I think I’m going to take the long way to work today. To, you know, soak in some of the never-ending good weather we seem to always get.

9:30am: OK. So maybe I took the super long way to the office. I should probably feel guilty about this but I don’t. Virtually working for no one but yourself does have its perks. One of which is not having to deal with idiots. I have no time for them. Wait…now I’m just wasting time bitching.

Time to get to work Diary. I have so much to write today.

3pm: I’ve been writing all day. I completely skipped lunch but I’m just too damn tired to bother. I think I will sit on the office couch for a while & watch a bit of Second Life television. Then I’ll finish up my work

Chillin’ At My Office.

5pm: Fuck. I fell asleep on the couch. I need to quickly finish up the rest of my writing & get some dinner. Tonight I plan on behaving myself Diary. A nice quiet dinner then home to read a good book in bed. No alcohol. Just a nice glass of ice water & a well-behaved time at home.

7pm: FINALLY I get to go have some dinner. There is this new sushi restaurant that I have been meaning to check out.

A Quiet Prim Dinner.

It’s in a “shady” part of the grid that is strangely marked “Adult”. Suddenly it feels strange to me that we mark areas of land A, M, & G. I need to shake this weird puppet string feeling & eat something before I starve.

10pm: Hello wonderful Diary. Do you remember how I said I was going to behave myself, drink water, & just go home for the evening? Well…I didn’t. I’m sorry Diary.

I finished my dinner & kinda started wandering around this “Adult” area of town. There were quite a few “scary” looking bars with shady characters. I tried to pick the least scary looking one & blend into the wall next to the jukebox.

Hiding By The Jukebox.

I am thinking, oh kind Diary, that one drink won’t do any damage. One drink then I swear I will take the next teleport home. I’ll still read my book. Still drink a glass of something non-alcoholic. Go to bed at a decent hour.

2:30am: Diary…don’t yell at me. I swear I don’t know how I got to this point. Hell…I don’t remember the hours between Midnight & now. One minute I am chatting with a few nice avatars named “Buzz Saw” & “Barfing Betty” then the next minute I wake up with my head on a table. A really large hairy bartender screaming “LAST CALL” over my head.

The Night Is A Tad Bit Fuzzy.

I am heading home right now dearest Diary. Taking the next public teleport to my nice warm bed. Tomorrow is a new day Diary. I’ll start to behave then.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I wanted to try out something a little different. All of the photos were edited for creativity using Pixlr Grabber. The various locations for the photos were:

 The wake up & breakfast photos were taken at my own home.

My morning walk was taken at Sparrow Song (M)

 The office photo was actually taken at my own in-world office.

The sushi dinner photo was taken at Miau’s Sushi Bar/Restaurant (A)

The last two bar photos were taken at the Missing Mile (M)

Check out the Dear Diary: Tiny Edition.

Apocalypse Now?

We are once again back to the talk of the end of the virtual worlds as we know it.

The SLpocolypse!

Cue the doom music. 

This happens every so many months. We get a series of bad things that happen (drama, shit breaking or not working at all) & a stream of articles stating “The end is upon us!” crop up.

As of lately things have been pretty crappy. Sudden down times, maintenance that sometimes feels that more was broken then fixed, issues with sims not showing up in search.

Hell…it took me over two days to stop looking like a poof. No matter what I did I was a poof.

Grrrrrr Says The Poof Monster!

Hense the lack of articles this week. Being a poof makes it kinda hard to walk around when you can’t attach things on & could quite possibly be naked to everyone around you.

Ooops…forgot my pants. Couldn’t see them. My Bad!

So I thought I would just give a shout out to the “Second Life is closing” blog posts. the articles written slamming SL just to promote other open worlds, the avatar running around in circles screaming “Ahhh”……

Chill out baby! We good.

Just remember that nothing lasts forever. But we’ll have a fun ride till the end. And if drama (about or because of Second Life) or panic sets in on some people then it doesn’t really help anything now does it? Go outside & see something they call the sun. Take a deep breath.

Second Life is always breaking down. In all honesty we probably should go back to the weekly scheduled maintenance we use to have years ago. If you bitch about it being broke then bitch about it being down to be fixed when scheduled then what the hell do you want?

So everyone just calm down. Grab a beer & relax. It will be OK. We’re still here aren’t we?

I’m no longer a poof so things will be back to normal & I can go forth & do stuff now.

Yeah…umm…Normal..as if….MUAH HA HA HA! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

St. Patty’s Day Around The Grid

There are a LOT of St. Patty’s Day parties going on in Second Life all day. Lot’s of green. Lot’s of virtual beer drinking. I wandered around the grid early this morning & took some pictures of a few places that were decked out for St. Patrick’s Day this year.I plan on spending my Real Life St. Patty’s Day full of Irish beer & whiskey tonight. Have fun today everyone! (And be safe!!!)

Hehe...I like the hats!


Squeebee’s Mystery Science Theater





I Can't Reach The Phone!

The Pickled Pixie Pub


“Tipsy” Cerulean


Tiny St. Patties Day Dress: Colleen Moppet Dress – Lidl Auds Lidl Kisses

Tiny Hair: Pop Snap’n Rock Rockstar hair (modify) – Delight


Interaction & Mergers…An SL Story..

I wanted to talk briefly about the teen grid closing & accounts being moved over to the main grid. I know that there have been a LOT written & discussed about this change. I tend to stay away from the news aspect (as I’ve mentioned in the past) but as of late there has been news really worth mentioning. Even for a massive drunken writer as myself. I’ve thought about this & decided that I might as well throw my hat into the ring & give my personal opinion on the matter.

When I started SL I joined because I wanted adult interaction. Adult conversations & friendships in a virtual world. I’m over 18. It’s completely understandable that I would want to converse with those who are also over the age of 18. Personally, I feel that throwing people who are sixteen & seventeen into a virtual world that has always been for adults is not the best idea  in the world. I am not saying that many of them will not be well behaved, have problems on the main grid, or cause issues. I just don’t feel that it is a safe thing to do. If I was a parent of a teenager who was to be moved to the main grid I don’t think I would feel very comfortable with them interacting with adults, even if it was in a PG area. Kinda breaks all learned internet safety rules.

It’s not all about me (aren’t you amazed!!). I feel really bad for all of those under the age of 16 that will lose accounts due to this merger. I am also saddened for the missed opportunity of those who were not yet old enough to join & test out a virtual world environment. One that did not include a stuffed animal with an online code, a cartoon feeling websites attempt,  or a fantasy based chop wood kill dragons environment. The potential for learning, exploring, & using your computer in a different way will be lost.

I understand that there is MORE to the story (so many blog posts, articles, etc.) that I will have to kick myself in the ass & get around to reading. Hopefully everything will end up working out smoothly in the end.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

What to do when SL is down

I remember when Second Life use to have downtime every Wednesday. A friend & I would get on IM & discuss what we needed to do when Second Life would finally come back. We would browse the street (the SLX back then) & just plain bullshit about things. The Wednesday downtime wasn’t too bad (unless it went WAY over the estimated downtime). We were warned ahead of time. Apes would appear on the sign in screen informing us that they were “tinkering” with things. Wild nerd times baby.

Having SL downtime isn’t anything new to me. I’ve seen it break & get fixed hundreds of times. This is actually a first major downtime I can remember seeing in quite a while. But…things have changed. No more Wednesday scheduled downtime. It could force us into real life for a few hours when the grid decides to be naughty at any time. We do get some great “bugs” going on but that is a WHOLE different story.

So..I’ve had a few shots & beers…let’s get to the magic baby.  Things you can do when the grid is down:

1. Realize that the day has many more hours/cycles then Second Life. Marvel at the fact that we cannot change the tint of the sky or cloud cover. Cry a little bit into a hankie because we can’t.

2. When in doubt…just refill your booze & get another beer. Works for any and all situations. (At least in my mind it does.)

3. Go back to the origins of the internet & pay tribute to the founding fathers of the web. Yes…this involves porn.

4. Did I mention get more booze? Oh yeah..I did…umm….well…look up new & exciting shot recipes. Yeah..that works…

5. Actually leave house & go somewhere….NAH……that is INSANE!

6. Call your mother/father/grandma/grandpa/tax man/bank…Yeah..you know you’ve been slacking.

7.  Read. Yeah. I read. What’s it to ya?

8. Remove beer cans, shot glasses, bottle caps, & other crap from your desk. Make it look perdy.

9. Eat food. Not prim food. Real food.

10. We don’t want to get over ambitious. Peek outside & look at a tree. Then close curtain & think about what you just saw.

Remember…It’s not forever. It will come back. If you can’t survive then just do what I do. Cruise the Xstreet out of sheer boredom. With beer of course….