Lazy Bones

Just Let Me Lay Here.

I don’t want to get out of my comfortable prim bed today. Just throw me a blanket & let me cover all the way up to my head.

Pull the curtains down.

I’m not getting up.

You’re still here?

Fine! I’ll get up. 

(Stomps Off To Her Living Room)

Sad Tipsy Is Sad.

It’s not you dear readers. Tipsy is just in a pissy mood.

I work hard to put out quality (& sometimes “OH NO SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!“) content. I write down ideas in a notebook I carry around with me when an idea hits. I plan & work hard at what I do. Sometimes I feel no one really cares what I share or have to say. Or they just don’t care. Period.

I moved on Second Life & had a fun time decorating.  But..alas..I’ve no one to really come over & visit. Why did I bother to pick up my prim socks? At least it looks good to me.

Some days I just don’t feel very…how do I put it…virtually loved.

Some days I’m just tired. Or lonely. Or tired & lonely.

Tipsy is all types of sad. 

Can’t I just go back to bed?



I’ll just go eat some breakfast.

Prim Breakfast Of Champs.

I absolutely love Second Life food. I am in awe over it. The realistic little cakes & dinners make me smile. I own so much prim food that I’ve collected over the years that I could quite possibly open a restaurant.

Tipsy’s Tavern?

Tipsy’s Haus Of Whore-dervs? 

That would be a restaurant/strip club/whore house combo. 


Prim food makes me happy & I’m starting to feel less funky. I’m actually starting to feel energized by virtual food.

Smile Tipsy. Smile.

You know that I really can’t bitch. So what if I have to work hard to try to put out as much content that I, personally, find interesting each week. So what if I have to shout from the virtual rooftops that “I AM HERE!” to anyone that will take a moment to listen to me.

Writing is personal. I do it for me as well as everyone that has read & keeps on reading each week. From the new readers to the old. I am grateful for everyone that has supported me, left me a kind comment, spread the word of what I’m doing, & just plain read.

I’m grateful for those that do care & I always need to remember I’m not alone.

I Do This Because I Love It.

I think the prim breakfast is working its magic. I feel so much better. I’m ready to get to work.

Back to writing because these articles are not going to write themselves.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I used this as an opportunity to show off a little bit of my personal home on Second Life. I am switching it up & giving you links to the items on the marketplace rather than a SLurl this time around.

House: Molto Bene Cape Cod Skybox. (Marketplace) I love this small skybox as it is low prim, three rooms, & you can change the walls/floors. It’s just me so I have no need for something big. I just need something wide open to be happy.

PJs:  Lvs & co (Marketplace) =CrunchyRoll= Rock’n’Rule Pj Rulers. Rocks. Rulers Rock. Hehe.

Furniture: LISP Bazaar (Marketplace) All of my furniture, from the bed to the accessories, are from LISP. I recommend checking them out on the marketplace AND in-world. They have a store that everything is 10L or less (example: photo with the ladder shelf in the background. The ladder shelf with everything on it was 10L). They are, by far, the current reining champion when it comes to quality/price ratio.

Prim Food: Divivity (Marketplace) This was the first place that I ever saw prim food. I have a little soft spot for this in my weird heart. Their in-world store has majorly shrunk in size which makes me sad. I do hope that they never shrink away to nothing because I actually have some good memories of them.

I do feel sad at times because it feels like all work with no payoff, like appreciation or even a smile, but I write because I love to. If I didn’t I would have no way to put the words that roll through my head someplace they belong. I am also very grateful to all of you.

Thank You!


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