Tipsy For President

Drinking Beer. Running A Virtual Nation.

There is no office of Second Life president.

Well…Why the hell not?

I, “Tipsy” Cerulean Capalini, have thrown my virtual empty gin bottle into the political ring to run for the first ever Second Life President.

I promise to tell it like it is, no matter how harsh the truth can be. I promise to not stop drinking & bringing you HIGHlarious SLA Review articles. I promise not to watch my language.

To hell with those who think they are important because they build a really kick ass Second Life club or a new virtual thong. I am of the avie for the avie. The common folks who like to shake things up (Then pour it into a martini glass with an olive).

Shout it from the prim rooftops. Pass the word along. Let’s get this campaign started!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Vote For Me!!!!

(I would love to do a campaign tour through Second Life. If you are interested in being a stop drop me a line at the SLA Review In-World Office. Just drop a notecard in the mailbox.)

5 responses

  1. Tipsy, is there some place to vote for you for SL President? Let me know in a twitter DM. I support Tipsy just knowing how passtionate she is with her SL and her SL Blog!! I am not in SL but want to research getting involved and having a virtual drink with hopefully the upcoming SL President.

    1. I’ve been trying to get a virtual grass roots campaign started. There should be such a position damn it!

  2. Fancy Martinek | Reply

    OMGravy !!!!! Could you get us last names again, if elected?

    1. I will add that to my “things I shall do as SLpresident” list. LOL! Seriously…I agree! We really need last names back. I feel you lose out on not having one & being called “Resident”. It gives identity.

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