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Slacking Off

Today I threw on a foam wig and browsed search for something to write about. I found myself at a cafe and coffee-house named “Slackers”. Slackers (M) is a very small little building with posters of bands like “Flogging Molly” and “Modest Mouse” on the wall. The place screams “I’m trying to be a hipster” while offering you self-serve coffee.

Wonder If I Could Nap On This Thing.

Wonder If I Could Nap On This Thing.

It’s doesn’t seem too bad for such a small little building. There are posters on the walls of the DJ’s and times they are performing as well as places to sit around and get your slack on. Irony struck as they seem to have slacked on taking down a sign outside for an event that happened in the middle of December.

Since Slackers is so small I decided to wander around to see what the neighbors were up to. I did notice that on the one side of the building is a pond with 7 Seas Fishing if you’re into sitting around and catching virtual fish. After a brief walk through land named for how big it was I ended up in “Ziskeyville” that happened to have a tavern.

The Ziskeyville Tavern (M) is situated on a small waterfront complete with its own little water wheel & outdoor seating. The place is practically empty and almost devoid of any decor but it did offer donuts. And cider. And BEER!

I like beer.

There are a few seats and a stage for performances. Nothing new or meshy or fancy. It’s just kinda there. Meh.

I Feel Like I Should Be Singing Folk Music.

I Feel Like I Should Be Singing Folk Music.

Sometimes slacking pays off when trying to figure out what to write about. Randomly inputting words into search can find you some unusual spots around the grid. Slackers and Ziskeyville Tavern aren’t very big. It’s nothing that’s too exciting. They aren’t shiny and new. They just exist in one small place in a big virtual world.  Will I go back? Maybe to Slackers. Who knows.


“Tipsy” Cerulean


Slackers (M)

Ziskeyville Tavern (M)