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Halloween Maze Run

Today’s review is short and sweet because, sometimes, we don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in Second Life. Maybe we only have a few minutes to do something or talk to someone before real life reels us back in.

If you’re looking for a place that only took me about 8 minutes to run through then I suggest checking out the Bay City Halloween Hay Maze (G). 

Hi There!

Hi There!

It’s very simple and the decor is scarce (although I do think they hay bales themselves look pretty nice and the sounds are pretty good) but it’s good for a virtual resident who wants to get their Halloween on without spending an hour at one place.

All I can say for a place that took me 8 minutes to run all the way through is go and try the Bay City Halloween Hay Maze (G) yourself and see how long it takes you.

No cheating!

“Tipsy” (The Maze Runner) Cerulean

Ghosts, Zombies, & October

When I first started to write today’s title I accidentally typed “Goats” instead of “Ghosts”. I am sorry to inform you that, if you are here for goats, there are none in today’s review. I’m sorry to disappoint all goat lovers around the world.

It’s October. Woo And Stuff!

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  It’s Fall flavored beer season, leaves turn pretty colors, and Halloween is on my top five favorite holidays list. All throughout the month I shall share the good (and the flat-out terrible) haunted places, costumes, decor, events, and so much more that goes on all month.

Let’s start out with a little place called Hell’s Corner (M) It is sponsored by DarkClaw Land Design and has its own tag line.

“Where the devil visited and demon’s play…what befell this land?”

Would You Like Fries With That?

Would You Like Fries With That?

I’m not one to knock haunted places sponsored by groups/stores/etc. It takes a lot of time and effort (as well as money) to put places together so more power to those that get a sponsor.  I do have to say, at no fault of the creator of Hell’s Corner but when will we get some new haunted house builds as well as new decor (Zombies/Spooks/Etc.)?  I know this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the month. I yell at decor and get frustrated walking through the same house (that happens to be the same house I’ve walked through last year. And the year before.) I’ll leave the screaming till at least a week into October and carry on with my review.

Breaths. Takes a sip of a martini. Pat’s Hell’s Corner on the head and tells it that it’s not its fault no one is designing new/good Halloween stuff.

Hey There!

Hey There!

This isn’t a bad visit if you’re looking to ease your way into the Halloween horror season. It’s got your scary house full of scary things. A church that makes you feel wonderfully wicked, as well as wandering around in the dark waiting to see if something tries to off you like some bad b movie. Maybe check out a carnival.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

OK. So it looks a tad bit evil and you could get eaten by a clown. What could possibly go wrong there?

I do recommend giving Hell’s Corner (M) a peek. Take some gross pictures of yourself doing horrible things. Maybe pray to the devil that someone will design something new and outstanding for Halloween so an honest theme builder can change the face of horror in Second Life.

Happy Start Of The Horror Season!
“Tipsy” (The Terror) Cerulean

Haunted Or Horrid?

I wanted to like this place. I really did. There is so much to see & do so I really wanted to like this place.

I didn’t.

Haunted (M) looks promising when you read the description but starts to fall apart as soon as you visit the area out of many they have to offer. After visiting one area I was about ready to just leave as I wrote in my notes “This is the worst fucking haunted manor I have ever had the displeasure of walking into on Second Life!”. That didn’t exactly scream confidence in the rest of the place. Trying to be a positive person I decided that one small thing wouldn’t stop me from visiting all that Haunted had to offer. So…since I had to do it you have to read about it. Let me break down my thoughts on each area for your pleasure…displeasure…whatever

I will even throw in a highlighted positive for each one. I’m a giver.

The Creepy Carnival: One word really sums it up. Boring. I’ve been to many carnival of horrors before & I was just bored. The Murder Manor that sits atop a hill that is hard to walk up is the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever tried to visit.  You need to use mouselook if you want to try & get around corners. I am betting that it is harder for a regular sized avatar then my tiny one. This manor gave me that wonderful line “…displeasure of walking into on Second Life”. At this point I said “Fuck This” & left the carnival area ticked off that I had wasted my time on that stupid Murder Manor. Oh yeah…a positive..The entrance to the Carnival isn’t bad.

Damn Hill!

Damn Hill!

Haunted Playground: It’s a spine-chilling broken down playground complete with a Mayfair pole made with guts. A positive is that it’s small but not too bad if you want to take a guts break. Or slide down a slide. 

Looks Messy.

Looks Messy.

Haunted House: There is actually not a whole lot to say here. It’s small. There really isn’t anything in it. If you’ve been to another haunted house in Second Life this year (& probably last year) then you’ve seen all of the scary stuff in this one. One the positive side…umm…it has scary sounds.

Blood Beach: It’s small. I know that’s not a very exciting sentence but it’s small. You can get eaten by sand & plants. There is blood. A positive would be watching a zombie surf. 

Surfs Up Dude.

Surfs Up Dude.

Pet Cemetary: Not too much happening here. It’s eerie. The animals didn’t look dead but more like pissed off. A positive is that it made me wonder if this is where all of those crappy prim breeding animals go when they die.  

Voodoo Isle: I spent, maybe, a whole minute here. There are snake rezzers here with snakes that have a health meter. When they bite you they cause you to shoot up high into the air. Not exactly easy to walk around, look at anything, or even get into a building when you are constantly getting shot into the air. A positive…hmm…I like saying the word “Voodoo”.  

Pirate Bay: Small but it did actually have a few positive points. You could scuba dive to look at a ghost ship complete with a ghost shark. Walk into the pirate bar & kinda hang out. If you’re feeling saucy you could throw caution to the wind & say “Arrggg me matey” a lot.

Dungeon: Yet another small place that was a dungeon…and that’s about it. I guess it would work if you feel like hanging around like a piece of meat & moaning a lot. That could be fun. (That’s a positive….yes…works for me…)

Oh..I don’t want to forget to mention there is a…shopping area.

Overall I was disappointed in the time I spent there. I know that people take the time to plan out these things but sometimes you need to maybe concentrate on one theme instead of several. I just feel that  all of these ideas completely broke down into a jumbled failed mess. You can visit Haunted (M) if you want but I just have one word that sums up how I felt after spending the time there just to write about it.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

Grim Memories

While searching for haunted places to review in Second Life I ran into a few items that got me thinking about the old Grim Babies, The Sleepy Hollow Sim, & Their Fearsome Orphanage.

“What the fuck is she talking about?”

I’m talking about the horrifying tongue in cheek prim baby parody that existed years ago. They were prim babies that were part abusive part garbage pail kids-esque with a side of creative story flavor. Each baby you would, basically, abuse instead of take care of.

Let the GASP-ING begin.

They were horrifying little babies that were appalling, inappropriate, & flat out funny. Each baby came with a background story notecard & a warning that the babies are “TOYS not children. Abusing prims is funny abusing kids is not!”


Abuse is wrong. We don’t hurt people/animals big or small. If people can’t separate reality from dark humor then they need help.

In my opinion, the funniest thing was that the Lindens were pretty OK with them when they came out. A few of the Lindens even had their own dolls you could kick around. I think that was around the time where everyone actually had a good sense of humor.

The babies appeared in 2006 & the last I had seen of them was around 2010. Where they went I do not know. Accounts closed & people disappeared. Did they walk away from SL? Get kicked?  Did people cry over the whole doll idea? I do still have my Marquis de Sade doll that someone bought me for Christmas years ago. He comes with a great warning that informs me to keep him away from “anything phallic shaped”.

Ugly Little Bastard!

Ugly Little Bastard!

On top of the prim dark humor babies there was this deliciously scary & horrifying orphanage where you felt you were in some sort of sick version of every parentless childs nightmare. Blood on the walls, voices whispering in the dark, a kitchen that would not have passed health inspection laws. I miss this place because I have yet to find a sickening  horror area in Second Life that comes close to what they had achieved.

I do not know what happened to the Grim Babies or Orphanage. I would love to see someone bring back the dark humor & horror of Second Life again as successfully as they once did. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Apawcolypse Horrors

I want to say that these two virtual Halloween experiences are the most fun I’ve had while searching for scary, haunted areas. I also want to point out that both of them are tiny built BUT absolutely work for any avatar. Both big & small. The tinies know how to make great fun!  They are worth your time.

Once again the tinies of the Raglan Shire have outdone themselves with their two latest items for Shocktober. First up we have the Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) which just opened up this past weekend. I want to go on record by saying that this is, by far, the BEST DAMN Halloween/Horror ride I have found on Second Life this year. Virtual hands down. It’s interactive, extremely creative, very well done, & both big and tiny avatars can ride in the cars with no issue. It is also a great place to take your virtual family since it is a G area & not as flat-out violent as a lot of haunted SL areas.

Wafflezilla Vs. Giant Octopus!

I’ve gotten kinda tired of the usual “Oh No. It’s Jason killing campers…AGAIN…” feeling while wandering around Second Life. Yes…Freddy was in a zillion movies. He has sharp knife hand finger things. They’ve both fought each other in a movie together. We get it. The Tiny Ride Of Horrors gives you zero on the “OMG…I am so bored!” scale. From evil basement kitties to scary politics they have gone above & beyond in their creativity to bring you a unique experience for everyone.

Basement Kitty Is EVIL!

When you do go & visit The Tiny Ride Of Horrors be sure to have your volume turned up. Be sure to stop & listen to the voice when you first enter the mansion. Follow the directions.  It’s a big part of the experience & worth the time.

Today we get not one but two reviews!  Woo Hoo!

Next up I want to mention the Tiny Apawcolypse (M). The idea is simple. You get  missions, like finding water for the Apawcolypse survivors, & you go out into the zombie infested world to do it. When you return with the items you are rewarded with cool prizes then sent on your way to find something else.  It’s Second Life meets Left 4 Dead. You have your gun, your hud, & a LOT of zombies to take out in the process.

Where Did Your Legs Go Lady Zombie?

There are many zombie killing areas on Second Life. Some with a story & many without. I really enjoy the video game feel of the Tiny Apawcolypse. Having a purpose to run out into the scary world feels so much better than just going out there to “shoot stuff”. Your weapon & hud are completely free so there is no worry of needing something to take down zombies.

I do recommend checking out the Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) & The Apawcolypse (M) no matter if you are a large or small avatar. I also want to give a big thank you to everyone that worked so hard to put these two places together. You did an excellent job!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Halloween Trail 2012

Today starts the 6th Annual Halloween Trail at Aero Pines Park. I really enjoy biking through the park any time of the year but love their annual Halloween trail every year. You can’t go wrong with 9 regions filled with various horror areas with a nature hike in-between.

To maneuver around down the paths Aero Pines Park you could bike, fly a broom, hike it, or ride your horse. I even found an area where you could rez a jeep & just drive. I would make a comment on how much faster it would be to drive but my driving experience usually ends with me lagging into a lake over a sim crossing.

There is an INSANE amount of haunted areas to check out during your visit. Too many to list so I do recommend you grab a notecard during your visit if you are lazy & don’t want to walk to each place. Inside the notecard you’ll find landmarks to places like a haunted mansion, cemetery, & even a haunted prison.

I will share with you two areas that I found to be entertaining. The first is Thriller Alley behind the Awflle House. It’s not very big but it works great for a Halloween photo opportunity. Grab the “Thriller Dance Hud”, wear it, & just start dancing in an alley full of night creatures. I’m not a fan of MJ but it is kind a funny to dance behind a place called “The Awffle House”.

Shake That Thang!

The second area I visited was modeled after Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. If you’ve never seen the movie then I suggest checking it out. The area for The Birds is small but it does showcase the fact that birds can be really freaking scary in large enraged packs of winged DOOM. It might also scare the shit out of a few people I know who are horribly afraid of birds.

Caaa Caaaaawww!

The Aero Pines Halloween Trail never fails to disappoint. It runs from today through October 31st.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*Usually I would tell you if an area is M or G rated. This proves to be hard when writing about the entire Halloween trail as different areas have different ratings. Some areas are G while others are M rated.*

Clowns Are EVIL

Evil I Tells Ya!!

I hate clowns with a passion. From their stupid clown noses to their stupid clown feet. I cannot stand them.

What does one do when they hate clowns with a total passion? They go onto Second Life & freak themselves out by trying to find scary abandoned amusement parks. Full of clowns who have teeth.

Makes sense to me.

Whatever Mr. Sign!

Someone said to me “I know you hate clowns but why don’t you write about them anyways?”

I don’t wanna!

OK. Fine! I will! Mean People!

Carnevil (M)

When I first stopped in at this abandoned amusement park I decided to get my fortune told. According to the machine “You have the respect from those around you. Romance is favorable at this time. The color blue is strongly advised for you right now.”


I was disappointed as I really thought this was going to be some freakish horror carnival full of scary shit. Actually it’s mostly shopping. I did, however, see a dismembered noob avatar and some really nice girls selling seashells in a little stand.

What Nice Girls!

Carnival Of Carnivorous Clowns – The Funhouse Of Doom (M) 

I was actually hoping for a kick ass experience when it used the words “carnivorous” & “Doom”


I landed, of course, smack dab in the middle of carnival tents full of shopping.


I ended up lucking out because the  funhouse was directly in front of me when I rezzed in. I “lag walked” my way into the building where I was welcomed by a clown how told me to watch the stairs & the fact that “We all float.”


Can You Spot Me?

I was treated to swirling lights, freakish clowns, bouncing balls, blood, & great nightmare fuel clown faces.  Mazes that were black so I bumped into walls a few times. If you can actually make it through the various mazes the funhouse has to offer then you get some sort of “You survived” gift.

I’ve Named Him “Blinks The Evil Floating Clown Guru”.

Also, if you don’t mind being surrounded by shopping, there are a couple of rides scattered about.

Meh. Whatever.

After this trek through two different clown filled areas I gave up. I’m hoping to find a truly awesome horror abandoned carnival feel in the future on Second Life. A nice “Wow” factor would be nice. At the moment I just don’t want to stare at virtual clowns anymore.

I need a drink!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Searching By Dark

I was feeling in some sort of weird mood today. One of those ball stepping, kick some ass, maybe throw in a bucket of blood type of mood.

Weird Mood Tipsy Is Weird.

Strangely enough I’m not in a bad mood. I’m actually in a great mood. Awesome happy “LALALA! I’ve got gin & tonics!” mood. I think I just feel like mopping the floor with someones prim ass.

Today we are going to use the keyword “Dark” to find various places on Second Life to explore. When entering the word “Dark” in the places search I was able to find a G, M, & A place to mention. I also found some really great words thrown in with the word “Dark” to describe some other various random places.

Words Like: Lust, Haunted, Romance, Forced Sex, Kinky, Victorian, Goddess, & Love.

Romance? Forced Sex? Baby I’m feeling slightly romantic tonight. Let’s put on our Victorian outfits. I’ll call you Goddess while I force sex upon you in a haunted house. I know it sounds kinky but I love you baby.

OK. Maybe they are not all in one spot but you have to admit that would be one hell of a funky place to visit. I’ve selected a place for each maturity rating for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Bewitched – Haunted Dark Forest (G)

There really isn’t any rules or reason posted as to exactly what you are doing wandering around a haunted forest. Doesn’t really matter as the place is gorgeous! The first time I visited to take notes I came as my tiny bulldog. I was followed around by a new resident as I took a forest hike. I am not exactly sure why they were following me. I might have seen a weird “Ooooo puppy! Will she be my pet?” gleam in her prim eyes but I think that might have been just me.

The second time around I was all alone so it was easier to explore without someone trying to take you to the pound. There is nothing grotesque about this forest. It’s more of a magical feel with freakish eyes staring at you from the darkness. If you are into role-playing you could take a few friends into the forest for a bit of “Oh no! We are lost in a haunted forest” roleplaying. Maybe you’re not a huge Hansel & Gretel fan. If not you can always walk around alone to collect your thoughts, take beautiful pictures among the trees, or bring a date in an impressive “I will protect you sweetie!” move.

Please Don’t Eat Me Mr. Tree!

See! I’m looking out for all you playa’s out there!

I actually recommend giving this haunted forest a peek. No shopping, not gory, spooky in a fun way.

A Dark Fairies Dream (m)

The first two things I noted when I teleported in were the rules & the two shops. I am not a big fan of being assaulted by shopping on Second Life. Two shops I can deal with. Not being forced to trek through a mall to get to my destination is also something I can live with. As I used my camera controls to get a feel for the area I did notice one small mall-ish shopping area in the distance. Easy to avoid if you’re not looking to spend money on crap.

As for the rules they were simple by SL standards. No nudity or age play. Role playing is optional but you need to wear fantasy or medieval clothing if you do plan on roleplaying. No griefing/spamming/gestures/advertising. Be sure to follow the TOS. All of the usual rules you end up running into while exploring. If you are planning on role-playing but don’t have the outfit to do it then there are free outfits at the teleport.

Question: How many of you actually know what the TOS is? What it actually says?

Wee & Stuff!

If you have this urge to get your role play on then there are different groups you can join to get a tag depending on what type of character you are.

Faerie, Dark Fae, Mage, Wood Nymph, Vamps & Werewolves.

Where would a tiny bulldog in fairy wings fit in? Hmmm…..

I did notice that, if I was to walk into the elven forest, there is another set of rules on a bridge that I need to walk through before actually entering the forest. This isn’t the only time this happens. There are rules all over the place. This time they have added that they ask you not to fly but walk & explore.

Question: If you’re a fairy then wouldn’t you, technically, fly around?

I can understand the need for people to follow the rules but WOW. Holy overkill. How many times do I need to read them? I am actually assuming that they have probably had issues with people not following them in the past.

Hey. Your land. Your rules.

Dark Wishes – RLV Enabled BDSM Playground (A)

Guess we needed to make sure we fit everything into the name so there would be no confusion.

This doesn’t feel dark as much as it feels like land that had quite a few ideas then decided to use EVERY SINGLE idea.  We have a BDSM castle, a pony girl/boy stall, a pool next to the ocean.

A..umm..wait…a hut over the ocean that says “Aloha” on a sign above the entrance?

The land itself is pretty. The furniture in the castle looked like freebie furniture from 07. The people I ran into were wearing the worst looking leather sex outfits I have seen in quite some time.

Honey..white streaks that are supposed to be reflection on your outfit is not sexy. It looks like someone used a broken crayon to design it.

What am I suppose to say about a place that confuses me with its cages all over the place yet I can sit in the Aloha hut like I wasn’t surrounded by pony girls wandering by with a cart hooked to them.

Which reminds me..anyone wanna pull me around in a cart?

Two Pony Enter. One Pony Leave.

I don’t use RLV at all at any time so I can’t really comment on how the RLV traps work.

I’m just going to be honest. For a sex area that involves some pretty kinky stuff for the racks & cages crowd it sucks. It doesn’t feel dirty. With all of the different themes smashed into one area it feels weird. I guess it works if you want to get a quick prim tan on the beach while your sweetie is tied to a rack in the castle.

Have fun coming up with your own single keyword while searching through Second Life. You never know what you might encounter.

“Tipsy Cerulean”

(First photo was edited using Pixlr to show the funky mood I was in. The rest were just cropped & taken using various windlight settings..)

Is There Room Service Here?

The Falmouth Hotel reminds me of the various haunted hotels that pop up in movies & on television. Steven King wrote a book set in a hotel that was made into a movieDoctor Who found himself in a hotel that was actually a prison.  Lucio Fulci made a horror movie called “The Beyond” (also known as “The Seven Doors Of Death”) that was set in an old hotel that was NOT a place you wanted to walk into.

Like I said before, I am not going to discuss the song “Hotel California”. I really hate that song. Stupid Eagles.

Finding really well designed scary Second Life places has been a passion of mine for years. Which is kinda funny since I HATE scary places in real life. You won’t get me into a real life haunted house even if you bribed me with beer. I can buy my own beer thank you very much.

The Falmouth Hotel is not only scary in the movie haunted hotel sense but it was the perfect place to test out the free photo editing sites I mentioned last week. I wanted to take photos that screamed “I am a scary hotel based movie. Watch me damn it!”. I am not the greatest at this since I barely do anything to photos except crop them  it was still fun to go, look at the brilliantly scary hotel, & take funky photos.

I REALLY Should Start Listening To What Doors Tell Me.

When visiting the hotel be sure to check out every single room (Not all doors open. Just click to see if it does.) Each room is slightly unique so you will have no problem either virtually freaking yourself out or finding a place to take spooky SL photos. I don’t want to ruin too much of it for everyone because not knowing is important. I do, however, want to tell you to make sure you try both elevators. If you don’t then you’ll miss out on some stuff.

Someone Forgot To Feed The Bed This Morning.

Since this hotel is so well designed, from the items in it as well as the layout, it is no surprise that it is actually owned by a Linden. Yes….it actually is! There are a lot of extremely talented Lindens out there that are both friendly AND extremely creative. It is owned by Michael Linden who happens to be a tiny little mole in world. “Head Mole” to be exact. He also owns “Mole Mart” in-world as well. (There are a lot of freebies at the Mole Mart for those that are freebie chasers or new to Second Life.)

Drinking Buddies.

I highly recommend spending a few minutes in the hotel bar for a drink or two. The company is most excellent. Also, for those who enjoy free stuff, I did end up with two free items (That are not crap mind you.) while wandering around.

Good Luck With Your Stay At The Falmouth Hotel.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Halloween Virtual Style

I have two interesting Halloween places to discuss today that will help you get your spooky weekend on. Halloween is only a few days away & you can’t ignore all of the great places to visit to get you into the spirit of the holiday. I went with the easiest word, Halloween, to find these two places in search just to show that it’s a piece of pumpkin pie (See what I did there? Instead of cake I said pumpkin pie. Get it? Get it? Nevermind.) to get your ghosts & goblin on.

Halloween Town (Mature)

Halloween Town is modeled after the great movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I really dig this movie so naturally I thought I would give it a spin. The area itself is really small. Worth a peek if you dig the movie but still very small. I give an A for prim effort on this one. You can wander around & peek at various little shops selling Halloween related items. In one small shopping area I did find something called “Skeleton Sex Series” for 1500L. Ummm…what? OK. If you’ve always wanted something that involves “Skeleton” & Sex in one package then I guess that’s the box for you. There are also other various items like tombstones, pumpkins, evil clowns.

I hate clowns.

There is a sign when you start walking around that has your rules of the sim. No selling stuff, harassing, asking for Lindens. Don’t pretend to be the sim owners. The usual. The sim itself is open for you to rez items as long as you pick up after yourself. Pretty awesome if you want to check out your scary purchases. I do have to say that the sim does remind me of “Nightmare Before Christmas.”.

Halloween Trail (G)

I have written about the Aero Pine Park & Recreation Area in the past. This is one of my favorite park related areas of Second Life that I enjoy virtually riding my bicycle around. The above SLurl will take you to the hilltop crematorium where you can get your body burning on. I recommend bringing your friends with you if you are into playing dead. (Get it…creamatorium…playing dead…Nevermind…)

Replacing Blood With Booze Just Got Easier!

The entire park has been set up as a Halloween trail. There are various areas like “Cannibal Island” & “The Chop Shop” for you to explore as well as an events area & Halloween shop. To get a map of the park as well as landmarks to various hauntings then go downstairs from the crematorium into the bike shop. There you will find a map for sale for 0L. The landmarks come in handy if you just want to teleport to each of the areas. I, personally, think you will have more fun if you either walk the trails or bike them to each destination. If you don’t have a bicycle to ride then you can find one HERE. They are currently selling a Halloween trail bike for 50 Lindens.

Don’t expect to do the whole park in a few minutes. Make sure you can spend some time at the park to really experience everything they have to offer.  This is time well spent if you are looking for a few hours of Second Life Halloween fun.

The 5th Annual Halloween Trail will be up until November 6th. It’s worth your time to come.

Have You Recycled A Bad Avie Today?

Have A Wonderfully Scary SL Weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean