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Stuck In The Middle

To end our terrifying reign of Virtual Butts Month terror I thought I would share an ass mishap that occurred to me recently. I do a lot of teleporting around the grid to find places to write about. During one particular hop I ended up morphed into a doorway.


I had first started out in an area where they give you a little bit of information about the area then you have to teleport to their main area. During this teleport it decided that I shouldn’t land on my feet. Instead it decided that I should end up half in the door frame. Stuck in the middle of a prim.

Instead of screaming “HAAAAALLLPPPP” (no one was around anyways) or trying to get myself unstuck I decided to take a photo.

Doesn’t that sound like society today? Alien invasion. We’re all gonna die. Let’s tweet a picture of it!

To end Virtual Butts Month I thought it was only fitting to throw one of mine stuck in teleport limbo. What lesson have we learned from Virtual Butt Month? That sometimes you look really SLupid with your ass hanging out? Ass related accidents happen? I think that we’ve learned absolutely nothing. To quote a famous movie that sums up our lessons learned for Virtual Butts month……

“We Ain’t Found Shit!”

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Whatever happened to Hello?

“Hi! How are you doing? (insert witty banter) Hey…you wanna come hang out with me for a while? Maybe chat or do something?” (teleport sent)

Lesson In Offering A Teleport

I gave a greeting. Made a little chit chat. I asked if you wanted to do something with me. Hang out or (insert whatever you have in mind here). THEN I sent you a teleport to my location. I did not pounce upon you as soon as you logged with a teleport request. Nor did I use a teleport request to say hello to you. I didn’t attempt to make all of my communications with you by just sending a teleport. I was polite. I had a conversation with you. A lil’ chit chat.  Let’s all practice! Say it a few times to yourself. Practice typing it. Change the wording around to fit you. Good job!

How hard is this concept? I was polite. I didn’t spring a teleport on you as soon as you came in-world. Nor did I wait a while then send you one without even talking to you. If you never speak to me then offer me a teleport I’m not going to take it. It’s that simple. A teleport does not equal a conversation. You could be teleporting me someplace to have a conversation. I understand that. How am I suppose to know exactly where you expect to teleport me? Especially if you didn’t even say hi first?

I understand that some people don’t get the concept of saying hello before offering a teleport. Maybe they are new? Maybe the thought had never crossed their mind? Maybe they are leading me someplace I really don’t want to be? Fine. I still think it’s common sense. Isn’t it to most people? Hi before teleport? To me it is.

Don’t get upset if I won’t accept your teleport. If I choose to ignore it. Don’t get upset if I feel no need to IM you to explain why I did not take the teleport. I shouldn’t have to. I never have to. Then stop and think about why I didn’t take it. Let’s break this cycle & start being friendly. Repeat our lesson once more!