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Enjoying The Olympics In Second Life

The Summer Olympics are currently going on & I have actually taken the time to watch a few of the events. I’ve seen some gymnastics, water polo, & swimming among other various sports I’ve caught while at the local sports bar. Must say that I do not know how to swim so thumbs up to those doing various things in water.

I Can Float!

Now is a great time to find various places in Second Life that are celebrating the Olympics. Here is a list of a few  sims that are currently rolling out the gold, silver, & bronze of olympic fever. Take the time to check them out as well as searching to see what you can find in our little world.

1. London City (M) 

Virtually Attending The Olympics!

2. Misty Acres (G)

Oooo Fireworks!

Boystown/Gay Community (A) 

Nice Stadium Build!

The worst part of searching is the fact that you will end up finding a LOT of places that will use the word “Olympic” to try to draw people into their place of business. When searching be sure to take the time to weed out the places that really do not offer you what you are searching for. Personally I feel it is just cheesy to use a keyword that doesn’t even remotely have anything to do with your place. These places I took pictures at were nice enough to actually have something Olympic related.

Good job!

Although most of us cannot be there in person to see the various olympic events you can always watch the olympics & celebrate them in Second Life (As well as watch events in-world at various places). Be sure to also search for various olympic events in the events search as well as check times at these places for special olympic related events.

Have Fun!

Getting Ready To Watch More Sports!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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