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Summers End

Summer has official come to a close in my little real life world. Summertime is a time that I stop just about all writing about Second Life because it’s too damn nice to be cooped up in a house. There are trails to be hiked. Places to be visited. Sun to stare at.

Well…not stared at exactly…you know what I mean.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing virtual things again but this takes me a few. I need to try to get ahead a little bit in the writing so I’m not constantly going “Holy Shit! I should put something out!”.

Back To Work!

Back To Work!

Same goes for the Raglan Report Podcast that I am a part of. I need to update that site and actually record a podcast.

The end of Summer is hard.

So…I’m plotting my plots and whateves to start back into another fun-filled explosion of writing proportions.

Let The Good Times Roll!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Sim Location: Prim River National Forest  (Which will probably be reviewed soon! Woo!)


Missing You!

June is here! Huzzah!

I wanted to keep everyone up to date on where we are with real life stuff as well as the SLA Review. Do to the weather (I think it’s rained 80% of the whole month of May) we are STILL waiting for the real life house we are building to finish. It should have been done already but shit happens sometimes. Might not like it but shit does happen.

So we are still in limbo & still without a steady internet connection until the house is finished & things are hooked up. We are now looking at the end of June for this to all happen. On top of that I am going out of town for a while for baseball.


With that said things will go back to normal with the SL articles come the beginning of July. The same will go for the pod casts that Bishop & I do together. I am sorry about the inconvenience but there is nothing I can do to make the sun shine and contractors WORK FASTER DAMN IT!

Wish us luck that things get done quickly! (I miss SL!!!!)

“Tipsy” Cerulean