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Ghosts, Zombies, & October

When I first started to write today’s title I accidentally typed “Goats” instead of “Ghosts”. I am sorry to inform you that, if you are here for goats, there are none in today’s review. I’m sorry to disappoint all goat lovers around the world.

It’s October. Woo And Stuff!

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  It’s Fall flavored beer season, leaves turn pretty colors, and Halloween is on my top five favorite holidays list. All throughout the month I shall share the good (and the flat-out terrible) haunted places, costumes, decor, events, and so much more that goes on all month.

Let’s start out with a little place called Hell’s Corner (M) It is sponsored by DarkClaw Land Design and has its own tag line.

“Where the devil visited and demon’s play…what befell this land?”

Would You Like Fries With That?

Would You Like Fries With That?

I’m not one to knock haunted places sponsored by groups/stores/etc. It takes a lot of time and effort (as well as money) to put places together so more power to those that get a sponsor.  I do have to say, at no fault of the creator of Hell’s Corner but when will we get some new haunted house builds as well as new decor (Zombies/Spooks/Etc.)?  I know this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the month. I yell at decor and get frustrated walking through the same house (that happens to be the same house I’ve walked through last year. And the year before.) I’ll leave the screaming till at least a week into October and carry on with my review.

Breaths. Takes a sip of a martini. Pat’s Hell’s Corner on the head and tells it that it’s not its fault no one is designing new/good Halloween stuff.

Hey There!

Hey There!

This isn’t a bad visit if you’re looking to ease your way into the Halloween horror season. It’s got your scary house full of scary things. A church that makes you feel wonderfully wicked, as well as wandering around in the dark waiting to see if something tries to off you like some bad b movie. Maybe check out a carnival.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

OK. So it looks a tad bit evil and you could get eaten by a clown. What could possibly go wrong there?

I do recommend giving Hell’s Corner (M) a peek. Take some gross pictures of yourself doing horrible things. Maybe pray to the devil that someone will design something new and outstanding for Halloween so an honest theme builder can change the face of horror in Second Life.

Happy Start Of The Horror Season!
“Tipsy” (The Terror) Cerulean

Ghosts, Caves, & Teletubbies

During my excursion into the wild virtual world of hell for the sake of Halloween I decided to take Lil’ Announcer from the TOT along with me. We needed to a set of non-jaded eyes for opposite opinions sake. I would also like to point out that Lil’ Announcer gets scared from anything horrifying, has never seen a hardcore horror film, but really loves “Shawn Of The Dead”. Today we decided to visit NY’s Haunted House & Cave Ride (M).

Let us start with the Cave Ride.

Lil’ Announcer: The really scary faces that appear out of the blue during the entire ride scared the crap out of me. The sudden appearance of teletubbies in the middle of a haunted cave ride was over the top freakish. Nothing screams “Halloween” more than a teletubby.

Hopefully Those Tentacles Eat Them.

Hopefully Those Tentacles Eat Them.

Tipsy: I have to agree with the teletubby scare. There is nothing that can scare you more in this life than a person in a bear like costume with a television in its stomach. Also one of the “scary” faces that come at you looks like it has a penis for a nose. I’ve dubbed it Penis Nose McBloody Face. As for the rest of the ride I found it extremely boring. We get it. There are ghosts floating around & its suppose to be spooky. Now move on to something else. There really isn’t that much to see except for a lot of walls and….yes…more ghosts.

It's All Fun & Games Till Someone Loses Their Head.

It’s All Fun & Games Till Somebody Loses Their Head.

Now for the haunted house portion of our review.

Lil’ Announcer: In one of the rooms in the house there is a statue of Jason skewering someone. This scared the absolute poops out of me. The music they use for atmosphere freaked me out. It…freaked…me….out…. The house was just  full of bloody stuff. Swimming pool full of blood. Bloody bad guy. Bloody looking girl who needed a shower and maybe some deodorant.

Take A Shower Stinky.

Take A Shower Stinky.

Tipsy: Every house needs an outdoor fiery hell pool of blood & squishy bits.  I’m planning on building one myself for parties & sacrifices on the weekends.

We saw a lot of the same in haunted houses last year. Even the Jason skewering someone. I can understand that it’s hard to find things that not everyone is using when these aren’t bad items to freak people out with. Not everyone can build so sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got. I do have to say that the haunted house is kinda neat & overall worth a trip.

SLurl: NY’s Haunted House & Cave Ride (M)

Big thanks to Lil’ Announcer from the TOT for helping me out today. They’ll be back for another round of haunted houses later this month.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Greatest Ever?

There are a lot large claims in this world. Worlds best burger. Best band ever. Greatest show on Earth. Today might be the first time I have been to a place that claims to be the “The Greatest Halloween Ride in the World EVER! “.


The Haunted House – The Greatest Halloween Ride in the World EVER! (M) (Yes…that’s actually in the name..) does just that. It claims to be the best damn haunted ride you will ever ride on. I don’t think that it is the most awesome ride I’ve ever been on but it is a really great time.

The ride lasts about 10 minutes (It’s what the sign said. I didn’t actually time it myself) & runs through 12 different rooms. At first I wasn’t too excited over the ride because it ran me into a haunted house,  then down a hallway.

Looks Homely.

Looks Homely.

A hallway that ran me into giant super clowns with bad intent..yeah…hey big bad clown… Sorry. I went all “Aqualung” there for a moment.

After going through a few more areas I find myself on the surface of Mars. I find this to be curious because I don’t think I’ve ever actually gone to Mars on a haunted ride. At this point the ride becomes less of a typical horror ride & into a ride with an actually plot. LOVE IT!

This Can't Be Good.

This Can’t Be Good.

I don’t want to give the story away so I highly recommend you check out the Haunted House – The Greatest Halloween Ride In The World EVER! (M). It is open now through November 5th. Personally I don’t think it’s the greatest (I think that THIS RIDE is the greatest in SL) but it’s not a bad place to visit

“Tipsy” Cerulean

A Pickled Haunting

Today we’re going to visit a  lovely (Can you call a haunted house “lovely”?)  traditional haunted house called PIckled Spooky (M). I’ll be honest with you. I decided to visit this place because it had the word “Pickled” in it. Doesn’t scream “I am a horror blood filled house of death” as much as it makes me think of food & people who are drunk.

Despite the fact that I now have this weird urge to drink alcoholic beverages that are garnished with pickles this is a pretty eerie looking haunted house. I don’t think it’s the blood & ghosts that do it as much as the ambient noises, cries, & screams that ice the Halloween cake. (I’m stuck on food now.) Any holiday area can slap a few ghosts into a building but what makes a place is using the right background sounds as well as a story to go with the whole package. It’s the olive in the martini. It’s not the same unless you have that olive. (I’m also thirsty.)

I like this haunted house. It feels fresh. Fresh like a trip to the farmers market. 

OK. I’ll stop now.

When I first walked into the living room a voice whispered “Help Me” so, being slightly hungry & a tad bit thirsty thought that they wanted help in the kitchen. I don’t think that’s exactly what they were trying to say but I did have fun helping the cook out.

Kiss The Cooks

Kiss The Cooks

Every time I tried to take the picture the hanging corpse kept fuzzing out on me. Not the fault of Pickled Spooky. Totally the fault of SL itself. I’m at least happy that I got a great picture of myself with the cook. (Yes…he’s wearing a “Kiss The Cook” hat.)

I don’t want to ruin the background story or scares of this house so I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. Sometimes places with the strangest names will end up surprising you. I must say that Pickled Spooky (M) did just that.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurl: Pickled Spooky (M)

The meat costume that I am wearing I got last Halloween from the wonderful Clover Denzo from “Totally Tinies”. It is called “Tiny Bloody Butcher Lady”. There is also a mens version as well. (You can see a picture of Bishop wearing it last year HERE) Great place to find great things!

Tiny Horrors

The Raglan Shire has once again brought us their House Of Horrors (G) for their Shocktober celebration!

We've Got Munchies!

We’ve Got Munchies!

This is always my favorite haunted house in Second Life because it’s not overly horrifying so it’s friendly to everyone both big  & small. The thing that sets this haunted house apart from other haunted houses is the amount of work & creativity that goes into it from the members of the Shire community. From the details of the basement to the haunted hallways they always strive to bring a spooktacular scare in a fun & lighthearted manner.

Clowns Scare Me!

Clowns Scare Me!

This is a haunted house that is for avatars both biggie & tiny. I like this. It’s not like every other house on the grid that caters to those who choose to be human avatars. It has elements of fun, horror, & scares for all.

I'll Save You!

I’ll Save You!

Be sure to take your time wandering around as there is so much to see. You’ll find everything from a theater in the attic to a wonderful library.

Stop Flying So I Can Read You!

Stop Flying So I Can Read You!

The Raglan Shire Haunted House (G) is open to everyone till the end of Shocktober.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Darkwoods Scare

Last week I took down horror lane & remembered the Grim Babies & Orphanage. Today we’re going to take a look at a haunted house/orphanage that is ready for your need to find Halloween places in Second Life.

Darkwoods Orphanage (M) doesn’t exactly scream orphanage in my mind. Yes, it does have small beds in the bedrooms & old dirty toys strewn about but there really isn’t too much that screams “I am a really horrible orphanage”. It makes me think more of a family’s home that has gone, literally I guess, straight to hell. When I think of freakishly scary orphanage I think of the ghosts of the past, wicked caretakers, & gruel.

A sort of desperate blood soaked Oliver Twist.

The feel I get from the Darkwoods Orphanage borders more on the family who bought the wrong house & met their doom. MInus the lack of orphanage feel I get out of this place it isn’t half bad. It feels predictable with some of the same items you’ve seen in other haunted houses both this year & years gone (Killer Clowns, Mad Scientists In The Basement.) Pushing past that it does make a great place for creative Halloween photo taking.

Someone Needs To Clean The Bathroom.

Someone Needs To Clean The Bathroom.

As for the house build itself it’s one of the most popular homes I’ve seen used for haunted houses. I saw it numerous times last year & know that this won’t be the last time I see this build again this year. I don’t fault the use of this build because it is a spooky layout & well made. I would, however, like to see people start branching out & trying something new.

I Know This Place...

I Know This Place…

There are a few positives here. The place is well planned out with the furniture & decor. Like I said before you could visit this haunted house to take some creative photos. Nothing screams Halloween better than a good background. Darkwoods Orphanage  is worth a visit if you’re looking for a place to spend a small amount of time wandering around.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Trick Or Treat

I want to give the Second Life destination guide props today for actually showcasing an area that doesn’t suck. I’m not saying that all of their choices are bad ones. I’m just saying that sometimes some really horrible places like to pop up there on occasion.

The Haunted House At Silent (G) is one of those destination guide picks that is actually worth your time.  Set up in a realistic Halloween night setting it allows you to go door to door through a small neighborhood to collect your candy. I absolutely love this idea because it’s a step away from the ho-hum Halloween horror repeats we run into all over the grid. It also gives those who are into the whole RP family thing a chance to dress everyone up & have a virtual trick or treating experience.

I Hope They Have Good Candy!

If you’re not just satisfied with gathering your candy from the neighbors there is a house at the end of the street that no one dares knock at their door. It’s frightening to glance at & sends chills up your prim spine when you even consider seeing if they have any Halloween candy. It’s old. It looks haunted. It might have horrors beyond you imagination. Of course you have to check it out.

I Don’t Think I’m Hungry Anymore!

I’ve seen this haunted house building used in a few different Halloween areas of Second Life this year. The good part is that each one has decorated it completely different from the other. Although the room count & layout are the same they have at least distinguished themselves from other horror areas. The way they have decorated this haunted house is spot on with the scares one might think of when wandering into an old house when you should have stayed on the candy trail.

You’re Not The Regular Doctor!

I do recommend checking out the Haunted House At Silent. Even if there wasn’t a haunted house I would say this purely on the whole virtual trick or treating thing.  I have even considered taking a few people trick or treating there with me. It’s a brilliant idea & it’s a perfect place to dress up & take your whole virtual family.

Anyone Want To Trade Candy? I have a Tootsie Roll I can trade!

“Tipsy Ghost” Cerulean

I do want to share the Halloween costume I was wearing while doing the review. It was kinda hard to make out in the photos & I did promise more costume ideas.

XC Ghost Bride Avatar (Marketplace)

It is currently 99L for a limited time. I do not know how long this limited time will last. I like the avatar. It’s not bad. I do plan on using it again in the future. They also have a Ghost Groom for sale as well.

Scared To Death

After I visited the Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride (M) last week so I could write it was added to the Destination Guide. At first I thought to myself “Crap! I just spent all morning taking pictures & writing so I could review it!”. I came very close to just throwing out the whole review & moving on. Especially when it wasn’t a good review but it wasn’t a “This place majorly sucks” review. I decided “Why should I scrap it?”. So, with that said, you get a review on a place that was added to the destination guide, I didn’t waste an entire morning, & “Saint” Bishop gets to throw his two cents in on the place.

Win for just about everyone!

When you first teleport into the Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride (M) you find yourself standing in a typical haunted Second Life area. Scary noises followed up by scary looking items floating around. The outside of the ride isn’t what everyone comes for. It’s the ride itself.

This Doesn’t Look Sanitary!

Was It Actually Any Good?

Well…If you ask me it’s not that bad. It has your typical Freddy & Jason appearances. Your zombies & freaky sounds with a side of some sort of blood & gore.

Yes. I’m Back. Again.

You get into a pumpkin shaped car & just sit back & let the ride take you through various rooms of horror. I, personally, think the ride gets kinda of boring after a while. It feels so drawn out & long that I, despite the scares, just wanted to get off. An example of feeling that the ride itself was long was the area that was dedicated to the movie “Psycho“. I would like to say that it looked really nice. But I feel there was no need to slowly drive my pumpkin car past every single hotel room. I actually got up in real life & made a drink because I had the time.

I Wonder If I Can Borrow Some Sugar.

This is probably because I went solo. I am assuming that if you take a large group of people with you then it’s much more fun. 

Despite the fact that I felt the ride was long & many of the scares have been so overplayed in real life & virtual life there were a few good points that I would like to mention. It was interesting to see a haunted house do a “Blair Witch Project” ride by. They also took the time to add a LOT of scary movies to this ride.  And, although EVERYONE likes to use scary clowns in everything now I still liked yelling “Screw you evil clowns!” at my screen.

I Hate Clowns!

Bishop did a ride through & didn’t care for the whole thing. His reasoning is that it was long & some “spooky” elements have been so overplayed everywhere that it didn’t feel original. Someone needs to come up with some new material to freak us out.

I will give Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride (M)  a “do check out” if you don’t go for a solo ride. I think that having someone to talk to while the ride is going on is it’s saving grace. This is probably the reason why the cars are so large. It’s not a solo spooky visit.  Also there are some areas of the ride that are pretty interesting. If you’re not tired of Jason & Freddy yet then by all means do check them out.

“Tipsy-Zilla” Cerulean Capalini



Shocktober is now upon us at the Raglan Shire! Ghosts hungry for waffles, terror filled rides, & spooky things that tiptoe through the night.

As with anything in the shire it doesn’t matter if your small or big. Everyone is always welcome to partake in the festivities. I do want to mention that with the HUGE obsession with the mesh hamsters at the Arcade Gacha event this is the perfect place for you to use them. Gives you not only a reason to wear your hamster but a place where you are totally welcome to wear it. (And have some fun to boot.)

Thanks For Carrying Me Mr. Bones!

As usual the tinies of the Raglan Shire have outdone themselves again with this years Halloween “Shocktober” celebration. They have everything from the “Tiny Ride Of Horrors” to the “Haunted Carnival“. I am really digging this years haunted house. I’ve been chased by rats, spoken to by ghost clams, & traumatized by spiders. You can’t say it’s a good haunted house unless something traumatized you.

Tipsy Is Friend Not Food!

Besides the various areas to visit there will be live music performances, movies, parties, trick or treating, as well as other events happening all month-long. Be sure to check out the events calendar for more information & times.

If you are looking for Halloween freebies, decorations, costumes, & assorted scary things then there is an  area in the haunted house for all of your needs. Many of the items are free to low-priced so it won’t break you to pick up a few items. A lot of the items, like the Halloween hats, seem like they would work pretty good for those of you still on the hamster kick. I’ve picked up two different sets that I wanted to share with you.

The first picture is the INGZ Chinese Take Out Costume (149L)

Friends Don’t Leave Friends Dressed As Carry Out Alone!

I absolutely love this costume because it comes with the hat, take out box, & noodle that hangs out of your mouth. If you click on the hat it gives you a fortune. Not only do you have a costume that looks awesome it also ends up making you hungry if you stare at it too long. Hopefully no ghouls will try to eat you.

The second picture is that of the ((Hippo)) Candy Corn Costume & Headband (0L).

Can You Help Me Find My Way Out Mr. Scary Guy?

Nothing says “I really love candy corn! You don’t by any chance want to give me any do ya?” more than wearing this beauty. Once again you do run the risk of someone walking up & trying to nibble on you. Just look at them & say “Don’t eat  me even though I am delicious!”.

Both costumes as well as other items can be found in the special set up shopping area.

Remember that avatars big & small are always welcome to anything the Raglan Shire puts on. I highly recommend checking out this years Shocktober because it is really a lot of fun.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*I do recommend trying it out as a tiny so that you can interact with many of the items. Click HERE to find an avatar of your choice to wear. You can get a lot of free gestures & costumes at the shopping area if you just want to use it to explore. Being small is not needed but I always recommend trying it out (or at least wearing that mesh hamster) just to have a bit of shorter of stature fun.*

Elvis Lives?

I’m not into places that have the words “Mall & Games” in their name. It’s a huge turn off for me. It’s up there with horribly textured clubs & guys who can’t bring themselves to wear shirts on Second Life. With that said I decided to stop by a place called the Elvis Lives Haunted House (M) even though mall & game were both mentioned in their name.

In all honesty the only reason I decided to stop at was because I wanted to see if there was actually an undead Elvis running around. Maybe in blood spattered blue suede shoes shuffling around while saying “Thank you very much” in his Elvis-y voice.

Ahhhem! Have You Seen Undead Elvis Around?

Oh Come On! You know you would want to see that too!

Although I walked around the haunted house twice I never did see a dead Elvis shaking his hips around. Maybe I missed it. Even though my hopes were high on the sighting I still ended up being downright happy I took the change to visit this place.

When you first teleport in take note of the Elvis Lives Haunted House sign on the brick wall. There you will find a photo of undead Elvis just in case you really needed to get your fix. You can find out information about the haunted house as well as a hunt they currently have going on. The object you are looking for is a small orange & black pumpkin. I cannot tell you what the different hunt items are as I was not there for a hunt.

I made two visits to this haunted house. My first time I came as my tiny. Within the first minute I had a slight run in with an ax. Lucky for me my nugget was completely safe. My hat on the other hand did not survive. R.I.P. little Halloween hat.

Poor Little Hat!

This year has proven to be a wonderful year for virtual haunted houses. As it turns out this is one of the scariest movie themed haunted houses I have seen so far this year. In every room you found some sort of homage to a scary movie. It doesn’t have that “This movie is scary so I’ll just throw it in this room” feel. They took the time to try & properly freak you out while you walked around.

Dinner Is Served.

There are a few hidden areas that you shouldn’t miss. It’s not too difficult to find them as there are signs near them that kinda point you in the right direction.

She Was Just Trying To Nap!!!

My second visit proved to be extremely interesting when I decided to try & take a cool picture with my biggie avatar. This time around one of the people who run the place was there, in full costume, to try & freak people out. I thought this was a nice touch that reminded me of real life haunted houses. Sometimes you can’t rely on the decorations alone. Having someone in character as you are trying to wander around helps with the atmosphere.

They probably watched me trying various poses for about ten minutes before I wandered around & found one that would work for a photo. While I was trying to get a good angle they came down & posed next to me. I thought “Well..Hell…That’s pretty awesome!”. So I snapped my picture.

Just A Little Off The Top Please!

I must say that the Elvis Lives Haunted House (M) is worth a quick spooky visit. I do recommend going with a friend or two. Then you can always make them walk into danger first.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Walk Through Horror Doorways Alone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I want to also make a quick mention that the  Monster Gacha Festival (G) is currently happening in Second Life. It’s not a very large festival (A lot of empty carts) but I am mentioning it because it’s a good spot to stop & look for Halloween odds & ends. Also it’s cheap & you can’t go wrong with cheap for Halloween related items.  Especially since you only use them once a year.

Monster Gacha Items In Biggie Photo: 

Blue Blood – Teal – Draggy Dress

Kireri  – Ripped  Stockings

Evil Toast Is EVIL!

Kireri – Red Eyes

Monster Nom Shoulder Pet – In A Nutshell

The Unfortunate Hat That Got Hit With An Ax Was Purchased On The Marketplace For 10L. The Happy Hat Halloween.

*All Photos Were Taken Just Using Windlight. They were just cropped & “SLA Review” added to the photo except for the “Take A Little Of The Top” Photo. I Used PicMonkey To Make It Extra Spooky.*