The SLA 2010 Rewards

So It’s the new year.  The Christmas decorations are being taken down. The fine folks of SL are once again reclaiming prim space eaten up by blinging Christmas trees & other festive mumbo jumbo. It is time to take a look back at 2010 & all of the good (& bad) it virtually gave us while looking forward towards what 2011 might have in store for us.

I started out my New Years eve this year doing something I’ve done for the past few years. Put on a new fancy gown & went to various jazz clubs. Listened to the music. Drank a few French 75s. The jazz clubs of Second Life have come and gone throughout the years. A few are still around but have turned into laggy shopping mall fests. The Blue Note Jazz Club has stayed virtually the same all of these years & has become a sort of tradition to me. A place for me to go & contemplate things. Listen to the music and write. So I am giving The Blue Note a special mention for giving me a place to spend New Years Eve (Even though it was empty the whole time I was there I was grateful…I need time alone at times.)

Happy New Year!

So many things have happened this past year. We had a LOT of shake ups in the way Second Life is run. New people coming in to take over things. Then leaving. Then more new people. We’ve read all about it. I don’t think anyone needs any reminders. Lets get to the interesting & funny of Second Life (as well as the pissed off & sad). Time for the 2010 SLA Review Awards!!

Fuck! Not again!

I lost count how many times in 2010 I got stuck in a teleport. Frozen into the ground. Lagged off into the sunset. Issues. Issues. And still…more issues. But…for those of us who have stuck it out….we survived. Barely. I would like to give teleport issues a special award for being one of the largest pains in the ass for 2010.

2010 saw a LOT of dress disasters. Don’t pretend that you don’t know exactly what I am talking about. The dress that looked absolutely awesome in the advertisement. It was expensive. You purchased it…giddy with thoughts of wearing it to some fancy cocktail party. Packages unwrapped. Dress thrown on. And it looks like….absolute shit. My 2010 worse dress award goes to this lovely little purple number.

Worse Fancy Dress Of 2010

It also goes into a WHOLE different category of why this dress sucks. But…come on…HOLY SHIT GRAPE BATMAN! So…with good reason…I give this a worse fancy dress award for 2010.

“St.” Bishop has been with me for all of my SL years and MANY MANY in real life. I want to give him a special award that I have dubbed “Best Snowball Fight With Drinks In Hand Of 2010”

Best Drunken Snowball Fight Of 2010

Breedable animals. It all started with the Chickens. Then it went from laggy little cluckers to turtles. Then it spiraled out of control to bunnies. Pigs. Horses. Cats. They sucked up more lindens due to daily care then a hooker at a cheap adult sim. The 2010 award for biggest (& most laggy) money pit of Second Life goes to EVERY SINGLE BREEDING ANIMAL OF SECOND LIFE. (Big round of applause for an award well-earned)

2010 Biggest Money Pit Lag Hole Of SL

There are so many other awards I would love to give out for 2010. Best Booty Pop Of 2010 would absolutely to go to “St.” Bishop because no one can pop it like he can. Biggest disappointment award goes to LL for never fixing land issues for over 6 months forcing me to attempt to sell (& probably end up abandoning) my land due to the fact that it is now unlivable.

I may have to drink a few martini’s & get cracking on a yearbook to remember all of the things that have happened in 2010. (Dinner roleplaying at a fancy restaurant, Bishop as a “sexy” hooker, the birthdays, the tears & the laughter). Here is to 2011. May you be a better year then 2010 could ever be.

Welcome 2011!!!!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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