SLBlizzard Warning For Grid

A Blizzard warning has been issued for Second Life & will last until 5am Monday. The entire grid will be effected with some areas getting as much as 15 prim feet of snow. Some areas are already starting to see massive amounts of snow falling & will end up with an accumulation of 20+ prim feet. (Drifts as high as a large SL skyscraper)

Building A Fort For Protection

Please remember that during a SLblizzard Warning that various precautions must be taken. Please be careful of black ice on the teleports when traveling all this weekend. If the weather gets to be too rough we ask that avatars seek shelter immediately. Reduced visibility is expected with strong laggy winds reducing movement around various sims to as much as 5 mph.

We will keep you up to date on the latest blizzard news throughout the SLweekend.


This brave reporter went forth into the snowy tundra we call Second Life to bring you the latest weather reports from around the grid. I also ran out of beer & bread & had to make the dangerous trek through frozen wastelands to go to the SLcarry out.

Some areas are really bad. I am unsure if I will come back alive or if my poor unfortunate little alcoholic body will be found buried under the snow. My arms stiff as they clutch my case of beer. One stuck to my face as I would die while drinking one & it will get frozen to my lips.

OH mind is now freezing up & thoughts of frozen Tipsycicle stranded on the frozen tundra keep spinning around. I request that you please sent help & LOTS of booze as soon as possible before I perish.


S.O.S. Send Booze!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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