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Ye Corky Medieval Festival

Thither art a few things i cannot intermit in this ordinary. i cannot intermit the promiseth of mead, a possible peasant revolt, and the ability to weareth a coronet whenev’r possible.

You’re probably wondering a few things right now. What the hell did Tipsy just say? How did she say it? (Translator Baby) And…why is she talking like that?



It’s that time of the year again for the Raglan Shire to get their medieval on. September is a month full of ratpops, castles, things that make you feel like you walked into a ren faire mixed with Monty Python (Not a bad thing), and the possibility of finding various foods on sticks. (I happened to find a waffle, pancake, cookie, AND nachos on a stick.)

Oh This? It's My Summer Home.

Oh This? It’s My Summer Home.

This is the 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival and it does not feel stale like many reoccurring yearly Second Life affairs. Every year, from the various events  to the decor, it gives you a feeling of ye ol’ days gone by mixed with the silly fun that only the residents of the Shire can provide.

Follow Directions!

Follow Directions!

I do want to point out that each year the Shire raises funds to support various adopted animals.

Elish The Giraffe – ZSL Zoo In London

Malayan Tapir Named Fluffy – Sedgwick Zoo In Kansas

You can find where to donate by looking for the signs.


The shire medieval festival only runs through septemb’r so don’t misseth out on this amazing nonce!

The Lady Of Libations – “Tipsy” Cerulean

Important SLurls And Web Links:

SLurl To The 8th Annual Raglan Shire Medieval Festival

Official Raglan Shire Website

Shire Calendar Of Events

I put together a wee something for this years festival by turning my in-world office into a tavern. Come check out the Ye Ol’ Drunken Bovine!




“Tipsy” Cerulean

Love Rollercoaster

You know that I only named this article “Love Rollercoaster” so you would get THIS SONG stuck in your head.

You’re welcome.

February is almost upon us and it’s suppose to be the month of love with the whole Valentine’s Day “Give Me Candy! Give Me Flowers! WHERE THE HELL IS MY ROMANTIC CARD ASSHOLE!!” thing. To celebrate this strange thing we like to call “love” I thought we would officially name the month of February “You didn’t go to Jared? You suck at love!” month.

I’m joking.

Let’s throw the commercialized “buy my love” crap to the side and officially name the month of February “Love Month”. Simple name. Simple concept. For the entire month I’ll be sprinkling different articles that involve the word “Love”.  They will involve all different aspects of love. From places that involve love to thoughts on things I love. Let me ponder what I love.


What do I love? I love my family. I love my friends. I love Mr. C. Cow. I love porn. I love ripping apart the things that annoy me.  Yup…it’s going to be one of THOSE types of months.

Here’s To Looking Ahead To “Love Month” February. 

“Tipsy” (I went with the croissant for breakfast) Cerulean

Going To The Zoo

I had this strange urge to visit a zoo the other day. Not living near a zoo (unless you count the goat farm down the street) using Second Life to learn about or look at animals isn’t too bad of a substitute.

The issue with trying to find the keyword “Zoo” in a Second Life search is that areas that are actually trying to recreate a realistic experience are sometime buried under the breedable animal craze or a store.

I first decided to try checking out the Bizarre Zoo (M). I should have been leery that the description had the word “gaming” in it but I was intrigued by the word “bizarre”.

Big mistake. My bad.

Bizarre Zoo isn’t really a zoo. Their zoo portion isn’t a zoo as much as it’s a flying pig, a turtle, and a guinea pig sunning itself.

Beach Party!

Hope You Remembered Suntan Lotion.

Then we get into the whole store & gaming area. Blah blah blah…whatever…not getting my zoo on here.

I was happy to zoom on out of there and right to the entrance of the Oasis Zoo (M). If you’re looking for a real feel zoo then they are not going to disappoint you. From their exhibits with signs about each animal to the little aquarium you feel a little better about staring at virtual animals. The administration area with nutritionist & animal hospital is a great realistic touch.



The Oasis Zoo does have a sign up that asks you to excuse their mess as they are remodeling. I will be interested in seeing what they have when construction is finished.

Waiting For It To Lick It's Eye.

Waiting For It To Lick It’s Eye.

To me, a visit to the zoo means learning about animals in great exhibits. Grabbing some popcorn to munch on while staring at naked mole rats. We have the tools and the power to education & to entertain by using some prims & imagination.

Even if it’s just to stare at a virtual polar bear.
“Tipsy” Cerulean

Twisted Christmas

Now let’s not get this confused with an 80’s hair band.

Slightly Twisted (M) is a name that you would probably skip on by in your search of the ol’ holiday cheer. I’m telling you right now that you need to stop right there Mr. Or Ms. Virtual Avatar & take a chance that you’ll find winter in the name.

Hello There!

Hello There!

Slightly Twisted is an art sim that periodically changes its art exhibits. While I was visiting there were 3D art installations of winter & Christmas.

I Could Use Animals To Put My Tree Up.

I Could Use Animals To Put My Tree Up.

The sim is absolutely stunning. The 3D art is beautiful to look at. The natural settings are a treat to walk through.

Oh No!

Oh No!

I suggest that you dress the part with a winter hat or gloves while you walk around. Screw around with windlight. Get your virtual camera out. It’s a perfect place to take great winter or holiday themed photos. I plan on coming back very soon to take a bunch of winter photos. I couldn’t ask for a better, natural setting.

Take a chance with Slightly Twisted (M) if you’re in the mood to get your holiday nature on. You won’t be disappointed.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Run Run Reindeer

I decided to get a head start on writing for the Christmas season this year. It helps me out because I get so many ideas that I need lots of time to write them all. Because of some of the things going on in the sim I am about write about it couldn’t wait until the month of December. So…enjoy a little bit of Pre-December holiday cheer!

While browsing the word “Reindeer” & humming a lil’ tune I came across Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G). I’ve written about them in the past & even found a review I did on them in 2011. I decided to pop on over & give them another well deserved review for this holiday season.

When using the search keyword “Reindeer” you soon discover that it’s a pain in the ass to weed out the crappy stores from the yuletide fun. I took a chance on one to find out that it just dumped me out in a reject store with crap from the dawn of Second Life. It had a penguin that was making a noise that sounded like a cross between a bird saying “ho ho ho” & someone with a breathing problem. If I was able to kick a prim penguin across a sim this one would have been airborne.

Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G) does have shopping but it’s not slapping you in the face. If you need holiday decorations then you can make your way to their holiday store. If not then you can go forth to ski, sled, skate, or just ride around in a one horse open sleigh.

Hey..jingl..sorry…was about to burst into song. 

The sim is pretty massive & there is too much to mention in just one article. There are a few things that I would like to point out. First and foremost…beware of the polar bears. They like to get vicious if you get too close without introducing yourself.

Friend Not Food!

Friend Not Food!

After a few minutes of explaining that I was friend not food they decided to let me live.

In all seriousness it’s a really nice holiday sim. Throughout the season they are offering music events as well as the arrival of Santa Claus at noon SLT on November 29th. You can get a free photo with Santa from Mrs. Claus.


If you’re looking for some sort of family holiday getaway, a place to take winter photos, or just somewhere to wander around then Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G) is probably the best place you’ll find it all.

Just watch out for those Polar Bears.

Wave Them Around Like You Just Don't Care!

Wave Them Around Like You Just Don’t Care!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

November 2013 Office-A-Rama

Every month I change my in-world office to fit the season. 


Besides being the SLA Review offices it is also home to the Tinies On Tape, the podcast that myself & “St.” Bishop do for the Raglan Shire. 

Have A Seat!

Have A Seat!

Feel free to wander around, run through the leaves, sit in the house, & check out our information on both the SLA Review & the TOT (Tinies On Tape). The land is open for all to wander around.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurls & Links:

Official Tinies On Tape Website

Listen To Tinies On Tape On Your Computer

Tinies On Tape On iTunes

SLurl To Our In-World Offices


Burn2 Is Upon Us!

I am really excited for this years Burn2 which starts Saturday October 20th. For those that don’t know what Burn2 is it is an extension of the Burning man festival in Second Life. This year’s theme is “Fertility” which mirrors the theme of the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man regional event, and the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups. The best way to describe it is that it is a festival of community, art, & fire. However you want to describe it Burn2 is always worth checking out.

Amazing Build!

This year makes number three for the Burn2 events (being formally known as Burning Life before then) & they do not disappoint. For 2012 they have expanded from four regions to six which, to me, is amazing. I am glad that this has grown because it gives more room for people to become involved as well as more for those of us who attend every year to see.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who know about Burning Man but do not have the opportunity to attend in real life. For those of you who have no clue what Burning Man is or what it is about then I suggest checking out their website.

Gate Road.

I had a chance to wander around before the official opening & instantly fell in love. There are so many talented artists, creators, & builders that put in a lot of time to build some of the most amazing things I have ever seen in Second Life.  I constantly find myself in awe over the things we can accomplish in our little virtual world. I give a big thank you to those that make these types of events possible.

The Man.

You should know that Burn2 official starts on October 20th. On the 27th the man burns & the 28th the temple burns. This is one of those Second Life events that is a must for any avatar. It is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

For more information please check out the Burn2 website! They will have events & information to help you with your visit.

SLurls To Help You Get Around:

Gerlach – The small Nevada town of Gerlach

Gate Road – Entrance To Burning Man

Ranger HQ  – Their camp is a recreation of the actual Ranger’s Camp at this years Burning Man event.

The Man  – Recreation of  the First Life Burning Man Base from this year’s event. This was a collaborative build that included support from the First Life Man team. Part of the build is mesh so you will need a mesh compatible viewer to see it. BURN2 is the only regional event allowed to burn the Man.

The Temple – A feature of the First Life event which shares features from but is unique to Burn2.

Happy Fourth Of July

We At The SLA Review Wanted To Wish Everyone A Very Safe & Happy Fourth Of July!


Mr. C. Cow & I decided to throw a bash on our rooftop patio. There will be much drinking, dancing, eating, & celebrating of Independence Day. Contrary to popular belief Mr. C. Cow is actually an excellent dancer. He can also drink an entire Whiskey tray without stopping to breathe. Not exactly sure how safe that is for a virtual cow but once he starts going he’s hard to stop.

Mr. C. Cow also makes a wonderful apple pie. Who would have thunk it?

To those that are not in the states we wish you a super awesome day!

Be safe. Don’t drink & drive. Be sure to search out fun things to do on Second Life for the holiday! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Dear Diary: Tiny Edition

Dear Tiny Diary,

Break Of Dawn: I suddenly awoke from a really weird dream tonight Diary. I would fumble around to check out the time on the clock but I don’t want to forget it. I was at war yet I do not know who I was at war with. Alone  I was in charge of shooting off the cannon whenever the enemy got to close to our tree fort. Who told me I must man the cannons I do not know. Nor do I know who we were fighting. What I do know is that the sky was dark & overcast in a sort of smog haz. I knew that I must keep my post at the cannon or we would fall. Strangely enough the cannon only shot cooked chickens. Why they were cooked chickens I do not know. Cooked chickens are extremely freaky to me Diary because I’m a vegetarian.

Chickens Away!

Why would I shoot meat out of a cannon? 

6:30am – My dreams were all sorts of weird so it made it hard to go back to sleep. I decided to make my way to the local coffee shop for a quick cup. There is nothing better than a tiny cup of coffee with a bit of waffle syrup to get a tiny in a goofy ready to charge into the world kinda mood.

Breakfast Of Tiny Champions!

It was really quiet at the coffee-house. It’s not as much fun to enjoy a cup of coffee all alone. Oh well! Off to explore Dear Diary!

9AM: I procrastinated a bit this morning Diary. I skipped. I stopped to smell the roses. I found a place that served really awesome waffles.

Mmmm Waffles…

I’m easily distracted by…ooo look! I see something super shiny!

I..I see a giant musical instrument that I must jig to.

Dance Tiny Dance!

I was easily distracted by the giant tuba. Who wouldn’t be? This tuba, yeah I’m blaming a musical instrument, was the main reason I was late to the office today. Then I realized that I work for myself, I’m young & I happen to be a tiny bulldog in a steam punk hat. I’m taking the day off.

Instead of heading off to work today I have decided to wander down to the docks for a bit of fun. Don’t you judge me Diary! Everyone needs to take a day off every so often.

Noon: By the time I actually stopped dancing around the park & made it to the docks I realized that I was starving.. Tiny jigging to the beat of a giant tuba builds up a doggone appetite (Dog..Doggone…get it…).

I found a small bar alone the boardwalk that catered my size so I sided up to the bar, ordered myself an oatmeal waffle stout & a waffle on a stick for lunch.

I’ll Take Everything You’ve Got Bartender!

Stout & food on a stick is part of a perfect avatar lunch.

6pm: I’ve wandered around the boardwalk for a couple of hours Diary. Took a small boat out into the ocean. Wrestled a whale with my bare paws. I swear I would have taken pictures of the whole excursion but have you ever tried to take a picture while holding on to a whale? How about when wrestling one? I just thought I would be kinda rude to ask if we could stop so I could pull my camera out.

I’ve ended my day on the boardwalk with a puppet show. It was some story where the one puppet kept hitting the other puppet with a stick. I didn’t exactly see the humor in it.  This is so boring. The whale & I really should have went a couple of more rounds.

Creepy Puppet Show Is Creepy.

Maybe I’ll give him a call tomorrow.

8pm: Time to hit up  the ool party. They have a bar there that makes the most awesome margaritas. Once, no matter if you’re a tiny or a biggie, can not pass up the awesome power of a margarita.

I know you’re probably wondering why there is no “P” in “OOL”. You’ll just have to come to the ool yourself to figure it out. Just beware of the Baby Ruth.

Chillin’ By The OOL.

This has been a pretty awesome day Diary. The best day to end it with a ool party & a margarita. Let’s just hope there are no more weird cannon chicken dreams tonight.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Thought we would get a little creative with the tiny today.  A nice creative way to give you all a few places to check out around the grid. Also it gave me an excuse to screw around with pictures.

You can also check out Dear Diary: Biggie Edition if you missed it.

All pictures were edited today using Pixlr.

Dream cannon photo taken at: The Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fort (G)

Morning coffee photo taken at: Huggy’s Coffee House (M)

Dancing in the park taken at: Steampunk Park In New Babbage (M)

Lunch at the bar & puppet show taken at:  Hastinys-On-Sea – Tiny Based Olde English Seafront (M) 

Sitting by the OOL taken at:  Raglan Shire (G) The “Summer Of Woot 2012” is currently going on so be sure to check out their website for information.