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St. Paddy’s Day 2015

I’m a couple of hours early this year saying this but better early than not at all. Or whatever.

I wanted to start out by wishing everyone a wonderfully shamrock-y, possibly green liquor filled, “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, St. Paddy’s Day.


Yes…I said St. Patty’s Day in the picture. To those who grammar attacked me right when I posted this. Go fuck yourself. With a shamrock if you’re so inclined.

Back to what I was saying…..

Mr. C. Cow and I have nothing majorly planned for this years drink lots o’ things holiday. We plan on hanging out in my virtual front yard and working on things I need to work on. I know. We’re so exciting! But…as you can see from the picture we do own a still so suck it sobriety!

Someone needs to make me a real life shirt that says “Suck It Sobriety!”

As for real life it’s a freakin’ Tuesday. Blah. Tuesday. Bishop has to work. I have my work that I have to do. It will be 80 degrees out so I might say screw it and take my work to the lake. Nothing makes you feel better about doing shit then doing it next to a body of water out in the sun.

I do have a bottle of nice Irish whiskey that I do plan on drinking a bit of in honor of my Irish roots. Do you REALLY think I would miss an opportunity to drink that is sorta socially acceptable? Of course not silly people!

Also…I just like whiskey. Don’t need a holiday to drink it but damn it I have an excuse on a Tuesday.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful green wearing, binge drinking, possibly kissing people who are pretending to be Irish, as much fun as one can have on a Tuesday!

Don’t be idiots! Stay Safe!

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Ghosts, Zombies, & October

When I first started to write today’s title I accidentally typed “Goats” instead of “Ghosts”. I am sorry to inform you that, if you are here for goats, there are none in today’s review. I’m sorry to disappoint all goat lovers around the world.

It’s October. Woo And Stuff!

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  It’s Fall flavored beer season, leaves turn pretty colors, and Halloween is on my top five favorite holidays list. All throughout the month I shall share the good (and the flat-out terrible) haunted places, costumes, decor, events, and so much more that goes on all month.

Let’s start out with a little place called Hell’s Corner (M) It is sponsored by DarkClaw Land Design and has its own tag line.

“Where the devil visited and demon’s play…what befell this land?”

Would You Like Fries With That?

Would You Like Fries With That?

I’m not one to knock haunted places sponsored by groups/stores/etc. It takes a lot of time and effort (as well as money) to put places together so more power to those that get a sponsor.  I do have to say, at no fault of the creator of Hell’s Corner but when will we get some new haunted house builds as well as new decor (Zombies/Spooks/Etc.)?  I know this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the month. I yell at decor and get frustrated walking through the same house (that happens to be the same house I’ve walked through last year. And the year before.) I’ll leave the screaming till at least a week into October and carry on with my review.

Breaths. Takes a sip of a martini. Pat’s Hell’s Corner on the head and tells it that it’s not its fault no one is designing new/good Halloween stuff.

Hey There!

Hey There!

This isn’t a bad visit if you’re looking to ease your way into the Halloween horror season. It’s got your scary house full of scary things. A church that makes you feel wonderfully wicked, as well as wandering around in the dark waiting to see if something tries to off you like some bad b movie. Maybe check out a carnival.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

Wonder How Many Safety Violations They Have.

OK. So it looks a tad bit evil and you could get eaten by a clown. What could possibly go wrong there?

I do recommend giving Hell’s Corner (M) a peek. Take some gross pictures of yourself doing horrible things. Maybe pray to the devil that someone will design something new and outstanding for Halloween so an honest theme builder can change the face of horror in Second Life.

Happy Start Of The Horror Season!
“Tipsy” (The Terror) Cerulean

Love Rollercoaster

You know that I only named this article “Love Rollercoaster” so you would get THIS SONG stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.

February is almost upon us and it’s suppose to be the month of love with the whole Valentine’s Day “Give Me Candy! Give Me Flowers! WHERE THE HELL IS MY ROMANTIC CARD ASSHOLE!!” thing. To celebrate this strange thing we like to call “love” I thought we would officially name the month of February “You didn’t go to Jared? You suck at love!” month.

I’m joking.

Let’s throw the commercialized “buy my love” crap to the side and officially name the month of February “Love Month”. Simple name. Simple concept. For the entire month I’ll be sprinkling different articles that involve the word “Love”.  They will involve all different aspects of love. From places that involve love to thoughts on things I love. Let me ponder what I love.


What do I love? I love my family. I love my friends. I love Mr. C. Cow. I love porn. I love ripping apart the things that annoy me.  Yup…it’s going to be one of THOSE types of months.

Here’s To Looking Ahead To “Love Month” February. 

“Tipsy” (I went with the croissant for breakfast) Cerulean

SLA Review Awards 2013

Every year before New Years I come up with an awards list of the best (& worst) things that I’ve seen in Second Life. It beats any other awards you’ll see about Second Life because it doesn’t involve elite crap or SLebutards. I will be your host for the award ceremonies. Thank you. Thank you.


So…without further ado…feel free to clap…

The SLA Review Awards 2013!!

Worst Search Results From The SL Marketplace: This award has to go to the keyword search “hat”. While searching for a hat it gave me an S&M outfit. Made out of nothing but straps. There were not hats included.

Strangest Zombie Sighting: This one goes to the zombies I happened upon that were in a fishing contest pond. They didn’t look just menacing. They looked waterlogged & menacing.


Biggest Panic Of 2013: This definitely has to go to the change in TOS. The sweeping change to who owns the content that is created in-world has led to an exodus of creators. Speculation, conspiracy, residents possibly building foil hats to avoid their brain waves being subjected to a TOS change. You get the picture.

Random Flash Mob Moment: One day, out of the blue, a Anime Furry Stage Show Spectacular just popped up in the Raglan Shire. No one knew who they were. They just rezzed a stage & started dancing.


Best Second Life Community: Come on. You knew I would have to give this one to the tinies of the Raglan Shire. Throughout the years I’ve been involved with many groups/communities/whatevers & the Shire has always been the one who has had the kindest most helpful of all communities I’ve ever visited. Keep it up for 2014.

Biggest Shopping Event That Makes People “Have A Dumb”: This has to go to The ArcadeThis gacha shopping event is hard to get in as hordes of people attempt to all go at one time. Those that can’t get in attempt to cam around from sims that border it. It has spawned numerous garage sales where people get crazed to sell their extras (sometimes cheaper sometimes WAY MORE expensive then purchase price) just to be able to go and buy more. I love Arcade but you crazed shopping people are NUTS!

 Tipsy Haz A Sad Award: This goes to half of my inventory disappearing. Before you go into the whole “Did you clear this or did you clean install that?” speech I KNOW THIS ALREADY. It ended up taking me a few clean installs. Clearing of caches. Praying to the gods of inventory & giving at the office for it to finally come back five days ago.


Best SLupidity To Make Fun Of: This award clearly goes to the avatars who have GIANT BUTTS as well as SUPER BUTT CRACKS. You can have your hoochie momma. You can have your ghetto underwear showing but damn it if you cannot go wrong with a great stupid butt picture. Butts are comedy gold.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the couple of awards I have decided to hand out this year. There are so many others I could give out (Worst Look, Best Nature Area) but I want to save them for 2014 where they will get their own articles. Also filled with a fiery rage of awesome writing anger so we’ll be sure to put more of that out in 2014. Rage writing is usually mean & comically awesome. I love meanly comical.

Have A Safe & Awesome New Years Eve! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Merry Wootmas!

Merry Wootmas From All Of Us!


All Of Us At The SLA Review (And Tinies On Tape) Want To Wish You A  Happy Holiday, Merry Wootmas, Merry Christmas, Day Off Of Work, Day You Can Drink A Beer At 9am Because It’s A Holiday….

Did I Miss Anything?

Whatever you do today we hope you have a great time doing it (and are safe if you’re driving around…or you start drinking beer at 9am).

Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos Taken At:

One Christmas Night

Old Europe Winter Village

Raglan Shire

Mr. C. Cow: A Holiday Story

Once upon a time there was a little cow named Mr. C. Cow.

The “C” stood for “Christmas & this cow loved getting presents. There was one small problem with this little cow & the holidays. Mr. C. Cow wasn’t a very thoughtful mooing kinda animal. He was too selfishly to care about anyone else. He didn’t stop to think about others but only dreamed of the ultimate motherload of holiday booty.


His selfishness didn’t stop there. Mr. C. Cow wouldn’t clean his room when asked. He would knock over garbage cans in my living room. When he saw a woman who dropped her packages while shopping Mr. C. Cow didn’t stop to help. He was too busy thinking about only himself.


Little did he know that Santa Claus was watching all of this.


Santa was making his list. He was checking it twice. He knew that Mr. C. Cow was super naughty & not very nice. Santa thought long and hard about how he was going to make Mr. C. Cow understand that the holidays weren’t about getting presents. It was about being nice. Caring about others.

Not being so damn selfish.

Santa felt bad about saying the word “Damn” when thinking about Mr. C. Cow so he washed his mouth out with soap.


One Christmas Eve Santa decided the best way to show Mr. C. Cow the error of his bad cow ways. Santa showed him a world without people who cared. A world full of selfishness. A world without love for one another.


Mr. Christmas Cow cried big fat bovine tears. He didn’t realize that a world filled with others who were as selfish as him wasn’t filled with love & joy. Mr. C. Cow started to mend the errors of his ways. He started helping others when they needed help. Giving presents to those in need. Mr. C. Cow even helped a that clumsy lady the next time she dropped her packages.

Mr. C. Cow had learned an important that Christmas Eve. Presents are just things. Love & kindness are what’s important.

Thanks You Mr. C. Cow For The Story!

Thanks You Mr. C. Cow For The Story!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Information & SLurls To Picture Locations:

Photos were edited using PicMonkey & Pixlr

Messy Mr. C. Cow Photo Taken At My Personal Home

Santa Watching Taken In The Raglan Shire

Mr. C. Cow With Christmas Tree & Santa With Soap In Mouth Both Taken At The SLA/TOT Office

World Without Love Picture Taken At Innsmouth

Cows, Monkeys, & Christmas

Tis the season to make holiday greeting cards. I am feeling super lazy this year  & don’t feel like mailing out cards to people. I will send people cards in Second Life because it’s fun to do. In real life I’m all “Blah..I don’t want to put stamps on stuff.” Or “My hand is cramping from writing names.”.

I’m not being all bah humbug on everyone this year. I just really don’t feel like it. No offense. I still care & shit. Mucho love people!

If you’re looking for a way to make a virtual greeting card this year to print & mail or even to use as a texture in Second Life then I recommend using PicMonkey. I’ve recommended them multiple times in the past & I still use it for things like collages or greeting cards. They offer a paid service but you can get alone just fine with the real one.

I’ll give you an example of what you can do with a photo in PicMonkey using the most awesome of cows…Mr. C (C stands for Christmas by the way) Cow.


They have seasonal offerings for decorating your photo that include such great classics as a Santa beard or hat. I decided to add an elf hat, presents, & candy cane border along with the wording. The stockings make it extra festive.

Using PicMonkey is super easy when you’re trying to make a holiday photo without the worry of needing a degree in photo editing. They get my stamp of holiday approval for making virtual greeting cards for your friends.

I’ll be back later on this month with another program you can use to make your ho ho ho cards later on this month.

Happy Card Making!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Oh Deer!

While I was visiting Christmas Village (M) I happened upon a deer who was stuck halfway in a snowman.

Well That's Just Weird!

Well That’s Just Weird!

I started to wonder if there was a fight involved. Rudolph called Frosty some names. Frosty got angry & maybe threw his hat down. Rudolph tried kicking him while Frosty was getting ready to throw his carrot nose. Things got ugly then they kinda ended up morphed into each other.

That’s probably not exactly what happened but they were stuck together when I visited. I’m thinking it’s a decorating accident or they were in the middle of moving things around.

What was the point of this review? Oh yes…to actually review Christmas Village (M). It’s more of a holidays meets a small amusement park with a palm tree border surrounding it all. You’ve got your Santa. You’ve got your ice skating rink. You’ve got your roller coaster. It’s pretty much a tiny place with Santa that gives you carny rides.

Oh…and a nice Santa’s workshop that you can’t go in.

No Entry!

No Entry!

All in all Christmas Village (M) is good if you need a place that is kid friendly that doesn’t just involve snow & ice skating. If you’re feeling brave & don’t worry about virtual ice build up on a prim mechanical roller coaster then be my guest.

Hopefully Frosty & Rudolph aren’t stuck together anymore.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

10 Things You Can Do As An Ice-Cube

Liandras Jameson of Cirrus Design came out with a free ice-cube that you can wear on a tiny for Winterfest this year.


I was so insanely inspired by the various things one could do while wearing an ice-cube in Second Life that I decided to come up with the top ten best things one can do as an ice-cube.

Frozen Drum Roll Please…….

1. Play “Titanic” – All you need is your ice-cube, a boat, someone to scream “Iceberg Ahead!”, & water. Tada!


2. Pretend you’re not actually wearing an ice-cube & walk around various public areas. Will they look at you? Will they mention that you’re frozen in an ice-cube? It’s a great social experiment! 

3. Scream “I’M MELTING!!” while next to a fire.


4. Find a Snow Queen then challenge her for her crown. You are, after all, an ice-cube.

5. Try to blend in with a holiday scene. 

6. Find a frozen pond, preferably one that is near a landing point, & pretend to be frozen into the pond. Mumbling “Hello” & “I’m stuck!” is a good idea.

7. Since you’re an ice-cube the only natural thing to do is to be that special ice-cube in A HUGE DRINK!!


8. Hang out with snowmen of questionable morals.


9. Stand in a natural history museum  & pretend that you’re a part of the exhibit. If you have a cave man/woman outfit then you’ll fit in even better.


10. When all else fails pretend to be an unfinished ice sculpture. Or you can pretend that your ice sculpture is “abstract”.

Thank you Liandras for the awesome ice-cube! You inspired me!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Clothing As Well As Hat/Scarf/Ice-Cube/HUGE Drink Made By Cirrus Design. Be sure to check them out!

You Can Pick Up A Giant Ice-Cube In The Raglan Shire Right HERE.

SLurl’s To Photo Locations:

Raglan Shire (G)

Tinies On Tape/SLA Review Office (G)

Gallery Of Questionable Snowpeople (M)

Nargus Lab:: Dinosaurs Park (M)

TOT Podcast About Winterfest

Winterfest 2013

Winterfest 2013 has hit the Raglan Shire in a ball of snow, fun, & holiday what-nots. The first thing that came to mind this year when Mount Waffle was erected in the middle of the Shire was that I needed to grab my snow shovel & make all pathways clear for Second Life residents.



After a few hours of toiling over the never-ending prim snow I realized that Winterfest wasn’t about making the paths clear for others to travel. (Although I still say “Safety First!!”.) Winterfest is all about Wootmas.

What’s Wootmas? Is it like Christmas? 

Well…yeah…but instead of just having snow & jingle bells “Wootmas” brings Wootmas Caroling, Sekret Santa, holiday togetherness & lots of parties. You can’t have the holidays unless you put a little “Woot” into it.

It’s about rolling down Mount Waffle in a giant ice ball. Riding the ski lift up to the top just to decide if you want to play it safe or take the “Jackrabbits Peril” trail (Which is clearly marked “steep & scary snow path”.) Playing a game of “frootcake” after you just ice skated around the hockey rink. Gifts under the tree from residents & shop owners alike. Warming yourself by the fire after a hard days shoveling.

Warming Up Over An Open Marshmallow Fire.

Warming Up Over An Open Marshmallow Fire.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about then you just need to go to, enjoy Winterfest, & only then will you know exactly what “Wootmas” really is.

Every year Winterfest in the Raglan Shire brings together a community that works really hard to just have a bit of fun. How can you not want to visit & see it for yourself?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Important SLurls & Information About Winterfest 2013:

SLurl To The Raglan Shire

Shires Calendar Of Events For All Of The Winterfest Events

Tinies On Tape Podcast On This Years Winterfest

Raglan Shire Website