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Postcards From Tipsy


As you can tell it has been a long time since I’ve posted on the Ol’ review website. Do to real life things (I’m looking at YOU limited gigs!!) I haven’t been able to review places in SL as much as I would like.


Due to this I have started a new website that has given me the opportunity to do what I love, write a creative story, and not use up my interwebbings.

Please go and check out my new website! Postcards From Tipsy!

One Otter, A Camper, An Adventure!

Every Tuesday and Thursday I post a postcard for all of my friends telling them about our adventures in SL (As well as…coming soon…our real life adventures.) You know that an otter with a beehive traveling with a cow has to be funny.

We will be adding another day with something special posted in the future but…shhh…..can’t tell you yet.

Please check out my new website and share it with everyone! Friends. Not Friends. Parents. The Dog. That Weird Guy Next Door That Waters His Lawn At Strange Hours.


Thank you for the support!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Postcards From Tipsy




“Tipsy” Cerulean

Where’s Tipsy?

Summer is an extremely busy time of the year for me in that place we call “The Real World”.

Real stuff always getting in the way of our virtual lives. Bah!

Summer is a time to take a break and a small vacation. Who doesn’t love vacations???!!!???

Assholes. That’s who!

I will be putting things out throughout the entire Summer but it might be randomly put out with no thought to schedules. That’s what the Summer should be all about. A time to go out into the world, soak up the sun, drink a bunch of fancy drinks that have umbrellas in them, pretend you know how to grill a zucchini without it falling through the grill rack, and just flat-out have fun. Just keep checking back periodically and there might be something out. We’ll get back to a normal writing schedule in the Fall.

I have to put a picture of something up so I put one up of my biggie.


Going Forth And Doing Something!

Going Forth And Doing Something!

So Go! Get off of your computers and have a bit of fun this Summer. Before you know it Summer will be gone.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Nap Time

We are super worn out.


Since October the SLA Review has put out almost 50 articles on everything from the holidays to events to neat stuff we’ve found around the grid to places to visit (or not). Then we’ve done a lot of work helping out with various things in-world as well as doing our own thing, DJ-ing for various parties, & getting our organizational skills on. Then…don’t forget that we podcast the Tinies On Tape with “St.” Bishop as other musical things. Our plate is always full. (And so is our beer mugs because you have to admit you can’t do all of this without always having beer on hand.)

I am going to try to take the SLA Review & give it a vacation until January 10th. Will still be doing all of the other things but will try to take a review/writing break. It probably won’t last even that long because I get this “I MUST WRITE SOMETHING!!” thing that comes over me. I do want to say that if you have a place you want me to look at or an event/theme coming up let me know & I can review/write about it. If you need music let me know. See…I can’t ever really vacation. I just don’t have it in me.

Don’t cry…we’ll be back on January 10th! 

Time To Take A Nap!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Vacation -Sorta

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I was considering moving again on Second Life. I currently have 3 weeks left (4 week min) on my rental home that I have occupied since Dec of Last year. That is a really large record for me. I’ve keep it because its cheap & I can place any home I want on it (as long as it fits the theme). Even though I’ve changed my house about 5 times I am extremely bored. Very very bored. Looking at the same old things is getting tiring.

My answer came in the form of the homeless & a friend who was also bored as well. My father needed a home on Second Life so that he would at least have a place to rezz to when he logged in. My friends lease was up & she had decided not to renew. This gave me an idea. I’m bored but I am still stuck in a lease. My father needed a place to call home & my friend was up for a change. We needed a plan.

I decided to check out a brand new build by one of my favorite residental businessmen of Second Life. The same individual who built the SS Galaxy (one of my favorite places I have ever lived on SL) I rented a cabin on the CP Pegasus. A large, luxury blimp high up in the sky. There are varying prices depending on what you are looking for. Prices run from 400-1000 a week for 200-400  prims. There are also furnished day rooms for 80 Lindens a day for those who are looking for a place to take a small vacation. I am currently renting a two bedroom cabin for 600 a week at 300 prims. This seems very high priced for the amount of prims compared to some great deals I have gotten in the past. But..you are not just paying for your cabin. You are also getting luxury. Dining, a pool, dancing, lounges, a bar (MAJOR PLUS in my department), an exercise area (yes..I know..it makes me giggle too).  Nothing is shabby. It is very well built. Very high class feel. A perfect sorta SL vacation & home.

Who knows what will happen in 3 weeks when my original rent is up. Will we stay on the blimp for a little while longer?  Will I rent my dad a nice SL apartment that he can have all to himself?  Will my friend wander off & find something new? Who knows..until then I’m going to have a gin & tonic by the pool.