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Chasin’ Down A Hoodoo There

Yes…THIS song is stuck in my head as I write this. 

When I first rezzed into Belle Bayou (M) the greeter said to me “Well Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit Look Who’s Here!”. You know that it’s going to be a great visit when something says “Butter My Butt” to you.

Look! I fit this into my Virtual Butts January theme. Go me!

Belle Bayou’s notecard informs me that this is “A little known place hidden away near the gulf coast of Alabama.”. This is a great opening to a truly wonderful place to wander around. You have your choice of walking around or traveling in a rowboat, hot air balloon, or even a carriage. All of the buildings are open to the public so you’re not going to run out of places to explore.

No Alligators Sighted!

No Alligators Sighted!

The fun thing is that most of the buildings have a sign to click on for a notecard giving you a little history of the building. From the Old Plantation House to That Man’s Shack each story is unique in its own way. It makes you feel like you’re visiting a living, breathing community. Just watch out for the ghost in the Old Plantation House or the woman who stands in the doorway luring sailors and such in at That Lady’s Shack.

I Need A Booster Seat.

I Need A Booster Seat.

The “Gumbo File Cafe” said “Oh Shit Not You Again!” as I walked in the door. It’s the little touches.

Damn Raccoon Ate All The Gumbo!

Damn Raccoon Ate All The Gumbo!

I highly recommend visiting Belle Bayou (M). Be sure to take a group of friends because it between the things to see, dancing, do, & read (don’t forget to check out the books that are all around for a bit of reading) there is so much fun to be had.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurl To Belle Bayou (M)

Mr. C. Cow: A Holiday Story

Once upon a time there was a little cow named Mr. C. Cow.

The “C” stood for “Christmas & this cow loved getting presents. There was one small problem with this little cow & the holidays. Mr. C. Cow wasn’t a very thoughtful mooing kinda animal. He was too selfishly to care about anyone else. He didn’t stop to think about others but only dreamed of the ultimate motherload of holiday booty.


His selfishness didn’t stop there. Mr. C. Cow wouldn’t clean his room when asked. He would knock over garbage cans in my living room. When he saw a woman who dropped her packages while shopping Mr. C. Cow didn’t stop to help. He was too busy thinking about only himself.


Little did he know that Santa Claus was watching all of this.


Santa was making his list. He was checking it twice. He knew that Mr. C. Cow was super naughty & not very nice. Santa thought long and hard about how he was going to make Mr. C. Cow understand that the holidays weren’t about getting presents. It was about being nice. Caring about others.

Not being so damn selfish.

Santa felt bad about saying the word “Damn” when thinking about Mr. C. Cow so he washed his mouth out with soap.


One Christmas Eve Santa decided the best way to show Mr. C. Cow the error of his bad cow ways. Santa showed him a world without people who cared. A world full of selfishness. A world without love for one another.


Mr. Christmas Cow cried big fat bovine tears. He didn’t realize that a world filled with others who were as selfish as him wasn’t filled with love & joy. Mr. C. Cow started to mend the errors of his ways. He started helping others when they needed help. Giving presents to those in need. Mr. C. Cow even helped a that clumsy lady the next time she dropped her packages.

Mr. C. Cow had learned an important that Christmas Eve. Presents are just things. Love & kindness are what’s important.

Thanks You Mr. C. Cow For The Story!

Thanks You Mr. C. Cow For The Story!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Information & SLurls To Picture Locations:

Photos were edited using PicMonkey & Pixlr

Messy Mr. C. Cow Photo Taken At My Personal Home

Santa Watching Taken In The Raglan Shire

Mr. C. Cow With Christmas Tree & Santa With Soap In Mouth Both Taken At The SLA/TOT Office

World Without Love Picture Taken At Innsmouth

A Christmas Carol

Someone decided to try to recreate the story “A Christmas Carol” in Second Life.

They didn’t do a half bad job in their attempt.

Random Dog Walking In Progress.

Random Dog Walking In Progress.

A Christmas Carol (M) attempts to bring the time period & story by Charles Dickens into a virtual world with pretty good success. This interactive sim has you clicking on various items around the sim to immerse yourself into the world that Dickens created. (They also recommend you read the book if you’re not familiar with the story. You can find it free on the internet here)

Bah Humbug!

Bah Humbug!

The first thing you need to do when you arrive at A Christmas Carol is to get a notecard.


It’s very important that you get it and actually read the notecard before wandering around. You can explore on your own but it’s much more fun if you follow some of the directions (link to listen to audio version while you walk, how to travel to the past/present/future, etc.) The notecard is long but it’s worth reading.



I enjoyed wandering around the interactive little village, listening to the story, & exploring. It’s not very big but it doesn’t need to be when you’re doing something so involved.

I Found The Pub!

I Found The Pub!

I suggest that you visit A Christmas Carol, bone up on your knowledge of the story, & read the book if you’ve never read it before. It’s worth it’s weight in holiday cheer.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I Need A Rocking Horse!

I Need A Rocking Horse!

A Christmas Carol (M) is brought to you by Minty Entertainment & is open from now until January 2nd 2014. If you are lucky then you might even run into live performers.

Holidays, Cocktails, & Daleks

I hope that everyone in the states had a wonderful Labor Day. And I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Monday yesterday. 

Spent The Day With Mr. C. Cow.

What did I do over the holiday weekend?  Watched a LOT of baseball. Bishop made a lot of Long Island Ice Teas. I might have made a few new SL friends but I”m not too sure do to all of the beer & long island ice teas. Mr. C. Cow played a lot of card games with Andy the yard panda.

Doctor Who’s new season started this past Saturday so I spent the entire day dressed as a tiny Dalek in Second Life. I thought, since I ended up taking numerous photos, I would share my story of grid hopping as a Dalek.


I’ve learned a few things while wandering the grid as a tiny Dalek. When you go to a playground & there are people around they tend to stare at you. Especially when you keep yelling exterminate at an elephant toy & shoot lasers at it. I also found out that they are not too excited to get on a see-saw with you.

I’ll Exterminate You Later If You Get On The See-Saw With Me.

After exterminating the hell out of various playground equipment I decided that it might be a good idea to clean up around the ol’ SL homestead. I found that I have a knack for exterminating the hell out of baked on grease that just won’t go away.

Even Dalek’s Sometimes Need To Do Dishes.

After finishing up the dishes I decided to take in a show. After about 15 minutes of watching happy sheep & pigs dance around I didn’t feel like exterminating avatars around the grid. I actually felt, what was that emotion called again, happy. Yes. I think you might call it happy. I am really losing my touch.

Dance Little Animals! Dance For Me!

While I was leaving the show I ran into a really ticked off bunny who got in my way. After, seeing as I was still exploring this happy feeling, politely explained to him that you will obey the Dalek’s. And get the hell out of my way. After this ticked off bunny “kindly” explained to me that he was not going to move I no longer wanted to figure out this happy feeling. I just decided to go back to exterminating.


So much for no longer wanting to exterminate around the grid! A Daleks gotta do what a Daleks gotta do.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos Taken At:

Mr. C. Cow & I enjoying a cocktail as well as the dish washing photo were both taken at my personal home.

Playground: Family Fun Park

Animal Theater & Ticked Off Bunny: D-Lab

Happy Rez Day

Early in the month of February I celebrated my Rez Day on Second Life. (For those of you who don’t know what a Rez Day is it is the day you started on Second Life.  If you didn’t know I’m amazed your reading my drunken rants & blogs. Kudos to you! Now get a Second Life & join me for drinks.) Is it kinda important? Well..I guess so.  A milestone & something to be proud of? Yeah. But nothing as major as “Talk Like A Pirate Day” or drinking a bottle of really good scotch. I would have written this post a long time ago when I actually had my rez day but I didn’t. I am not big on celebrating my rez day like it was a virtual Birthday. I’m proud to have hit the 3 year mark of being an resident of a virtual community. I didn’t see any point to celebrating it with prim cake & LOTS of prim booze. I see it as a time to kinda sit back & think about exactly WHAT THE HELL I have been doing in a virtual world for the past 3 years.

I have a few stand out moments that really stand out in my memory. First thing that comes to mind as I write this is a memory from my first year in-world. It was at a time where we were having MASSIVE SL issues that were causing people to turn into Ruth (I found a picture of Ruth HERE if you don’t know what I”m talking about.), shrink, contort, & just look plain horrible. I remember a group of us sitting in my then Second Life home holed up waiting to turn back to normal. We drank a LOT that night & actually turned a pretty crappy thing into something fun.

Friends have come & gone. New people have replaced the old. Some have put up with me since day one while others wandered off to do their own thing. We’ve drank our way through the good and the bad (Ok…so we’ve done a lot of drinking while in world…it’s our “thing”.) This is what celebrating your rez day is all about. Remembering back to when you first started & smiling.

So..there was no party. No buying of things to celebrate. No going “Hey…it’s my Rez Day…let’s PARTY.” It’s not me. Not something I do. To each his own.