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Ye Corky Medieval Festival

Thither art a few things i cannot intermit in this ordinary. i cannot intermit the promiseth of mead, a possible peasant revolt, and the ability to weareth a coronet whenev’r possible.

You’re probably wondering a few things right now. What the hell did Tipsy just say? How did she say it? (Translator Baby) And…why is she talking like that?



It’s that time of the year again for the Raglan Shire to get their medieval on. September is a month full of ratpops, castles, things that make you feel like you walked into a ren faire mixed with Monty Python (Not a bad thing), and the possibility of finding various foods on sticks. (I happened to find a waffle, pancake, cookie, AND nachos on a stick.)

Oh This? It's My Summer Home.

Oh This? It’s My Summer Home.

This is the 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival and it does not feel stale like many reoccurring yearly Second Life affairs. Every year, from the various events  to the decor, it gives you a feeling of ye ol’ days gone by mixed with the silly fun that only the residents of the Shire can provide.

Follow Directions!

Follow Directions!

I do want to point out that each year the Shire raises funds to support various adopted animals.

Elish The Giraffe – ZSL Zoo In London

Malayan Tapir Named Fluffy – Sedgwick Zoo In Kansas

You can find where to donate by looking for the signs.


The shire medieval festival only runs through septemb’r so don’t misseth out on this amazing nonce!

The Lady Of Libations – “Tipsy” Cerulean

Important SLurls And Web Links:

SLurl To The 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival

Official Raglan Shire Website

Shire Calendar Of Events

I put together a wee something for this years festival by turning my in-world office into a tavern. Come check out the Ye Ol’ Drunken Bovine!


Friday Is Friday

It’s Friday! 

Woo! Friday! Yeah! Friday! Friday! Friday!

Ahh..Sorry! I got a little caught up in the moment there. It’s Friday and that means the weekend has finally decided to visit us. You’re home. You might have a beer in your hand. (I happen to have a martini in mine) and you’re sitting in front of your computer. Now’s the time to start thinking about what you would like to do virtually in the big wide world of Second Life. You don’t want to just virtually lay around doing nothing! How boring is that?

Don't Just Lay Around!

Don’t Just Lay Around!

To help you out I’ve made a list of three special events going on that are worth a visit.


1. Fantasy Faire – I absolutely LOVE the Fantasy Faire! It’s a once a year event that benefits Relay For Life. Many creative sims are set up with different themes that are something you cannot miss seeing. I have to recommend the Wiggenstead Mooring Sim that is sponsored by Tiny Inc.

LOVE This Build!

LOVE This Build!

The design for this sim makes me want to find a way to recreate it on my own land. It is simply amazing! Go…shop…help RFL! You only have until Sunday May 11th so HURRY!! (You can also visit the official Fantasy Faire Website right HERE.)

2. If you’re looking for a place for some good music, dancing, and wonderful company then I highly recommend visiting the Rainbow Tinies Event which is every Friday from 2-4pm SLT with DJ Eagle. The Rainbow Tinies is a G rated group for anyone who is interested in discussing LBGT matters as well as giving people a safe place to be themselves. Everyone is welcome!

Check Out The Horse!

Check Out The Horse!

If you’re looking for a place to listen to music and meet some wonderful Second Life residents then check out their Friday Event as well as their group.

3. Don’t forget that the Raglan Shire Artwalk is going on from now until May 25th. I cannot express enough how amazing it is to see such great art by the residents of Second Life.

Giant Art Supplies!

Giant Art Supplies!

Don’t forget to check out the Raglan Shire Events Calendar for all of the latest events. At 2pm SLT Saturday May 8th the Changhigh Dancers will be performing. Art and events. You can’t go wrong with that!

I hope this helps you to have a kick ass virtual weekend!

“Tipsy” Cerulean



Artwalk 2014 Is HERE!

The Raglan Shire Artwalk 2014 is officially upon us!  I get excited each year when the artwalk comes around because it shows that not only can residents in the virtual world of Second Life come together to showcase their creations but people from all walks of the grid converge on the Shire to share their appreciation of art.  This is a large yearly event that has over 140 artists that is not just for the folks of the Raglan Shire but the entire grid itself. Big, small, furry, or whatever you are it’s all about the art.


The artwalk spans over six areas so there is a lot to see. I recommend checking out the handy-dandy maps you’ll see around the Shire so you’ll know where everything  is. (3d & 2d art as well as sculptures and everything arty)


I live in as well as have the Raglan Report Office in Morning Shire and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to walk just a few steps down the Shire path to see some of the best art shared by so many people.

Interactive Art!

Interactive Art!

You never know what you’ll run into at art walk. As I wandered around admiring so much talent a caterpillar passed on by with a few riders.


Giddy Up!

There is so much amazing art going on that I cannot possibly share it all with you. I HIGHLY recommend you come and check out the talent of so many people, pick up some free artwalk swag at the Tree Stump Swag Area, as well as check out the Shire’s Calendar of events for various art related parties/performances/etc.

Change Your Windlight Settings For An Awesome Experience!

Change Your Windlight Settings For An Awesome Experience!

Art! On A Hedge!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Important Info To Know:

SLurl to The Artwalk

The Raglan Shire Artwalk 2014 will be around until Sunday May 25th.  You can visit the Official Raglan Shire Webpage for more information.

Raglan Shire Calendar Of Events

Tree Stump Swag Area

Don’t know what Second Life is? Want to be a part of SL so you can go to such amazing events like Artwalk? Then visit the official Second Life website for more information.

 I want to thank those who have worked so hard to put on this years artwalk. From the people who set it all up, to the artists, to those that make it all run smoothly. Thank you for all you do!



Do you like Art? 


The Raglan Shire Art Walk is almost upon us!  The art walk is a non-juried show that allows artists of all levels to showcase their artwork in Second Life.  It’s open to all artists from anywhere on the grid & I highly suggest that, if you’re an artist, come and showcase your masterpieces.

I absolutely LOVE going to the art walk every year. It’s such a big event that introduces you to so many talented people as well as events and, of course, ART! 

If you’re interested in showcasing your art then you can apply HERE. You have until Sunday April 27th at 9pm SLT.  Not an artist? Then don’t fret! You can come and enjoy the show from some of the best artists in Second Life. This years show will run from Sunday May 4th through Sunday May 25th. 

Need more info on this years Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014? You can check out their website for more information. I’ve also placed a sign at my in-world office that you can click for links and more information.


Spread the word about ART!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Info On The Raglan Shire Art Walk 2014:

Registration closes on Sunday April 27th at 9pm SLT

Registration & Information Website

SLurl To my office where I’ve placed a sign with information.

The Art Walk will run from May 4th – May 25th

I want to thank Karmagirl Avro, Artwalk Director and the 
Artwalk Assistants: Dagmar Klaar & Liandras Jameson for all of their hard work to put together this years walk.


Patty’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mr. C. Cow & I started our day out by hanging out at the podcast office celebrating our Irish-ness. Earlier he was hanging out by the taxi offering everyone a drink.


I think he ended up wandering back inside mooing something about “learning how to jig”. I’m hoping her learns how because I could really use a jigging partner. I bet you didn’t realize that Mr. C. Cow is part Irish. His Uncle Oisin was an Irish Moiled. I’m not exactly sure if he’s making this up or not (He did try to tell me once that he was related to Jimooooo Hendrix). Doesn’t matter to me if he’s fibbing a bit because he’s having fun being Irish today. 

We’ve recently remodeled the offices to give us a place to do live podcasts for the Raglan Shire, as well as give everyone a place to hang out. What’s the point of having a place if people can’t hang out in it?


Right now we’ve got a place to chill and chat, our live podcast area, as well as Cheesy & Chatterbox for anyone to come and play. Feel free to wander around, get information on what we do, & have a bit of fun while you’re at it.

We all hope that you have a wonderful, and safe, St. Patty’s Day. I think I just heard a large “CRASH” which means that either Mr. C. Cow fell over due to too much Irish alcoholic beverages or he knocked over a lamp while trying to eat the rugs again.

May your beer be green and your luck be Irish today!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurls & Links & Stuff:

Podcast/SLA Office

Raglan Shire Podcast Page

How To Listen

What is an “Irish Moiled” anyways?


Merry Wootmas!

Merry Wootmas From All Of Us!


All Of Us At The SLA Review (And Tinies On Tape) Want To Wish You A  Happy Holiday, Merry Wootmas, Merry Christmas, Day Off Of Work, Day You Can Drink A Beer At 9am Because It’s A Holiday….

Did I Miss Anything?

Whatever you do today we hope you have a great time doing it (and are safe if you’re driving around…or you start drinking beer at 9am).

Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos Taken At:

One Christmas Night

Old Europe Winter Village

Raglan Shire

Mr. C. Cow: A Holiday Story

Once upon a time there was a little cow named Mr. C. Cow.

The “C” stood for “Christmas & this cow loved getting presents. There was one small problem with this little cow & the holidays. Mr. C. Cow wasn’t a very thoughtful mooing kinda animal. He was too selfishly to care about anyone else. He didn’t stop to think about others but only dreamed of the ultimate motherload of holiday booty.


His selfishness didn’t stop there. Mr. C. Cow wouldn’t clean his room when asked. He would knock over garbage cans in my living room. When he saw a woman who dropped her packages while shopping Mr. C. Cow didn’t stop to help. He was too busy thinking about only himself.


Little did he know that Santa Claus was watching all of this.


Santa was making his list. He was checking it twice. He knew that Mr. C. Cow was super naughty & not very nice. Santa thought long and hard about how he was going to make Mr. C. Cow understand that the holidays weren’t about getting presents. It was about being nice. Caring about others.

Not being so damn selfish.

Santa felt bad about saying the word “Damn” when thinking about Mr. C. Cow so he washed his mouth out with soap.


One Christmas Eve Santa decided the best way to show Mr. C. Cow the error of his bad cow ways. Santa showed him a world without people who cared. A world full of selfishness. A world without love for one another.


Mr. Christmas Cow cried big fat bovine tears. He didn’t realize that a world filled with others who were as selfish as him wasn’t filled with love & joy. Mr. C. Cow started to mend the errors of his ways. He started helping others when they needed help. Giving presents to those in need. Mr. C. Cow even helped a that clumsy lady the next time she dropped her packages.

Mr. C. Cow had learned an important that Christmas Eve. Presents are just things. Love & kindness are what’s important.

Thanks You Mr. C. Cow For The Story!

Thanks You Mr. C. Cow For The Story!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Information & SLurls To Picture Locations:

Photos were edited using PicMonkey & Pixlr

Messy Mr. C. Cow Photo Taken At My Personal Home

Santa Watching Taken In The Raglan Shire

Mr. C. Cow With Christmas Tree & Santa With Soap In Mouth Both Taken At The SLA/TOT Office

World Without Love Picture Taken At Innsmouth

10 Things You Can Do As An Ice-Cube

Liandras Jameson of Cirrus Design came out with a free ice-cube that you can wear on a tiny for Winterfest this year.


I was so insanely inspired by the various things one could do while wearing an ice-cube in Second Life that I decided to come up with the top ten best things one can do as an ice-cube.

Frozen Drum Roll Please…….

1. Play “Titanic” – All you need is your ice-cube, a boat, someone to scream “Iceberg Ahead!”, & water. Tada!


2. Pretend you’re not actually wearing an ice-cube & walk around various public areas. Will they look at you? Will they mention that you’re frozen in an ice-cube? It’s a great social experiment! 

3. Scream “I’M MELTING!!” while next to a fire.


4. Find a Snow Queen then challenge her for her crown. You are, after all, an ice-cube.

5. Try to blend in with a holiday scene. 

6. Find a frozen pond, preferably one that is near a landing point, & pretend to be frozen into the pond. Mumbling “Hello” & “I’m stuck!” is a good idea.

7. Since you’re an ice-cube the only natural thing to do is to be that special ice-cube in A HUGE DRINK!!


8. Hang out with snowmen of questionable morals.


9. Stand in a natural history museum  & pretend that you’re a part of the exhibit. If you have a cave man/woman outfit then you’ll fit in even better.


10. When all else fails pretend to be an unfinished ice sculpture. Or you can pretend that your ice sculpture is “abstract”.

Thank you Liandras for the awesome ice-cube! You inspired me!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Clothing As Well As Hat/Scarf/Ice-Cube/HUGE Drink Made By Cirrus Design. Be sure to check them out!

You Can Pick Up A Giant Ice-Cube In The Raglan Shire Right HERE.

SLurl’s To Photo Locations:

Raglan Shire (G)

Tinies On Tape/SLA Review Office (G)

Gallery Of Questionable Snowpeople (M)

Nargus Lab:: Dinosaurs Park (M)

TOT Podcast About Winterfest

Winterfest 2013

Winterfest 2013 has hit the Raglan Shire in a ball of snow, fun, & holiday what-nots. The first thing that came to mind this year when Mount Waffle was erected in the middle of the Shire was that I needed to grab my snow shovel & make all pathways clear for Second Life residents.



After a few hours of toiling over the never-ending prim snow I realized that Winterfest wasn’t about making the paths clear for others to travel. (Although I still say “Safety First!!”.) Winterfest is all about Wootmas.

What’s Wootmas? Is it like Christmas? 

Well…yeah…but instead of just having snow & jingle bells “Wootmas” brings Wootmas Caroling, Sekret Santa, holiday togetherness & lots of parties. You can’t have the holidays unless you put a little “Woot” into it.

It’s about rolling down Mount Waffle in a giant ice ball. Riding the ski lift up to the top just to decide if you want to play it safe or take the “Jackrabbits Peril” trail (Which is clearly marked “steep & scary snow path”.) Playing a game of “frootcake” after you just ice skated around the hockey rink. Gifts under the tree from residents & shop owners alike. Warming yourself by the fire after a hard days shoveling.

Warming Up Over An Open Marshmallow Fire.

Warming Up Over An Open Marshmallow Fire.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about then you just need to go to, enjoy Winterfest, & only then will you know exactly what “Wootmas” really is.

Every year Winterfest in the Raglan Shire brings together a community that works really hard to just have a bit of fun. How can you not want to visit & see it for yourself?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Important SLurls & Information About Winterfest 2013:

SLurl To The Raglan Shire

Shires Calendar Of Events For All Of The Winterfest Events

Tinies On Tape Podcast On This Years Winterfest

Raglan Shire Website

Winter Office 2013

December brings virtual snowflakes, dusting off the holiday decorations & changing over the SLA Review & Tinies On Tape Office.


Tipsy’s World (Because I really couldn’t come up with a better name off the top of my head when I named it. I was probably drinking at the time) is home to both the SLA Review & Tinies On Tape (The Official Raglan Shire Podcast Of Great Awesome Wootness). This year we have Santa Claus hanging out by his sled, a great hang out area outside, snow stuffs, & a lot of other neato things to check out when you visit us.

We also have Rambo The Professional Gift Wrapper. 


His first profession choice was dentist but he was beat out by an annoying blond-haired elf who has a habit of singing about being a misfit. 

Feel free to stop in, hang out, & check out the information for both the SLA Review & Tinies On Tape! And wander around the area to check out all of the nice holiday decorations residents of Morning Shire are setting up to get ready for Winterfest in the Raglan Shire.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurl To Our In-World Office