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“Tipsy” Cerulean


Mad About Mad City

Many of you have probably heard of Mad City – A Mad Pea Production that started out with a rainy street and the Peacock Hotel that hosted the “Room 326” hunt in December of 2012. I actually remember this well as I went, took pictures, and actually wrote something about it  in January of 2013 This wasn’t the only time I found myself in Mad City as I used it multiple times to take rainy gloom filled photos.

The Peacock Hotel

The Peacock Hotel

I am sad to inform everyone that has enjoyed this sim that Mad City will be closing on Saturday May 31st. This was a wonderful city to not only take photos in but wander around and look at the decor.

The Happy Swallow

The Happy Swallow

I’m going to miss Mad City because I loved being able to go to a sim with amazing rain, hang out in a little corner diner, or splash through the virtual puddles.

It’s been raining in Mad City for a year and a half so it was bound to probably flood at some point! On May 31st at 1pm slt the weather forecast is predicting severely heavy rains. Come see if the city floods!

Grab an umbrella and visit this rainy town before it is no more.

Singing In The Rain.

Singing In The Rain.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Important Links And SLurls For You:

Official blog post by Mad Pea

SLurl To Mad City (Outside Of The Peacock Hotel)

The last day for Mad City is Saturday May 31st. Be sure to check them out at 1pm to see if the weather gets so severe that it floods the whole town!


March Mesh Madness

The month of March starts tomorrow and I was trying to think of a great theme to go with the month. After much thought (and sifting through various photos I’ve taken) I’ve officially declared March to be “March Mesh Madness”!!!


I’m not talking about dedicating a month to mesh fashion or even shopping for mesh. I’m talking about those moments when you rezz into a place filled with individuals wearing nothing but mesh. Before everything comes in clearly you see people who are nothing but hair, or an arm. Those funny moments where you can’t help but giggle as their expensive outfits (and we can’t forget those damn mesh boobs/feet/hands) are not appearing as of yet. I dedicate this month to you Mesh Warrior.

OK. Actually I just wanted to giggle at stupid pictures.

As I run into great opportunities of non-rezzed half mesh individuals I shall share my pictures. May we go through March not wiser but at least laughing.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Twisted Christmas

Now let’s not get this confused with an 80’s hair band.

Slightly Twisted (M) is a name that you would probably skip on by in your search of the ol’ holiday cheer. I’m telling you right now that you need to stop right there Mr. Or Ms. Virtual Avatar & take a chance that you’ll find winter in the name.

Hello There!

Hello There!

Slightly Twisted is an art sim that periodically changes its art exhibits. While I was visiting there were 3D art installations of winter & Christmas.

I Could Use Animals To Put My Tree Up.

I Could Use Animals To Put My Tree Up.

The sim is absolutely stunning. The 3D art is beautiful to look at. The natural settings are a treat to walk through.

Oh No!

Oh No!

I suggest that you dress the part with a winter hat or gloves while you walk around. Screw around with windlight. Get your virtual camera out. It’s a perfect place to take great winter or holiday themed photos. I plan on coming back very soon to take a bunch of winter photos. I couldn’t ask for a better, natural setting.

Take a chance with Slightly Twisted (M) if you’re in the mood to get your holiday nature on. You won’t be disappointed.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Natural Wilderness

When I first rezzed into Natural Wilderness (M) I was, honestly, put off by seeing podiums with skyboxes for me to visit by paying so much for so long to privately use them. I thought I was duped into visiting an area that wanted me to pay to hang with people or have sex. Although they do have these skyboxes that’s only a tiny portion of the bigger picture.

Wheewwww…I’m glad that wasn’t all there was…

I’m not into renting a skybox for a period of time so I was very relieved when I started hiking the sim & found just how much that Natural Wilderness really has to offer. If you’re into the pure virtual-ness of nature then I recommend either grabbing a horse to ride from the free horse rezzer or hiking blindly into the wilderness.

Haalp!! I'm Stuck In Leaves!

Haalp!! I’m Stuck In Leaves!

During the time I spent just walking through the sim I discovered pose balls among the autumn leaves, dancing, romantic ocean views, & so much more. There is a wonderful Wilderness Gallery on the sim that shows real life nature photos that inspired the sim. It was nice to see what inspired someone to build such a beautiful sim.

Not once did I run into any shopping that spoiled the whole natural sim vibe. That’s, you probably know by now, is a biggie with me. Keep it simple. Keep it shopping free.

Let's See Where This Takes Us.

Let’s See Where This Takes Us.

I do recommend taking a moment out of your day to wander around Natural Wilderness (M). It was a pleasant surprise after a bumpy rez start.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Quick Rundown On Skyboxes & Rules Of Natural Wilderness (M)

1. No nudity or sexual activity allowed unless in a private skybox.

2. No weapons. No vampire biting. (Vampires welcome…just don’t bite.)

3. Skyboxes Costs: 75L/60 minutes, 100L/90 minutes, 140L/120 minutes.  5 minutes are free so that you may look at the skyboxes before deciding.

4. Skybox Types: Spring Forest Glade, Autumn Bathhouse, Summer Meadow, Winter Wonderland

5. You may rez items but please do not rez large items & clean up after yourself.

Weekend Crazy Funtime

I feel that “Weekend Crazy Funtime” sounds so much better than saying “I found some cool shit to do in Second Life this weekend!”

I care.

Here are a few of my super top picks of things you must check out this weekend as well as a heads up for one of the greatest things you can  possibly visit next month.

The 2013 Kawaii Fair is currently going on until April 26th. Kawaii means loveable/cute so expect to see a lot of cute items. You can check out their official blog for more information.

The Raglan Shire still has Super Hero’s/Villains month going on as well as it being the Shire’s 6th Birthday. Be sure to visit in your hero or villain costume before the end of the month. For more information please check out their official website as well as the events calendar for events going on throughout the month.

Fear My Giant Olive!

Fear My Giant Olive!

If you plan on doing the Shires Hero/Villain month then I do suggest you come up with an original character & join the fun. My super persona, the inebriator, is a “neutral spirit” hero. I’m neither good nor evil. If it’s a Friday night you love me. But if it’s a Saturday morning you might hate me. So I’m good & evil. All depends on how you view me.


If you are looking for a place to take beautiful pictures or just hang in nature check out Winter Moon (M). Beautiful & dark with rain that seems to randomly move around to different spots around the sim. HIGHLY suggest you go check it out.

Here I Sit.

Here I Sit.

Also…The Raglan Shire has their art month coming up in May. It will run from May 5th – 26th. This is a HUGE installation of art from Second Life residents & one of the biggest events. For registration information as well as information about this amazing month of art please check out the Shire’s Art Website.

Have A Wonderful Virtual Weekend Everyone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

The first photo was just cropped & the words were added to the photo. The black & white photo was edited using Pixlr to show artsy fartsy-ness.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

“Certainly, the terror of a deserted house swells in geometrical rather than arithmetical progression as houses multiply to form a city of stark desolation.” – H.P. Lovecraft

Innsmouth (M) comes with a long three notecard description of the backstory of the city. If you have the time & patience to read a three notecard story then please do so. I, on the other hand, am the type of person who is very…oh look. There’s the theater! Neato!

Main Street Looks Busy.

Main Street Looks Busy.

You get the picture. 

The basics are simple. It’s a dark New England 1930s coastal town that has been inspired by Lovecraft.

I got that off of the land description. Take that looking through…Oh look! A bar!

Told Ya I Found The Bar!

Told Ya I Found The Bar!

In all seriousness Innsmouth is based upon the Lovecraft book “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”. I actually happen to be reading the book right now so it was a pleasure to walk the city in all of it’s lonely, abandoned gloom. It’s an absolutely perfect tribute to a wonderful novel. This place is scary. It’s abandoned. It’s evil-looking. The windlight settings they have going on freak you out a bit.

Where Did Everyone Go?

Where Did Everyone Go?

There is no roleplaying set in this sim but you are able to do so with your friends if you would like. Just remember that not everyone is there to roleplay. Some are just there to explore. Please be respectful of others while visiting.

I highly recommend checking out this wonderful sim as well as reading the book by Lovecraft. Both are worth your time. I didn’t take pictures of some of the big highlights of Innsmouth because I wanted to leave it up to you to find them. Just check doors & various areas because you never know what you might run into.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. Before I go I couldn’t help but take a great horror picture to go along with the place. If you’re looking for a spooktastic area to take pictures then you couldn’t ask for a better one.


I Gots Blood On Me!!!

I Gots Blood On Me!!!

Fridays Are Grid-Tastic!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yes…it’s finally Friday so it’s time to grab a drink, sit down, & figure out what the hell you are going to do with your virtual weekend. I’ve highlighted a few special events & places to check out if you’re at a loss for activities.


1. Fiesta Village: El Dia De Los Muertos! (M)

” Día de los Muertos” is spanish for “Day Of The Dead. If you don’t know what the Day Of The Dead is all about then I suggest you check it out HERE.

Ends Nov. 4th.

The fest ends on Nov. 4th so check it out before it’s too late!

2. Carneval (M)

MadPea games have done it again with a wickedly horrible evil carnival that opened on Halloween. Even though the holiday is past us I recommend that you check this out. It’s freakishly fun with a great feeling of impending DOOM on top. Just don’t forget to grab a hud when you teleport in.

Eek! Spider!

With the same element that all MadPea games has there are things to be figured out if you want to make it out of this nightmare carnival alive. It’s not for those that only have a few moments to spend. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time & take a friend. You never know when you might need a vict…a friend.

3. Cica Ghost’s Black & White World (M)

An entire world where everything is black & white. Look through drawn houses as you watch stick people dance in the black rain. Sit by the drawn pond  & watch the sketched waves.

Dancing In The Sketched Rain!

This place is, flat-out, amazing. It’s like stepping into a pencil drawing & walking through the scene. Only thing I can say about this place is “GO!”.

4. Forest Of D’Avaria (M)

I really enjoy areas of Second Life that recreate nature without adding a shopping mall & advertisements to ruin the idea. This forest does not ruin the idea of taking a virtual hike through a forest. It’s perfect for those that are looking for a place to walk around, take a date/friend/buddy/whatever, or to take beautiful photos.

It Was Chilly So I Wore A Sweater.

The listing says that you can ride a dragon or horse around the park. I did not see any of these things but I did see a canoe rezzer at the landing point. There is plenty of waterways to traverse so taking a canoe would be a fun adventure. I do insist that you beware of some strange-looking flowers. Trust me because I took a peek at one & it not only tried to eat me it also tried to poison me. FUN! 

Whatever you decide to do this weekend have fun, be safe, & enjoy yourself!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

For those that are actually DYING to know where I got the stuff I’m wearing today:

Biggie Outfit: 

Indyra Originals Coquette Noir – Kelsi Pumps: Noir (RC)

Indyra Originals RTW & Mesh: Garbo (RC)

Tiny Outfit:

MishMish – Annie Outfit (Sweater & Pants)  The sweater has a really awesome deer on it!


If you are looking for a quick place to visit for Halloween related photos then I suggest checking out Carn’evil (M). It’s the home of Catnip & Love Zombie but besides being a shopping area it is a freak carnival full of horrors.

“But Tipsy I Could Go Just About Anywhere On Second Life To Find Freaks”.  


Yes. Yes you could.

I just wanted to point out the ambiance of the area. Taking a hike down a spooky hill to get to a carnival of horrors is a great touch. Yes…you can pick up a Halloween costume while you are there which is a bonus for those of you who have waited the last-minute to pick a virtual one up. Besides that you can always take the time to check out the carnival decor itself.

Step Right Up!

In the description it says “Role play encouraged, no rules just hide the bodies. Management is not responsible for injuries due to ride malfunction or zombie attacks” Love it! I decided to have a little fun with this & get all horror movie. I was bored & thought it would be fun.

Tipsy Cerulean Is “Tipsy: Drunk Undead”.

I  recommend checking out Carn’evil (M) before it disappears.It’s good for those that are slaves to the SL fashion wheel as well as being perfect for those of us who like well put together areas filled with blood.

“Zombie Tipsy” Cerulean

Horor movie picture edited using PicMonkey. The two other photos were just windlight & cropped.



Holidays, Cocktails, & Daleks

I hope that everyone in the states had a wonderful Labor Day. And I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Monday yesterday. 

Spent The Day With Mr. C. Cow.

What did I do over the holiday weekend?  Watched a LOT of baseball. Bishop made a lot of Long Island Ice Teas. I might have made a few new SL friends but I”m not too sure do to all of the beer & long island ice teas. Mr. C. Cow played a lot of card games with Andy the yard panda.

Doctor Who’s new season started this past Saturday so I spent the entire day dressed as a tiny Dalek in Second Life. I thought, since I ended up taking numerous photos, I would share my story of grid hopping as a Dalek.


I’ve learned a few things while wandering the grid as a tiny Dalek. When you go to a playground & there are people around they tend to stare at you. Especially when you keep yelling exterminate at an elephant toy & shoot lasers at it. I also found out that they are not too excited to get on a see-saw with you.

I’ll Exterminate You Later If You Get On The See-Saw With Me.

After exterminating the hell out of various playground equipment I decided that it might be a good idea to clean up around the ol’ SL homestead. I found that I have a knack for exterminating the hell out of baked on grease that just won’t go away.

Even Dalek’s Sometimes Need To Do Dishes.

After finishing up the dishes I decided to take in a show. After about 15 minutes of watching happy sheep & pigs dance around I didn’t feel like exterminating avatars around the grid. I actually felt, what was that emotion called again, happy. Yes. I think you might call it happy. I am really losing my touch.

Dance Little Animals! Dance For Me!

While I was leaving the show I ran into a really ticked off bunny who got in my way. After, seeing as I was still exploring this happy feeling, politely explained to him that you will obey the Dalek’s. And get the hell out of my way. After this ticked off bunny “kindly” explained to me that he was not going to move I no longer wanted to figure out this happy feeling. I just decided to go back to exterminating.


So much for no longer wanting to exterminate around the grid! A Daleks gotta do what a Daleks gotta do.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos Taken At:

Mr. C. Cow & I enjoying a cocktail as well as the dish washing photo were both taken at my personal home.

Playground: Family Fun Park

Animal Theater & Ticked Off Bunny: D-Lab