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Halloween Maze Run

Today’s review is short and sweet because, sometimes, we don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in Second Life. Maybe we only have a few minutes to do something or talk to someone before real life reels us back in.

If you’re looking for a place that only took me about 8 minutes to run through then I suggest checking out the Bay City Halloween Hay Maze (G). 

Hi There!

Hi There!

It’s very simple and the decor is scarce (although I do think they hay bales themselves look pretty nice and the sounds are pretty good) but it’s good for a virtual resident who wants to get their Halloween on without spending an hour at one place.

All I can say for a place that took me 8 minutes to run all the way through is go and try the Bay City Halloween Hay Maze (G) yourself and see how long it takes you.

No cheating!

“Tipsy” (The Maze Runner) Cerulean


Spooky Short & Sweet

Today I thought I would give you a few quick blips from the Halloween radar. They are all very small places & your visits don’t take very long. Not such a bad thing when you don’t have a lot of time to wander about.

For each one I am going to give you a brief description followed by a positive & negative.  Then you can decide if a quick trip is worth your time!


1. Misty Acres (G) – Family Friendly Amusement Park

Positive: It is a very nice family friendly amusement park that goes all out for every holiday that comes along.

Negative: It is really laggy. This could be just me but I always have lag issues because of all of the stuff/scripts/etc. going on.

2. Steelhead Nevermoor Hedge Maze Harvest Festival (M) – Steelhead Nevermoor currently has a hedge maze/festival going on for the season. 

I Prefer My Doom To Be Certain.

Positive: It is a very pretty area of our little virtual world. It feels like it would be a great place to take photos.

Negative: There are anywhere doors throughout the maze that left me feeling all “Meh!” & the place doesn’t feel festive to me.

3. Zombie Nightmare & Halloween Spookfest (M) – Lot’s of spooky items & zombies stuffed into a small slice of Second Life. 

Fences Keep The Monsters Away.

Positive: If you want a no themed zombie shoot out with a slice of fog & sound effects then this works for you. It’s a quick shoot stuff & go kinda place.

Negative: Some of the items feel dated.

4. Surreal Fall Festival (G) – Through October 31st.

Positive: There are a lot of carnival rides, Hell Hotel Ride, & a paintball area to check out during your visit.

Negative: Of course there is a LOT of shopping. If you’re not into wandering past tents filled with shopping then you’re out of luck.

I also wanted to share the Halloween costume I am wearing today. Today I am actually dressed as a Halloween Cupcake.

I’m Frosted!

I got the Tiny Cupcake Avatar – Hallowe’een from the SL Marketplace. Not only is it a really cute Halloween costume idea it also makes you look delicious.  The entire avatar is only 55L so it’s great if you do a lot of costume changes like I do throughout the season.

“Tipsy The Tasty Cupcake Terror” Cerulean