The Profile Drinking Game

Fridays are usually the day that I come out with some really awesome ass kicking club reviews. I wrote a review earlier this week about a club I enjoyed. The other clubs that I had wandered into just plain sucked. Badly. Not worth even a word written about how bad they are. Instead, to have a little fun, we are going to play a game.

Why Tipsy? Whhhhhyyyyyyy?

It’s gonna be OK.

I present you with two days of drinking games! (Don’t forget to check back Saturday for another virtual drinking game.)


The Profile  Drinking Game!


1. Be sure to have booze while you play. Booze is fun!

2. Recommended for two or more players (so judging whats the funniest is easier)

3. NEVER share the name of the person you are looking at and NEVER EVER harass anyone. This is just checking out people’s profiles. It is not meant to be malicious. If your profile is open for all to see then we are allowed to look at it.

4. Pick a word to use in the Second Life search in-world. Go to profiles. Find the funniest profile you can using the word you picked.

5. Only use the profile line that comes up in the search. Searching though the entire profile takes too damn long & isn’t as much fun as a random word hit.

6. Hilarious use of the word in profile – Drink

7. Profile line using your word that you cannot stop laughing at – Shot

8. Have fun!


Here are some great examples of what lines made me die of laughter while playing today.


Word: Bitch

“Do you need a fat bitch to humiliate or torture?”

(Actually I wasn’t looking for one. Sorry.)


Word: Rubber

“Restricted rubber object in the shape of a puppygirl.”

(I gave myself a bonus for the use of the word “puppygirl”. If they would have also used the words “chew toy” I may have had to just drink directly from the bottle.)


Word: Whore

These four lines were right in a row. That made me lose it.

“I.. am not… a whore..”

“Let me be your whore.” 

“Lucky chair whore.”

“I’m coming whore fuck.”

(Wow people. WOW!)


Things I discovered while playing:

1. If you think you are being creative by calling yourself “The Doctor” from Doctor Who you’re not. There are countless people who claim to be The Doctor.

2. 6188 people use the word Bitch in their profile. This will probably completely change every time you look because there seems to be a lot of  “Bitch” on Second Life.

3. My favorite profile of the day involved an extremely new resident with nothing but “I love monkeys!” in their profile. Don’t we all honey. Don’t we all.

4. I looked up A/S/L today. Age/Sex/Location. You would not believe the number of people who still use it or actually ask people, via their profile, for that information.  I am assuming they are running dial-up & troll chat rooms that involve refreshing to see the conversation.

Since it wouldn’t be an article without some great picture to mold the whole thing together here is a random picture of Christmas Cow wearing a furry hat balancing a bottle of vodka on his nose while it just happens to be snowing. On a beach.

What The Hell Are You Doing Little Cow?

Sometimes it just doesn’t have to make sense.

Have fun playing “The Profile Drinking Game” this weekend! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*Coming Soon…Like Tomorrow….The Second Life Drinking Game!*

3 responses

  1. Cool azz game Tipsy. Need to play it over Xbox Live sometime.

    1. I was a drunk weird person on Xbox live last night. Not like I’m not weird anyways. Anytime!

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