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Summers End

Summer has official come to a close in my little real life world. Summertime is a time that I stop just about all writing about Second Life because it’s too damn nice to be cooped up in a house. There are trails to be hiked. Places to be visited. Sun to stare at.

Well…not stared at exactly…you know what I mean.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing virtual things again but this takes me a few. I need to try to get ahead a little bit in the writing so I’m not constantly going “Holy Shit! I should put something out!”.

Back To Work!

Back To Work!

Same goes for the Raglan Report Podcast that I am a part of. I need to update that site and actually record a podcast.

The end of Summer is hard.

So…I’m plotting my plots and whateves to start back into another fun-filled explosion of writing proportions.

Let The Good Times Roll!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Sim Location: Prim River National Forest  (Which will probably be reviewed soon! Woo!)




“Tipsy” Cerulean

Where’s Tipsy?

Summer is an extremely busy time of the year for me in that place we call “The Real World”.

Real stuff always getting in the way of our virtual lives. Bah!

Summer is a time to take a break and a small vacation. Who doesn’t love vacations???!!!???

Assholes. That’s who!

I will be putting things out throughout the entire Summer but it might be randomly put out with no thought to schedules. That’s what the Summer should be all about. A time to go out into the world, soak up the sun, drink a bunch of fancy drinks that have umbrellas in them, pretend you know how to grill a zucchini without it falling through the grill rack, and just flat-out have fun. Just keep checking back periodically and there might be something out. We’ll get back to a normal writing schedule in the Fall.

I have to put a picture of something up so I put one up of my biggie.


Going Forth And Doing Something!

Going Forth And Doing Something!

So Go! Get off of your computers and have a bit of fun this Summer. Before you know it Summer will be gone.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Shire Block Pawty

There are a few things in Second Life that I love. I love communities that really care about each other, the togetherness of such communities, & parties. This weekend the folks at the Raglan Shire have combined their community unity & love of parties to throw a HUGE multi-sim Block Pawty August 10th & 11th.

Each of the various Shire sim residents are throwing huge parties throughout the weekend. Everything from music to games to the sims residents opening up their homes for you to come & visit. I think this is a fantastic idea because it shows that, not only do tinies know how to party, but it shows community spirit & shares it with the rest of the residents of Second Life.

You can get landmarks & information from the various Block Party Signs around the various sims. 

Grab A Notecard!

Grab A Notecard!

Here are just some of the numerous landmarks as well as party information for this weekend. I do suggest you grab a notecard & check out the various parties, open houses, & activities. Remember that the times next to each sim landmark are for the sims parties but you can go anytime to check out the homes as well as activities.

Morning Shire Block Pawty Saturday August 10th 1-3pm SLT.  DJ’s, Bed Races, Games, & Open Houses!

 Raglan Commons Block Pawty Saturday August 10th 6-8pm SLT (May Start Earlier) Music, games, movies, and fishing!

Athen Shire Block Pawty Sunday August 11th 2pm SLT. Music, Skateboarding, Games, & Open Houses!

Haven Shire Block Pawty Sunday August 11th 4-6pm SLT Crazy Hat Theme, Bingo For LIndens, Ride A Real Dragon, & More!

I live on the Morning Shire sim so feel free to wander around my little slice of the Shire, touch stuffs, & sit on my furniture!

This will probably be one of the largest parties in Second Life for the month of August so I highly recommend checking it out!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Missing You!

June is here! Huzzah!

I wanted to keep everyone up to date on where we are with real life stuff as well as the SLA Review. Do to the weather (I think it’s rained 80% of the whole month of May) we are STILL waiting for the real life house we are building to finish. It should have been done already but shit happens sometimes. Might not like it but shit does happen.

So we are still in limbo & still without a steady internet connection until the house is finished & things are hooked up. We are now looking at the end of June for this to all happen. On top of that I am going out of town for a while for baseball.


With that said things will go back to normal with the SL articles come the beginning of July. The same will go for the pod casts that Bishop & I do together. I am sorry about the inconvenience but there is nothing I can do to make the sun shine and contractors WORK FASTER DAMN IT!

Wish us luck that things get done quickly! (I miss SL!!!!)

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Enjoying The Olympics In Second Life

The Summer Olympics are currently going on & I have actually taken the time to watch a few of the events. I’ve seen some gymnastics, water polo, & swimming among other various sports I’ve caught while at the local sports bar. Must say that I do not know how to swim so thumbs up to those doing various things in water.

I Can Float!

Now is a great time to find various places in Second Life that are celebrating the Olympics. Here is a list of a few  sims that are currently rolling out the gold, silver, & bronze of olympic fever. Take the time to check them out as well as searching to see what you can find in our little world.

1. London City (M) 

Virtually Attending The Olympics!

2. Misty Acres (G)

Oooo Fireworks!

Boystown/Gay Community (A) 

Nice Stadium Build!

The worst part of searching is the fact that you will end up finding a LOT of places that will use the word “Olympic” to try to draw people into their place of business. When searching be sure to take the time to weed out the places that really do not offer you what you are searching for. Personally I feel it is just cheesy to use a keyword that doesn’t even remotely have anything to do with your place. These places I took pictures at were nice enough to actually have something Olympic related.

Good job!

Although most of us cannot be there in person to see the various olympic events you can always watch the olympics & celebrate them in Second Life (As well as watch events in-world at various places). Be sure to also search for various olympic events in the events search as well as check times at these places for special olympic related events.

Have Fun!

Getting Ready To Watch More Sports!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Indyra Originals: i(heart)Unity: Team USA (Shorts, Mesh Tank Top, Socks, Hair Bow) (RC)

I’m Back!!

I am FINALLY home after being out-of-town for a while. Been home for a few days but still had people in town. When I travel it always ends up being a HUGE production that lasts a long while.  I hope you all enjoyed all of the articles coming out at their normal time while I was gone. It was a LOT of hard work to get everything researched, written, scheduled, & ready to roll while I was gone.

Couldn’t leave everyone hanging. 

Things are super chaotic in real life right now. Getting back to a regular routine along with having very little Summertime left in this household makes things hectic. Things should come out as normal like they did while I was gone. The hardcore reviews & rants should also resume with a vengeance as well.

I would also like to give major love to Bishop who could not go out-of-town with me this time around.

Bishop & Tipsy!

So glad to be back home!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Playground Love


Picnics. Swimming. Hiking. Playing on the playground. Those are the things I think of when the word “Summertime” is used. It’s been WAY too hot to even consider hunting down a nice playground to take a whirl on the swings. It’s been too hot to slide down a metal slide or even think about leaving the cool comforts of air conditioning. I’m not going to even think about picnicing outside with this heat.

This is where Second Life comes into play. Although a virtual playground or picnic is not a suitable substitute for real life outdoor fun & exercise we can at least have some sort of fun till we can have the real deal.

Swings rock by the way.

I had to weed through the adult playgrounds, basic sex areas, AND one place that informed me they were a “Pee & Scat” playground. (Ewww!) I even found one place that said they were “Family Friendly” yet they listed spanking & sex related words in their search.

What the fuck people. What. The. Fuck.

Finding a playground that makes you think of something you would happen upon at a park is not an easy thing to do. Especially when you try to weed through the shopping centers. What we are trying to go for here is a swing/slide traditional playground here. A place to picnic with friends. Not something that involves “pee” damn it.

I did, fortunately,  find a two areas that gave you the feel of a real life playground minus the searing heat & bugs.  A picnic without the whole “ants touched my buns! (hehe buns) debacle. Let’s get right to the fun.

1. Northbrook Park (G)

A small park that is set up with a nice picnic area as well as volley ball & a small playground. The circle where the playground itself is located is surrounded by a set of small shop buildings that have yet to be rented. (Guess this would make a great plug for those in the family friendly industry & looking for space.)

Beyond the playground & shop buildings is an area that looks like a miniature carnival. Games, rides, as well as a sign I happened to notice that would rez a big wheels for someone to ride around.

Wee & Stuff!

You know I’m not big on the shopping but, for a small park, the picnic area wasn’t too shabby. Neither was the swing set.

2. The Pond (G)

The only thing search told me about this place before I came was that there was a pond. I ended up being really surprised at how beautiful the land is. No shopping (Thank you! Thank you!) A picnic basket is set up next to a small pond for your enjoyment as wildlife flutters & hops around you. It’s truly a beautiful sim & I recommend not only checking out the pond but all that they have to offer.

Relaxing Picnic Time!

The music is refreshingly original as the owner is the musician.  Being heavely involved with music on a daily basis I think this is wonderful. Not only can you listen to original music but if you purchase any of the music you are helping to support the sim. To help support the sim you can purchase their music HERE.

Never Know What You Might Find!

Exploring Second Life is a wonderful thing. There is always something to find that you’ve never seen before. Now it’s time I sat down to have my virtual picnic.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Happy Fourth Of July

We At The SLA Review Wanted To Wish Everyone A Very Safe & Happy Fourth Of July!


Mr. C. Cow & I decided to throw a bash on our rooftop patio. There will be much drinking, dancing, eating, & celebrating of Independence Day. Contrary to popular belief Mr. C. Cow is actually an excellent dancer. He can also drink an entire Whiskey tray without stopping to breathe. Not exactly sure how safe that is for a virtual cow but once he starts going he’s hard to stop.

Mr. C. Cow also makes a wonderful apple pie. Who would have thunk it?

To those that are not in the states we wish you a super awesome day!

Be safe. Don’t drink & drive. Be sure to search out fun things to do on Second Life for the holiday! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Grid Royal With Cheese

Weekend! Wooo!

Now What?

I’ve gathered a list of a few things going on this weekend on good Ol’ Second Life so you can be completely lazy, drunk, & use the SLurls to your advantage. I’ve helped you out by not having to search for stuff. Gives you more time to make drinks.

I’ve said it before. I am a fluffy-haired ball of helping.

ZombiePopcorn Carnival (M)

I usually try not to throw in anything shopping related for stuff to do. I’m giving this carnival a pass for two reasons. I like ZombiePopcorn & the ideas they come up with. I also got to ride the Ferris Wheel around a few times. It’s a carnival so you might hit some lag when you visit at certain times. I had no problems & had a bit of fun riding rides around as well as hitting up the diner they have set up.  The ZombiePopcorn Carnival goes on until June 30th.

Hi Ferris Wheel!

Second Life’s 9th Birthday (G)

The Second Life Birthday bash continues on until June 27th. I’ve mentioned it already this week but I wanted to mention it again as the official date for the birthday is this Saturday June 23rd. Also the last day for entertainment is on the 24th. Get your party on & celebrate the fact that Second Life has lasted this long before it’s too late. You can get all of the information you need about the parties on their website.

Second Life Communities Coming Together.

Would like to point out that I found the Raglan Shire’s SLB9 exhibit for this year.

I Found You!!

Speaking of the Shire the Summer Of WOOT is still going on. Friday June 22nd at 5pm SLT is Prim Charades. Saturday at 5pm SLT you can find them spinning 80s night at the Paw & Whisker. You can visit their official website & check out their calendar of upcoming events.

Play That Funky Music Tiny Dog!

“Tipsy” Cerulean