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Artwalk 2014 Is HERE!

The Raglan Shire Artwalk 2014 is officially upon us!  I get excited each year when the artwalk comes around because it shows that not only can residents in the virtual world of Second Life come together to showcase their creations but people from all walks of the grid converge on the Shire to share their appreciation of art.  This is a large yearly event that has over 140 artists that is not just for the folks of the Raglan Shire but the entire grid itself. Big, small, furry, or whatever you are it’s all about the art.


The artwalk spans over six areas so there is a lot to see. I recommend checking out the handy-dandy maps you’ll see around the Shire so you’ll know where everything  is. (3d & 2d art as well as sculptures and everything arty)


I live in as well as have the Raglan Report Office in Morning Shire and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to walk just a few steps down the Shire path to see some of the best art shared by so many people.

Interactive Art!

Interactive Art!

You never know what you’ll run into at art walk. As I wandered around admiring so much talent a caterpillar passed on by with a few riders.


Giddy Up!

There is so much amazing art going on that I cannot possibly share it all with you. I HIGHLY recommend you come and check out the talent of so many people, pick up some free artwalk swag at the Tree Stump Swag Area, as well as check out the Shire’s Calendar of events for various art related parties/performances/etc.

Change Your Windlight Settings For An Awesome Experience!

Change Your Windlight Settings For An Awesome Experience!

Art! On A Hedge!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


Important Info To Know:

SLurl to The Artwalk

The Raglan Shire Artwalk 2014 will be around until Sunday May 25th.  You can visit the Official Raglan Shire Webpage for more information.

Raglan Shire Calendar Of Events

Tree Stump Swag Area

Don’t know what Second Life is? Want to be a part of SL so you can go to such amazing events like Artwalk? Then visit the official Second Life website for more information.

 I want to thank those who have worked so hard to put on this years artwalk. From the people who set it all up, to the artists, to those that make it all run smoothly. Thank you for all you do!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year From All Of Us!


We had a wonderful New Years Eve this year. We danced. We sang. We played music. We drank.

No hangovers…it’s a gift…

Mr. C. Cow & I had to much fun. We shared a giant martini then while I danced on it he licked the olives. He really digs olives. Bishop didn’t get in our photo. He took the photo & laughed at how the olive was making Mr. C. Cow go “blaaahhhhh” while he kept licking it.

We hope that everyone had an absolutely magical (and safe) New Years Eve. And here’s to having a wonderful New Years day (as well as an awesome 2014)

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tinies On Tape

Winterfest 2013

Winterfest 2013 has hit the Raglan Shire in a ball of snow, fun, & holiday what-nots. The first thing that came to mind this year when Mount Waffle was erected in the middle of the Shire was that I needed to grab my snow shovel & make all pathways clear for Second Life residents.



After a few hours of toiling over the never-ending prim snow I realized that Winterfest wasn’t about making the paths clear for others to travel. (Although I still say “Safety First!!”.) Winterfest is all about Wootmas.

What’s Wootmas? Is it like Christmas? 

Well…yeah…but instead of just having snow & jingle bells “Wootmas” brings Wootmas Caroling, Sekret Santa, holiday togetherness & lots of parties. You can’t have the holidays unless you put a little “Woot” into it.

It’s about rolling down Mount Waffle in a giant ice ball. Riding the ski lift up to the top just to decide if you want to play it safe or take the “Jackrabbits Peril” trail (Which is clearly marked “steep & scary snow path”.) Playing a game of “frootcake” after you just ice skated around the hockey rink. Gifts under the tree from residents & shop owners alike. Warming yourself by the fire after a hard days shoveling.

Warming Up Over An Open Marshmallow Fire.

Warming Up Over An Open Marshmallow Fire.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about then you just need to go to, enjoy Winterfest, & only then will you know exactly what “Wootmas” really is.

Every year Winterfest in the Raglan Shire brings together a community that works really hard to just have a bit of fun. How can you not want to visit & see it for yourself?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Important SLurls & Information About Winterfest 2013:

SLurl To The Raglan Shire

Shires Calendar Of Events For All Of The Winterfest Events

Tinies On Tape Podcast On This Years Winterfest

Raglan Shire Website

Tiny Talent Big Fun

One of the greatest events….

Yes..I am using the word “greatest” because I honestly feel it is….

in Second Life is happening this weekend. 

No..it’s not a club holding a “best in red” event. No…it doesn’t involve shopping. 

On Saturday November 30th at 1pm SLT the tinies of the Raglan Shire are holding a Talent Show. I absolutely LOVE the talent show because it’s so much fun to see Second Life residents come together & share the things that they do best.

Last year we saw death-defying feats, singing, storytelling, fiddle playing spiders & so much more. (You can watch the video highlighting last years talent show on youtube.) I actually sang a blues song that Bishop & I wrote together. I’m signed up to perform this year & I hope, with the holiday & visitors, that I’ll still be able to perform with Bishop in this years show.


It is really worth checking out because it has to be one of my favorite events of the year. Instead of people using some sort of “woooooo” gesture while dancing around in a club we get to see the people behind the avatar using their real talents.

Just like Sesame Street taught us it doesn’t matter what you do or how you sound because everyone is welcome to watch or participate.

So…This Saturday November 30th in the Raglan Shire don’t miss the Talent Show from 1-3pm SLT. It’s well worth it.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Links/Information You Should Know:

*The landmark to the talent show doesn’t come out until Saturday before the show. You can go to the Shire & find your way to the Talent Show, Check The Friends Of The Raglan Shire group, or ask any tiny you see for directions.  You can always hit me up in-world for a landmark that day if needed.



Tiny Fashion Show

This weekend on Sunday November 24th at noon SLT the tinies will be taking the fashion world by storm. 


The annual Raglan Shire Tiny Fashion Show showcases some of the best fashion designers for tinies that Second Life has to offer. Although all fashion is for tinies its great fun to come & check out what those who are not human avatars are creating as well as show your support. The grid is full of creativity that needs to be supported.

This year’s fashion show is a little bit different because this is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Besides tiny fashions you might see a small Doctor or Dalek strutting their stuff down the catwalk.

Sunday November 24th – Tiny Fashion Show – Noon. Come check it out! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

For More Information:

 Raglan Shire Website 

SLurl To The Shire 

Raglan Shire Calendar Of Events

Showvember 2013

Showvember has once again descended upon the Raglan Shire. This time of the year (starting with Shocktober) is my favorite time of the year in the Shire. We go from the haunted spooky look to the fall look to Winterfest  & it actually makes me excited for the holidays.

Look! A Turkey!

Look! A Turkey!

Thanks Shire!

Showvember is full of wonderful events & shows throughout the month. Studio BAM, Fashion Show, & a Talent Show are just a few of the things you’ll see throughout the month.

Besides the various activities you’ll see (Check out their events calendar) there are signs of fall everywhere. Pies to bounce on, turkeys running around, leaves to run through. My personal favorite is the Shire giraffe that runs wild only stopping for a moment to either run you over or run away from you. Personally I think he’s evil (You can get a sign that I made saying he’s evil at my in-world office)


I also want to mention that there is a giant TARDIS in the middle of the Shire? Why is the Doctor in the Shire? Why is the TARDIS so big? To go along with the 5oth Anniversary of Doctor Who Whovember has come & brought a giant TARDIS along with it.



As the month goes on I’ll write all about the Shire’s Fashion Show, Talent Show, Studio BAM, & so much more that is going on in this busy month. Till then have fun wandering around, checking out the larger than life Tardis, & soaking up the Autumn atmosphere.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Links For You:

SLurl To The Raglan Shire

Raglan Shire Calendar Of Events

TOT Shire Podcast About Showvember

SLurl To In-World Office

As events come up I’ll be writing about them so stick around for more to come!

Pumpkins, Foxes, & Cake!

The other day I got a pumpkin carousel from one of my favorite in-world residents Pieni who owns the store Cake Fox.

Hope On Board Squishy!

Hope On Board Squishy!

You can’t help but love anyone that is a Cake Fox. Foxes are awesome. Cake is awesome. Cake Foxes are double the awesome power.

The pumpkin Carousel is great because it’s mesh & only has a land impact of 10. OK…that’s not what  you really want to hear (Land impact makes people fall asleep. “Let’s talk about land impa…zzzzzz..”). What you want to hear is “Does this awesome looking carousel work?”.

We’ll I’m glad you asked! (I feel like I should be in an infomercial. I’d rock the announcer voice thing.)

It works great! Seriously this little carousel completely rocks! It’s not just for tinies but it also will work with dinkies and biggies as well. Love this little detail because most of us have friends in-world that are both big and small. I put it out at my office if anyone would like to stop in & take it for a spin.

After twirling around on my pumpkin Carousel for a while I picked up a few hats that Cake Fox has. I am a sucker for hats on SL. I’m always wearing something on my head. (Tiny Bulldogs may have fur but they don’t have luscious heads of flowing hair). The first hat I picked up is the Streampunk Top Hat With Dancing Doll. I REALLY dig anything steampunk & absolutely love this hat. I feel very jaunty in it.


I also picked up an apple hat because they say “An Apple Hat A Day Keeps The Fashion Doctor Away”.

Mmm...Apple Hat....

Mmm…Apple Hat….

I want to thank Pie for the awesome Pumpkin Carousel & tell everyone to check out Cake Fox!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

You can check out Cake Fox Here.

Tinies, & Scares, & Rides…Oh My!

Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G) Opens at 2pm SLT on Sunday October 13th.

The Tinies Of The Raglan Shire have once again done it with this years opening of the  Tiny Ride Of Horrors (G). As I enter the ride a few things pass through my head.



Why didn’t I bring someone with me to grab onto as I scream my head off? Am I brave enough to enter? Why didn’t I bring any waffles with me to snack on?

By far the greatest ride, in my opinion, is the Tiny Ride Of Horrors that the residents of the Raglan Shire put on every year. Forget those that promise “The Greatest Ride EVER!” or those that promise to bring you chills down your spine. Hands (or paws or mitts or whatever) down they beat any ride you will see on Second Life. This is not me being bias or just saying it to be nice. It is the most creative fun I have seen this holiday season.

The Tiny Ride Of Horrors brings the scary without being overtly horrifying. They bring the scares without recycling the same garbage “Halloween Terror” you see many of the haunted houses, rides, or areas bring to you under the promise of “creativity”

Come play with us, Danny.

Come play with us, Danny.

The reason I give this Halloween ride my stamp of approval every year is because it changes with the ideas of those that bring it to us. It’s not like any other area you’ll see for the holiday. No Jason or Freddy to be found. Just brand new ideas & interpretations on what’s fun & what’s scary.

I don’t want to post a lot of photos of this wonderful area as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. It’s just that good. The Shire ride will be open until the end of Shocktober so be sure to check it out before then. It is open to both biggie & tiny avatars so be sure to visit before it’s gone.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tiny Horrors

The Raglan Shire has once again brought us their House Of Horrors (G) for their Shocktober celebration!

We've Got Munchies!

We’ve Got Munchies!

This is always my favorite haunted house in Second Life because it’s not overly horrifying so it’s friendly to everyone both big  & small. The thing that sets this haunted house apart from other haunted houses is the amount of work & creativity that goes into it from the members of the Shire community. From the details of the basement to the haunted hallways they always strive to bring a spooktacular scare in a fun & lighthearted manner.

Clowns Scare Me!

Clowns Scare Me!

This is a haunted house that is for avatars both biggie & tiny. I like this. It’s not like every other house on the grid that caters to those who choose to be human avatars. It has elements of fun, horror, & scares for all.

I'll Save You!

I’ll Save You!

Be sure to take your time wandering around as there is so much to see. You’ll find everything from a theater in the attic to a wonderful library.

Stop Flying So I Can Read You!

Stop Flying So I Can Read You!

The Raglan Shire Haunted House (G) is open to everyone till the end of Shocktober.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Coming Home

We’re back!

Break out the bottles of boozes. Blow up the party balloons. 

It’s been a while & real life put us out of commission for a while. Construction hassles, internet hassles, hassles with a side of hassles took a lot out of us but we’ve finally come through to the end. Which means…drum roll…The SLA Review is back to its regularly scheduled articles.

Huzzah & Stuff!

First off I would like to thank those that were supportive & patient while we went through hell to get back to the writing & the virtual community. Thank you to those who have stuck around to actually read this article. Thanks from the bottom of our little alcoholic heart.

OK. Enough of the mushy crap. Let’s move on shall we…

First off the SLA/TOT office has been remodeled for Autumn. Fall leaves. Pumpkins. Information.

Remodeling Rocks!

Remodeling Rocks!

Feel free to sit in our chairs, wander the property, use our bathroom. It’s an open house baby so please come & enjoy!

Sit In Our Chairs!

Sit In Our Chairs!

I would also like to point out that I would like to start doing TOT podcasts again for the Tinies Of The Raglan Shire. This means that, if you have shout outs/news/whatever you want said during our podcast then please send it to us as soon as possible. If you need more information then check out the TOT website or come visit us in-world.

Since we are finally back I want to say that Halloween is around the corner. Every year I spend the month of October finding the craziest fun one can find for the holiday. So I will try to put out as much information I can for the next month. Think costumes, pumpkins, places to visit, plus so much more. I look forward to getting to work & I hope you look forward to reading all about it.


“Tipsy” Cerulean