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Playground Love


Picnics. Swimming. Hiking. Playing on the playground. Those are the things I think of when the word “Summertime” is used. It’s been WAY too hot to even consider hunting down a nice playground to take a whirl on the swings. It’s been too hot to slide down a metal slide or even think about leaving the cool comforts of air conditioning. I’m not going to even think about picnicing outside with this heat.

This is where Second Life comes into play. Although a virtual playground or picnic is not a suitable substitute for real life outdoor fun & exercise we can at least have some sort of fun till we can have the real deal.

Swings rock by the way.

I had to weed through the adult playgrounds, basic sex areas, AND one place that informed me they were a “Pee & Scat” playground. (Ewww!) I even found one place that said they were “Family Friendly” yet they listed spanking & sex related words in their search.

What the fuck people. What. The. Fuck.

Finding a playground that makes you think of something you would happen upon at a park is not an easy thing to do. Especially when you try to weed through the shopping centers. What we are trying to go for here is a swing/slide traditional playground here. A place to picnic with friends. Not something that involves “pee” damn it.

I did, fortunately,  find a two areas that gave you the feel of a real life playground minus the searing heat & bugs.  A picnic without the whole “ants touched my buns! (hehe buns) debacle. Let’s get right to the fun.

1. Northbrook Park (G)

A small park that is set up with a nice picnic area as well as volley ball & a small playground. The circle where the playground itself is located is surrounded by a set of small shop buildings that have yet to be rented. (Guess this would make a great plug for those in the family friendly industry & looking for space.)

Beyond the playground & shop buildings is an area that looks like a miniature carnival. Games, rides, as well as a sign I happened to notice that would rez a big wheels for someone to ride around.

Wee & Stuff!

You know I’m not big on the shopping but, for a small park, the picnic area wasn’t too shabby. Neither was the swing set.

2. The Pond (G)

The only thing search told me about this place before I came was that there was a pond. I ended up being really surprised at how beautiful the land is. No shopping (Thank you! Thank you!) A picnic basket is set up next to a small pond for your enjoyment as wildlife flutters & hops around you. It’s truly a beautiful sim & I recommend not only checking out the pond but all that they have to offer.

Relaxing Picnic Time!

The music is refreshingly original as the owner is the musician.  Being heavely involved with music on a daily basis I think this is wonderful. Not only can you listen to original music but if you purchase any of the music you are helping to support the sim. To help support the sim you can purchase their music HERE.

Never Know What You Might Find!

Exploring Second Life is a wonderful thing. There is always something to find that you’ve never seen before. Now it’s time I sat down to have my virtual picnic.

“Tipsy” Cerulean