Blogger Template

There has been this overwhelming wave of blogger challenges & meme’s that have been going across the Second Life sites. Dress like this or take a picture with that.  While I have done a few every so often that I find interesting in the past this insane amount of “Write about this subject” or “Take a picture of that” is just too much. It’s not creative to find yourself constantly in a loop of meme’s & other people’s ideas.

Well, Tipsy, why isn’t it creative?

I’m glad you asked!

While I don’t fault the every so often challenge one does on their site doing a couple a week does not become an article, review, or whatever the hell you are writing about. It becomes a crutch with which you find you no longer need to come up with your own original idea.

No One Said I Had To Stand Here.

It’s  nothing but taking an idea that happens to be someone elses & just adding to it. Like a bloggers template.

Holy shit! See what I did there!  I actually worked the title into the article. Amazing!

If you decide to do a blogger challenge then so did, depending on who put the challenge out, quite a few other people. Not only did you put yourself into a position where you no longer had to use your own original ideas to write about you’ve also found yourself lumped in with a massive amount of other bloggers who are doing the exact same thing. It doesn’t make you a writer. It doesn’t make you a master blogger. It makes you a little internet sheep following the electric meme flock.

Sheep damn it!

In closing I would like to ask that everyone please pick maybe one they feel like doing & forget the rest. Is there one for a charity or a cause you believe in? Then by all means do it! There is a difference between “underpants down to your knees” memes & helping out a cause. Know the difference.

Start ignoring the blogger template waves & ride your own. Basically…..come up with your own shit. We, as writers, bloggers, storytellers, photographers, pimps of the press are way more creative than that.

You are all better than that.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


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