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St. Paddy’s Day 2015

I’m a couple of hours early this year saying this but better early than not at all. Or whatever.

I wanted to start out by wishing everyone a wonderfully shamrock-y, possibly green liquor filled, “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, St. Paddy’s Day.


Yes…I said St. Patty’s Day in the picture. To those who grammar attacked me right when I posted this. Go fuck yourself. With a shamrock if you’re so inclined.

Back to what I was saying…..

Mr. C. Cow and I have nothing majorly planned for this years drink lots o’ things holiday. We plan on hanging out in my virtual front yard and working on things I need to work on. I know. We’re so exciting! But…as you can see from the picture we do own a still so suck it sobriety!

Someone needs to make me a real life shirt that says “Suck It Sobriety!”

As for real life it’s a freakin’ Tuesday. Blah. Tuesday. Bishop has to work. I have my work that I have to do. It will be 80 degrees out so I might say screw it and take my work to the lake. Nothing makes you feel better about doing shit then doing it next to a body of water out in the sun.

I do have a bottle of nice Irish whiskey that I do plan on drinking a bit of in honor of my Irish roots. Do you REALLY think I would miss an opportunity to drink that is sorta socially acceptable? Of course not silly people!

Also…I just like whiskey. Don’t need a holiday to drink it but damn it I have an excuse on a Tuesday.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful green wearing, binge drinking, possibly kissing people who are pretending to be Irish, as much fun as one can have on a Tuesday!

Don’t be idiots! Stay Safe!

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Patty’s Day 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mr. C. Cow & I started our day out by hanging out at the podcast office celebrating our Irish-ness. Earlier he was hanging out by the taxi offering everyone a drink.


I think he ended up wandering back inside mooing something about “learning how to jig”. I’m hoping her learns how because I could really use a jigging partner. I bet you didn’t realize that Mr. C. Cow is part Irish. His Uncle Oisin was an Irish Moiled. I’m not exactly sure if he’s making this up or not (He did try to tell me once that he was related to Jimooooo Hendrix). Doesn’t matter to me if he’s fibbing a bit because he’s having fun being Irish today. 

We’ve recently remodeled the offices to give us a place to do live podcasts for the Raglan Shire, as well as give everyone a place to hang out. What’s the point of having a place if people can’t hang out in it?


Right now we’ve got a place to chill and chat, our live podcast area, as well as Cheesy & Chatterbox for anyone to come and play. Feel free to wander around, get information on what we do, & have a bit of fun while you’re at it.

We all hope that you have a wonderful, and safe, St. Patty’s Day. I think I just heard a large “CRASH” which means that either Mr. C. Cow fell over due to too much Irish alcoholic beverages or he knocked over a lamp while trying to eat the rugs again.

May your beer be green and your luck be Irish today!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurls & Links & Stuff:

Podcast/SLA Office

Raglan Shire Podcast Page

How To Listen

What is an “Irish Moiled” anyways?


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

…From All Of Us To All Of You….


Growing up St. Patrick’s Day was a pretty big deal. It still is with my family. They go to see a lot of Irish bands all year round & I’ve seen quite a few when I’m in town. Lot’s of Irish foods. Alcohol. Fun!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.

Stay safe & don’t drink too much green beer like Mr. C. Cow & I.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Kermit Was Wrong

It’s not that hard being green.

I think Kermit was having some depression issues when he wrote that song. Green is the color of the leaves. Spring. We know that. It’s also the color of St. Patty’s Day, one of the BEST holidays of the year.

If you’ve got a lot of Irish in you then you get to celebrate your heritage.

If you’re a traditionalist then you actually pay attention to what Saint Patrick’s Day was meant to be.

If you’re like me & have Irish heritage but are not known for anything saintly, except for St. Bishop, then you have a fondness for kegs & eggs, green beer, & Irish whiskey.

To get prepared for St. Patty’s Day Second Life style I thought I would share a few SLurls that involve celebrating your inner Irish.

One of the most popular & most visited areas when it comes to travel & celebrating St. Patty’s Day is the Dublin Sim (Mature). Around St. Patty’s Day this place will get PACKED full of people visiting the pub or just wanting to explore.

Stopping Off For A Quick One.

I wandered away from the crowd who was rezzing into the pub & wandered down Grafton Street during my visit. The place is huge so take your time while visiting.

Next I happened upon this place dubbed “Quiet Irish Parkland” on accident while using the search keyword “Irish”. There are paths to hike, poseballs to do pose stuff on, as well as other hidden things to explore. I did wander into one area that informed me there were cottages to rent, as well as a warning to stay out of private property. None of the houses I came upon were for rent. I also could not find out how much rent was.

Bah Indeed!

It is very beautiful with its many paths & water. I, personally, got a kick out of the sheep in various areas. I don’t know why but they just made me laugh.

I did want to point out something I found while exploring areas marked “Irish” in Second Life. One place that claimed to be an Irish pub had this outside of it.

Irish Shark?

Yes. Beware of the shark people. 

Because they had a shark that could attack other avatars it made me wonder how many shark attacks actually happen in Ireland.

According to internet research I could only find a wiki answers page there have only been five reported shark attacks in Ireland. No sources cited so I have absolutely no clue if this is correct. Where there be ocean there be shark I guess.

Way to go for getting me off topic Second Life.

I hope that these two places help you on your travels to find something Irish on Second Life.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Dress was purchased at Riddle (Lace Dress: Green 75L) They currently have a display in the front of the store with green items for St. Patty’s Day.


St. Patty’s Day Around The Grid

There are a LOT of St. Patty’s Day parties going on in Second Life all day. Lot’s of green. Lot’s of virtual beer drinking. I wandered around the grid early this morning & took some pictures of a few places that were decked out for St. Patrick’s Day this year.I plan on spending my Real Life St. Patty’s Day full of Irish beer & whiskey tonight. Have fun today everyone! (And be safe!!!)

Hehe...I like the hats!


Squeebee’s Mystery Science Theater





I Can't Reach The Phone!

The Pickled Pixie Pub


“Tipsy” Cerulean


Tiny St. Patties Day Dress: Colleen Moppet Dress – Lidl Auds Lidl Kisses

Tiny Hair: Pop Snap’n Rock Rockstar hair (modify) – Delight