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St. Paddy’s Day 2015

I’m a couple of hours early this year saying this but better early than not at all. Or whatever.

I wanted to start out by wishing everyone a wonderfully shamrock-y, possibly green liquor filled, “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, St. Paddy’s Day.


Yes…I said St. Patty’s Day in the picture. To those who grammar attacked me right when I posted this. Go fuck yourself. With a shamrock if you’re so inclined.

Back to what I was saying…..

Mr. C. Cow and I have nothing majorly planned for this years drink lots o’ things holiday. We plan on hanging out in my virtual front yard and working on things I need to work on. I know. We’re so exciting! But…as you can see from the picture we do own a still so suck it sobriety!

Someone needs to make me a real life shirt that says “Suck It Sobriety!”

As for real life it’s a freakin’ Tuesday. Blah. Tuesday. Bishop has to work. I have my work that I have to do. It will be 80 degrees out so I might say screw it and take my work to the lake. Nothing makes you feel better about doing shit then doing it next to a body of water out in the sun.

I do have a bottle of nice Irish whiskey that I do plan on drinking a bit of in honor of my Irish roots. Do you REALLY think I would miss an opportunity to drink that is sorta socially acceptable? Of course not silly people!

Also…I just like whiskey. Don’t need a holiday to drink it but damn it I have an excuse on a Tuesday.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful green wearing, binge drinking, possibly kissing people who are pretending to be Irish, as much fun as one can have on a Tuesday!

Don’t be idiots! Stay Safe!

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

…From All Of Us To All Of You….


Growing up St. Patrick’s Day was a pretty big deal. It still is with my family. They go to see a lot of Irish bands all year round & I’ve seen quite a few when I’m in town. Lot’s of Irish foods. Alcohol. Fun!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.

Stay safe & don’t drink too much green beer like Mr. C. Cow & I.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I don’t eat meat, Mr. C. Cow isn’t big on eating other animals, & we had a turkey as a guest we are enjoying a wonderful virtual tofu turkey meal this year. Afterwards Bishop & I are planning on having a LOT of drinks & Mr. C. Cow plans on playing football against the turkey. I think he said something like “Moo’s Vs. Feathers”.

I think it’s time I grabbed another beer & tried to come up with some things I am virtually thankful for this year. Maybe this year I should come up with a “list of things I am not that thankful for” virtual list after the holiday.

Things I Am Virtually Thankful For:

1. The fact that you can walk into just about anywhere on SL & have a free virtual drink. Nothing makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something more then matching your virtual drink with the one you’re drinking in real life.

2. I’m thankful for every Friday’s Prim Charades (5pm SLT) because it gives me something to do while making drinks & listening to music. And thank you to Tuesdays Prim Charades (10:30am SLT) for giving me something fun to watch while I’m doing mundane Tuesday stuffs.

3. A HUGE thank you to Jazz Paws for their project to bring the tinies of the Raglan Shire into the real world. It’s a wonderful idea & I suggest you check them out. It’s nice to see something grow from a virtual world into a real life idea.

4. I’m thankful for those that can do more then just virtual shoe buying & fashion wearing. I give a thanks to those who teach classes, help others, & come up with new ideas to make things fun & interesting. Without you then our world would be nothing more then a glorified fb game involving spending real money to dress a virtual “paper doll”. Thank you!

5. “St.” Bishop deserves a big thank you for doing the TOT podcast with me as well as putting up with my funky ass. Thank you for your willingness to use your music studio to help out, for picking me up & putting me to bed after I’ve passed out on a Friday night, & generally giving a shit about stuffs. Thank you!

6. I want to give a huge thank you to the Raglan Shire. Thank you for the events you put on, the activities you work hard to make happen, as well as all of the other wonderful things you all do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

7. I am thankful that I have found some of the craziest, most insane individuals via a virtual world. Those that don’t mind the fact that I curse like a sailor, drink like a sailor, & like saying “Arrrr me mateys” like a sailor. And for those that know all of this & still accept the fact that I don’t actually sail.

8. I am thankful to those who listen to the TOT podcasts as well as send in their news/shout outs, pass the links on, & have been so helpful. Thank you!

9. I am thankful to everyone who reads the SLA Review. Who know that I cannot do this site without being honest & upfront over my love or hatred towards places & things. A review is not a review without it being a true review. Thanks!

10. I am thankful for the opportunity to actually make this list. Now where the hell is my beer?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Election 2012 Drinking Game

I know that many of us will be watching the returns tonight in the Presidential Election. For those that will be hiding in SL & trying to avoid any political chit-chat I have a plan where you don’t have to get into a heated argument. Let’s just drink! This is a perfect idea for anyone who wants to throw an election night SL party or just need a great excuse to start drinking.

Tipsy’s Election 2012 Drinking Game.

1. Anytime anyone mentions the fact that “Ohio” is an important state to win Take A Drink.

2. If they say that a state is “Too Close To Call!” Take A Shot.

3. If “Binders Full Of Woman” is mentioned then Take A Shot.

4.  If a long shot of a line of voters is shown then Chug Until They Are Done Showing The Line.

5. Chug Directly Out Of The Bottle if a friend or relative on any social media posts something about “If (insert candidate) wins I’m moving to a different country!”.

6. Take A Drink when a state is declared red or blue.

7. Take A Shot if someone uses the word “Landslide”.

8. Take A Drink if someone uses the word “Bible Belt“. Take A Shot if you live in the “bible belt.”

9, Chug From The Bottle if they interview a “man on the street” that says something flat-out stupid.

10. Take A Drink for the words “Battleground States” or “Projected Winner“.

Don’t forget to vote! And please…drink responsibly!

“Tipsy” (For Second Life President) Cerulean


Rules Of SL Drinking

Sometimes you have nothing going on but drinking a few cocktails/shots/gallons of beer on a weekend. Then sometimes you end up wandering into Second Life slightly drunk. Or really drunk. It’s happened to me. (No! Really!) as well as a few people I’ve known on SL throughout the years.

OK. I will admit that they were drinking because I was drinking. I am a bad influence.

Today we’ll discuss the rules of drinking on Second Life. Before one learns of places to go one must know the rules of drinking etiquette grasshopper.

Since we are discussing the rules of getting drunk & being on Second Life I thought I should dress the part. I, Tipsy, will take you on the magical journey while appropriately dressed, of the in’s & out’s of a Second Life booze-aholic.

I Am Here To Help!

You’re welcome!

1. DO NOT break the rules of wherever you are. It’s both annoying & wrong. Being drunk is not an excuse to be an ass. Griefing is NEVER THE ANSWER. Follow their set rules, dress rules, rating rules. Just follow them.

2. If you find that you can no longer hold a conversation without typing stuff like “fadfadsf Fuck!” then it’s time you stepped away from interacting with others. If you are still sober enough to actually be on SL then the best place for you is a movie theater or someplace where you can sit, not move, or have to talk to anyone.

3. Try not to say something drunk stupid while in-world. It’s equal to drunk dialing or texting. You don’t want to wake up the next day then remember that you said something you shouldn’t have. We’ve all been there.

How Tru…Wait…Champagne Bottles Don’t Have Hearts!

4. I recommend either trekking the grid with either a sober person or someone who is not as drunk as you. Think of it as a  safety guard to prevent your stupid ass from doing something you shouldn’t. Even pro drinkers sometimes need a safety person. Or to do the safety dance. I always get them mixed up.

5. If you can not maintain while drunk then don’t bother going on Second Life. There is a certain art to being able to combine drinking while being in a virtual world. I will start out now by recommending that you don’t do this if you can’t handle your liquor.  Lightweights need to stick to video games. Trust me on this people.

6. Avoid social media if you are really good at saying things you probably shouldn’t mutter.

7.  You know I have to say this but it is true. Drink responsibly. It’s alcohol. Don’t be an idiot.

8. So & so pissed you off in the past. (Insert name here) use to be your friend/significant other/ball gagged bath mat. Should I contact them? NO! Don’t do it! It’s never a good idea to drunkenly contact people from your past. You will not only regret it but you’ll look like an alcoholic jackass if you do. The past is the past for a reason. Keep it that way.

9. Drunk people like to talk sometimes. Please remember that this is the internet. Don’t, in your drunken state, tell people personal things you wouldn’t tell discuss any other time. When you wake up the next morning with a lampshade on your head, your bank account is empty, & someone named “Bolt” keeps IM-ing you that your tits are awesome then you know it’s too late. Do the safety dance people!

10. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are so drunk that you cannot see straight, can’t type, & probably shouldn’t be using a computer then get off of Second Life. Being blindly drunk is not a great thing in a virtual world. Buzz good. Blindly drunk not good. Get off the computer & take care of yourself.

The main key is to have fun, be safe with your drinking, follow the rules, & don’t be an asshole. If you can do all of that then your slightly inebriated time on Second Life should be a total blast.

 Next week we’ll get into the many great places to go while drinking & on Second Life!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tipsy’s Got The Funk

Baby…Tipsy has been in a funk & I don’t mean the musical kind.

My brain is completely filled full of blah meh-ness this week.

Oh Look! The sun is shining Tipsy!


Isn’t this super puffy kitten who can sing while tap dancing the cutest?


It’s been pretty much the same all week on Second Life. Meh to wandering around. Blah to the constant reminder that Second Life is turning into something that is no longer a creative universe. It’s become more of a virtual mall with which to buy crap.

Honey…you really don’t need another tight ass black dress with your booty hanging out. We’ve ALLLL seen your booty already in the FIVE HUNDRED other similar dresses you’ve bought from other stores.

That was a slam on people who buy the same dress from different designers AND the people who design the same dress that EVERY other store already has. Just in case you didn’t get it.


Even my “Queen Of Virtual Mean” isn’t just mean it’s more I will mega prim a bitch for touching my car.

Yes. We’ve hit a critical level here folks.

To combat my the horrible depressed funk I’ve been in I’ve decided to do what I do best this weekend while I write about SLhit…Prim Shit…Stuff…around the grid.


By getting all mixology up in here.

Tipsy Gives Good Head. Talking about BEER You Perverts!

I am going to stop wanting to throw prim chairs at some of  the crappy places I’ve come across lately. I’m going to TRY not to have this urge to bite off a club hosts head that thinks “WOOOOOOOOOOO” is a GREAT WAY to get a crowd motivated.

Probably not but it really sounds nice when I at least say I’ll attempt it.

I am going to take the weekend to do something for myself, make really great fancy cocktails, & try to relax.

Oh..and edit a guest blogger’s stuff. Trust me. It’s wicked.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

My SL Campaign Promises

Since I have decided to throw my alcoholic hat into the non-existent virtual race for first every Second Life President I have decided to list my promises. (We will, together, make this non-existent race a reality!)

Vote For Tipsy

As your first elected president I promise that I shall do the following:

1. I will NOT stop drinking as your first every virtual Second Life President. I ask you fine citizens of our virtual world…what fun would that be? Tipsy always travels the grid with her booze tank on full.

2. I will not cater to the people who think they are important. I will not bow down to those who think they are “famous” because they built a store or designed a virtual animal that shits out another virtual money eating animal. I am here for the rest of us. The common Avie who likes to have fun.

3. I feel your pains. I do. We want positive changes to the grid. Not just the opportunity to have our fake tits jiggle.

4. I will always keep it real. I haven’t sugar-coated anything yet. I won’t start to do that either.

5. I honestly care about the well-being of our great virtual nation.

Now that we have our campaign promises in order I really need to come up with a campaign tour. And t-shirts. Gotta have t-shirts. For now you can visit the SLA Office & click on our presidential sign for our first post about running for president as well as a texture you can use to hang up signs in support.

If you want me to make a stop at your place as a part of my campaign trail drop me note card at the in-world office.

I really should hire a campaign manager.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

The SLA 2010 Rewards

So It’s the new year.  The Christmas decorations are being taken down. The fine folks of SL are once again reclaiming prim space eaten up by blinging Christmas trees & other festive mumbo jumbo. It is time to take a look back at 2010 & all of the good (& bad) it virtually gave us while looking forward towards what 2011 might have in store for us.

I started out my New Years eve this year doing something I’ve done for the past few years. Put on a new fancy gown & went to various jazz clubs. Listened to the music. Drank a few French 75s. The jazz clubs of Second Life have come and gone throughout the years. A few are still around but have turned into laggy shopping mall fests. The Blue Note Jazz Club has stayed virtually the same all of these years & has become a sort of tradition to me. A place for me to go & contemplate things. Listen to the music and write. So I am giving The Blue Note a special mention for giving me a place to spend New Years Eve (Even though it was empty the whole time I was there I was grateful…I need time alone at times.)

Happy New Year!

So many things have happened this past year. We had a LOT of shake ups in the way Second Life is run. New people coming in to take over things. Then leaving. Then more new people. We’ve read all about it. I don’t think anyone needs any reminders. Lets get to the interesting & funny of Second Life (as well as the pissed off & sad). Time for the 2010 SLA Review Awards!!

Fuck! Not again!

I lost count how many times in 2010 I got stuck in a teleport. Frozen into the ground. Lagged off into the sunset. Issues. Issues. And still…more issues. But…for those of us who have stuck it out….we survived. Barely. I would like to give teleport issues a special award for being one of the largest pains in the ass for 2010.

2010 saw a LOT of dress disasters. Don’t pretend that you don’t know exactly what I am talking about. The dress that looked absolutely awesome in the advertisement. It was expensive. You purchased it…giddy with thoughts of wearing it to some fancy cocktail party. Packages unwrapped. Dress thrown on. And it looks like….absolute shit. My 2010 worse dress award goes to this lovely little purple number.

Worse Fancy Dress Of 2010

It also goes into a WHOLE different category of why this dress sucks. But…come on…HOLY SHIT GRAPE BATMAN! So…with good reason…I give this a worse fancy dress award for 2010.

“St.” Bishop has been with me for all of my SL years and MANY MANY in real life. I want to give him a special award that I have dubbed “Best Snowball Fight With Drinks In Hand Of 2010”

Best Drunken Snowball Fight Of 2010

Breedable animals. It all started with the Chickens. Then it went from laggy little cluckers to turtles. Then it spiraled out of control to bunnies. Pigs. Horses. Cats. They sucked up more lindens due to daily care then a hooker at a cheap adult sim. The 2010 award for biggest (& most laggy) money pit of Second Life goes to EVERY SINGLE BREEDING ANIMAL OF SECOND LIFE. (Big round of applause for an award well-earned)

2010 Biggest Money Pit Lag Hole Of SL

There are so many other awards I would love to give out for 2010. Best Booty Pop Of 2010 would absolutely to go to “St.” Bishop because no one can pop it like he can. Biggest disappointment award goes to LL for never fixing land issues for over 6 months forcing me to attempt to sell (& probably end up abandoning) my land due to the fact that it is now unlivable.

I may have to drink a few martini’s & get cracking on a yearbook to remember all of the things that have happened in 2010. (Dinner roleplaying at a fancy restaurant, Bishop as a “sexy” hooker, the birthdays, the tears & the laughter). Here is to 2011. May you be a better year then 2010 could ever be.

Welcome 2011!!!!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Easy Like Sunday Morn…Errr…Whatever…

Ahh Sunday…that one day in a two-day weekend that most people have off, yet pisses you off to no end because most people (I have a sugar daddy…yeah…that’s right.) have to go to work on Monday. What a great yet craptastic kind of day. How am I going to spend this “precious” time this evening. Well…I’m going to drink till I fall asleep. But besides that..I’m enjoying the virtual parks of Second Life. Yes. I live in the country. I could just go outside. Hell..I spent the whole day outside. There is just something surreal about wandering around someones interpretation of nature. Also you can walk around with while drinking prim booze. Try doing that at a park.

I’ve been experimenting with alcohol this evening. (WOW…Cerulean? No Way!) Since it’s Sunday & I’m feeling mighty generous I thought I would share the recipe for what I’m trying this evening.

French 75

Named for the French 75mm gun of 1897 that played a large part in World War One.

2 oz gin

1 oz fresh lemon juice

2 tsp powdered sugar


Shake all ingredients except the champagne with ice and pour into a Collins glass or champagne flute.  Top with champagne and stir gently. Garnish with a thin spiral of lemon peel and cocktail cherry.

On occasion I like to take a step away from shots & beer to enjoy a really good cocktail.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

(If you are looking for really good, classic cocktail recipes then I really recommend checking out Daddy O’s Martini )

SLA Meeting: Sat. Feb. 20th

This week we’re having a SLA Meeting At 5pm SLT (MATURE). This weeks theme will be “A Little Help From My Friends”. Questions about Second Life or just plain life in general? Feeling all “dust in the wind” & want to discuss “Life, The Universe, & Everything”? Do you have the answers? We’re not professionals (we do consider our drinking to be professional…hey…it’s something!). We’re just here for some friendly chat. Maybe we’ll have some answers. Maybe not. It’s a GREAT excuse to DRINK while on Second Life.

(Anyone can attend an SLA Meeting. The SLA (Or SL Alcoholics as known in groups in-world) explores all of Second Life with drinks in hand. The SLA Staff writes & reviews absolutely EVERYTHING SL related while…of course…drinking a LOT. Feel free to read the blog here or look up “SL Alcoholics” group in-world to learn more)